Xiaomi makes A LOT of phones and this makes things tricky when it comes to Android OS updates. So, how long do Xiaomi phones get updates for? Here’s what you need to know…

Xiaomi Update Policy [Key Takeaways]:

  • 🎰 Update Uncertainty: Older or budget Xiaomi phones might get 0, 1, or 2 Android updates.
  • 🚩 Flagship Policy: Xiaomi flagships usually see 🔄 3 Android updates & 🛡️ 4 years security.
  • 🎯 Exceptions Exist: Some budget models like Redmi Note 11 series fare better with 3 years of updates.
  • 📈 Best for Updates: Redmi K60 Extreme Edition leads with 🔄 3 Android updates & 🛡️ 4 years security.
  • 🌏 China First: Update promise currently for China’s Redmi K60 Extreme Edition, potential global rollout unclear.
  • 📊 Behind the Curve: Xiaomi lags behind Google, Samsung, and Apple in update longevity and frequency.
  • Update Speed: Speed of delivering updates, especially MIUI, remains a critical area for improvement.

Here’s the bad news first: if you’re using one of Xiaomi’s older phones or one of its cheaper phones that isn’t the latest Xiaomi RedMi K60 Extreme Edition (AKA the Xiaomi 13T Pro), Android OS updates are something of a crapshoot. 

What does this mean? Put simply: you could get two Android OS updates, one, or none at all. 

Xiaomi flagship phones, generally speaking, get 3 major Android version updates and 4 years of security patches, while non-flagship models tend to get 1 to 2 Android updates with 2 years of security. 

There are exceptions, both good and bad, like the Xiaomi RedMi Note 11 series, arguably a budget model, which gets three years’ worth of Android updates. But there’s also plenty of lesser known models that get less. 

As I said, it is something of a crapshoot when you’re dealing with Xiaomi. Here’s a breakdown of some of Xiaomi’s most popular phones and the level of support they get. 

How Many Android Updates Do Xiaomi Phones Get? 

Phone NameReleased DateOS UpdatesSecurity Patches
Xiaomi 13 ProNovember 20233 major Android updates4 years
Xiaomi 12S UltraJuly 20223 major Android updates4 years
Xiaomi 12 ProDecember 20213 major Android updates4 years
Xiaomi 11 UltraMarch 20213 major Android updates4 years
Xiaomi Mi 11February 20213 major Android updates4 years
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GOctober 20213 major Android updates4 years
Redmi Note 11S 5GMay 20222 major Android updates3 years
Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxMarch 20212 major Android updates3 years
Redmi Note 10March 20212 major Android updates3 years
Poco X4 Pro 5GFebruary 20222 major Android updates3 years
Poco M4 Pro 5GNovember 20212 major Android updates3 years
Xiaomi Mi 10 UltraJuly 20202 major Android updates3 years
Xiaomi Mi 10 ProFebruary 20202 major Android updates3 years
Redmi K50 GamingFebruary 20222 major Android updates3 years
Black Shark 4March 20212 major Android updates3 years
Poco F3 GTMarch 20212 major Android updates3 years
Xiaomi Mi 9February 20192 major Android updates3 years
Redmi Note 7January 20192 major Android updates3 years
Pocophone F1August 20182 major Android updates3 years

Which Xiaomi Phone is Best For Android Updates?

Xiaomi Update Policy: How Many Android OS Updates With You Get? Pin

The Redmi K60 Extreme Edition is currently the best Xiaomi phone for Android updates: it gets three major OS updates and four years’ worth of security patches.

This is a significant leap forward, especially considering Xiaomi’s previous stance on updates, which often lagged behind giants like Samsung and Google (both of whom now offer 7 years’ worth of Android updates).

Xiaomi’s announcement, made on the social platform Weibo, didn’t dive into specifics regarding MIUI version updates.

For many Xiaomi users, MIUI versions are just as crucial as Android versions because they bring a host of features and improvements to the Xiaomi and Redmi lineup.

Currently, this promise is exclusive to the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition in China, where it was recently launched. There’s a buzz that this model will be rebranded as the Xiaomi 13T Pro for international markets, including Europe.

Yet, Xiaomi hasn’t confirmed whether this update policy will be a global standard for future devices or if it will remain a one-off for this specific model.

Xiaomi Needs To Improve Its Android Support

Xiaomi is a big deal in China, it sells A LOT of phones but it is lagging behind brands like Google, Samsung, and OnePlus when it comes to supporting its phones. This isn’t good. Apple’s support is incredible and this is one of the main things like makes its iPhones so popular. 

Google and Samsung have finally woken up to this fact, so it is now time for other Android phone brands like Xiaomi to do the same. Three years’ worth of Android updates just isn’t good enough in 2024, not when Google and Samsung are now both offering seven years – the game has changed. 

Another big question surrounding this announcement is whether this new update policy will be rolled out globally. Matching the update commitment of Samsung and OnePlus, and Google, would be a huge win for Xiaomi but given its approach to how it releases phones, it pumps them out at a record rate, actually pulling it off could be rather tricky.

But there’s more to software updates than just the numbers. How quickly these updates are delivered is equally important.

Historically, MIUI updates have been painfully slow to roll out. Xiaomi hasn’t provided details on the frequency of these updates under the new policy, but it’s an area where we’re hoping for improvement.

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25 days ago

Well… Samsung only offers 7 years of support (6 OS updates) to their S series. Their other midranges are capped at 5 years of support (4 OS updates).

If Xiaomi consistently offers the Poco F series and Xiaomi xT (x being a number) series with 4 years of support (3 OS updates), that should be reasonable. But I agree that they have to step up the game on the update release speed. And yes, for any x series (the flagship), 4 years of support is not cutting it anymore. They should at least step it up to 6 years (5 OS updates) at the least.