Older Samsung Galaxy phones will soon get access to One UI 6.1 later this month. Here’s a run down of its best new features and capabilities…

It’s March. You have a Galaxy S22 – or maybe a Galaxy S21 – but you STILL don’t have access to Samsung’s One UI 6.1 update. Good news: the wait is almost over – it’s rolling out later this month.

Of course, the main event inside Samsung’s One UI 6.1 is Galaxy AI – but not all phones will be getting this.

But even if your Samsung phone isn’t getting Galaxy AI, there’s still a raft of new features to get excited about. Here’s a selection of some of One UI 6.1’s best new bits and features.

Best Samsung One UI 6.1 Features

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  1. Subtle Visual Enhancements: The interface receives a facelift, particularly on the lock screen and Always On Display, promoting a more unified aesthetic without overhauling the familiar design.
  2. Smoother Animations: Across the system, animations have been refined, contributing to a fluid and responsive user experience that feels more seamless with every swipe and tap.
  3. AI Integration: Welcome to the era of Galaxy AI, starting with One UI 6.1. Features like Circle to Search and live translation during phone calls introduce a new level of smart assistance.
  4. Circle to Search: Just circle any item on your screen to instantly search for it online, making information retrieval effortlessly intuitive.
  5. Live Translation During Calls: Communicate across languages in real-time during phone calls, thanks to the power of AI-driven translation.
  6. Chat Assist: Powered by AI and Large Language Models, Chat Assist enhances communication by providing contextually relevant suggestions and responses.
  7. Generative Edit in Gallery: Transform your photos with AI-powered edits, allowing for creative enhancements with just a few taps.
  8. Instant Slow-Motion Playback: Watch your slow-motion videos immediately after recording, adding an instant wow factor to your captures.
  9. Super HDR Photo Viewing: See your photos in a new light with Super HDR, offering unparalleled detail and color range.
  10. Generative Wallpapers: Personalize your phone with wallpapers that are unique and dynamically generated, ensuring your device stands out.
  11. Dual Recording with Two Rear Cameras: Capture moments from multiple perspectives simultaneously, thanks to dual recording capabilities.
  12. Adaptive Color Tone: Your display intelligently adjusts to your environment, providing optimal color and white balance for any setting.

And Now We Wait For One UI 7…

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Later on this year, Samsung will roll out the first beta builds of One UI 7 with Android 15. Samsung has also confirmed that it plans on getting this update out BEFORE the end of the year, so if you’re running a Galaxy S24 series phone, you’ll be first in line.

Older models might have to wait until later on in 2024, perhaps right before Christmas, and anyone running a significantly older and/or cheaper Galaxy phone might be hanging around until 2025.

But One UI 7.1 is coming and, according to all of our sources, it is on track for its first preview during late-Q3, early-Q4 with a planned release date in the run up to the holidays for the Galaxy S24 series and Samsung’s foldable phones.

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