13 Exciting New Features Inside ColorOS 14

ColorOS 14 is now in the process of rolling out, with more phones set to get the update in March – here’s all of its best new features…

If you’re running a compatible OPPO phone, ColorOS 14 is now rolling out. Built on top of Android 14, ColorOS 14 brings with it a host of new features and abilities.

From its refreshed UX design to performance enhancements, this is a pretty sizeable update with plenty of new bells and whistles. And while it is a little late to the party – Android 15 will soon begin rolling out – the update does bring with it plenty of updates and tweaks.

OPPO has made some pretty big promises about this update, most of which relates to how it will improve performance on its phones. OPPO says the battery life will improve and the general speed of phones will increase once the update is installed. 

The only downside? Once OPPO users actually get this update, it’ll be time for Android 15. Google’s Pixel phones should get Android 15 in and around September/October which means OPPO users could be waiting until 2025 for the release of ColorOS 15.

Best ColorOS 14 Features

  1. Aquamorphic Design: ColorOS 14 features an Aquamorphic Design language inspired by nature, which includes adaptive colors, vibrant sounds, an innovative Always-On Display (AOD), and lively animations.
  2. Aquamorphic Sound Effects: OPPO collaborated with world-class sound design teams to integrate natural sounds like wind and insect hums into the operating system’s sound scheme.
  3. Aqua Dynamics: A new interactive experience that offers intuitive one-click services, such as ride tracking and timers.
  4. Smart Touch: An AI-powered feature that automatically scans and extracts images and text with a single tap.
  5. Dynamic Effects and Animations: ColorOS 14 incorporates fluid and intuitive animations that mimic natural movements, such as a flowing river.
  6. Smart Image Matting: This feature allows users to easily edit and manipulate photos and videos using AI algorithms.
  7. Google Photos Integration: ColorOS 14 offers secure backup for photos and videos with 15GB of free storage through Google Photos.
  8. Phone Link: Enables seamless interaction between a user’s PC and phone, including text messaging, phone calls, and file sharing.
  9. Trinity Engine: Improves performance, stability, and smoothness across applications.
  10. ROM and RAM Vitalization: Frees up memory and allows for more efficient app running, enhancing the phone’s longevity and responsiveness.
  11. CPU Vitalization: Balances high performance with low power consumption for a smoother multi-app experience.
  12. Picture Keeper: A privacy-focused feature that offers selective sharing of videos and photos.
  13. Auto Pixelate: Provides one-tap privacy protection for screenshots by pixelating sensitive information.

ColorOS 14 Roll-Out

ColorOS 14 Release DatePin

A significant number of Oppo smartphones are scheduled to receive the ColorOS 14 update in March 2023, if they haven’t already been updated.

The models set to receive the update span across various series, including the Find X, Reno, F, K, and A series.

  • Find X Series: The Find X series models that will receive the ColorOS 14 update include the Find N3, Find N3 Flip, Find N2 Flip, Find X5 Pro, Find X5, and Find X3 Pro. These high-end devices are known for their innovative design and advanced features.
  • Reno Series: Several models from the Reno series will also be updated to ColorOS 14. These include the Reno10 Pro+ 5G, Reno10 Pro 5G, Reno10 5G, Reno8 Pro 5G, Reno8 5G, Reno8, Reno8 T 5G, Reno8 T, and Reno7. The Reno series is popular among users who seek a balance between performance and style.
  • F Series: The F series models set to receive the ColorOS 14 update are the F23 5G, F21s Pro, and F21 Pro. These devices are designed to offer powerful performance at a more affordable price point.
  • K Series: The K10 5G from the K series will also be updated to ColorOS 14. This series is known for its focus on delivering a smooth and responsive user experience.
  • A Series: A wide range of models from the A series will receive the ColorOS 14 update, including the A98 5G, A78 5G, A77 5G, A77s, A77, A57, A58 (India), A38 (India), and A18 (India).

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