Samsung One UI 7: Everything You Need To Know 

Key Takeaways: Samsung’s One UI 7 Update

  • Samsung will release One UI 7.0 for Galaxy phones and tablets in late 2024
  • One UI 7.0 will have new AI features built into it
  • It will come with the Android 15 update from Google
  • Many recent Galaxy devices will get One UI 7.0 as part of Samsung’s 7 year OS upgrade promise
  • Samsung Prepping One UI 7.0 With AI Upgrades for Late 2024

One UI 6.1 will rollout at the end of March, 2024. Here’s all the Samsung phones that will get Galaxy AI – it isn’t a long list, sadly.

One UI 7 Update: Key Takeaways 🚀

  • One UI 7 on the Horizon: Samsung’s gearing up to launch One UI 7.0 alongside Android 15 in late 2024. 🌌🆕
  • Scheduled for Second Half of 2024: Mark your calendars for an exciting update in the latter part of the year. 🗓️🔔
  • AI Features to Enhance Experience: Expect even more AI magic in One UI 7.0, making your Galaxy smarter. 🧠💫
  • Wider Eligibility: Many Galaxy devices, especially those launched with Android 13 or flagship/mid-range models from 2021 onwards, will get the One UI 7.0 update. 📱🔄

Samsung will begin rolling out its One UI 6.1 update at the end of March, bringing a host of new features – including Galaxy AI – to its legacy phones. Not all models got Galaxy AI, of course, just the Galaxy S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5, Z Flip5 and Tab S9 series. 

One UI 6 – and its subsequent updates – are tied to Android 14, whereas One UI 7 will be Samsung’s Android 15 software. And with Android 15 bringing a whole slew of new features and capabilities to phones later this year, work on One UI 7 should now be nearing completion. 

So, what can we expect from this new update from Samsung? Let’s dig in and find out…

Samsung One UI 7 Release Date

Samsung has big plans for its Galaxy devices in late 2024. The company will release One UI 7.0, a major software update that will come alongside Android 15 from Google.

OneUI 7.0 is scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2024, potentially before the release of Apple’s iOS 18 update. This follows Samsung’s typical schedule for releasing One UI upgrades toward the end of each year.

While exact details are still unknown, it’s expected that One UI 7.0 will include new AI (artificial intelligence) features. Samsung has been focusing a lot on AI for its Galaxy phones and tablets lately.

One UI 7 Features: What To Expect

what is one uiPin

The AI upgrades that Samsung introduced recently with One UI 6.1 are likely just the start. One UI 7.0 will probably take things even further when it comes to using AI to improve your Galaxy experience.

This ties into Samsung’s promise to provide 7 years of Android upgrades for certain Galaxy smartphones. By spreading out big new features over time, Samsung can keep updating devices for longer.

Many of Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones and tablets will be eligible for the One UI 7.0 update in late 2024. Any models that launched with Android 13 pre-installed should get it, along with flagship and some mid-range devices from 2021 onwards.

What I’d Like To See Inside One UI 7 – Improvements, Tweaks & Fixes

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Samsung could really step up their game with One UI 7, based on what everyone’s been saying. Here’s where I see room for improvement:

First up, the Game Launcher really needs some work. I’ve come across quite a few complaints, and, to be honest, I’m feeling it too. It’s like, “Come on, can we please get this thing to work right?”

We need it to run smoother, with less lag and no more random slow-downs when we’re in the middle of gaming.

Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome to tweak the settings ourselves? Like adjusting how sensitive our screen is or managing notifications so they don’t pop up and distract us. And hey, throwing in some social features so we can chat with our friends without leaving the game would be pretty neat.

But that’s not all. Here are some other areas I think could use a bit of a boost:

  • Battery life: There’s got to be a way to make our phones last longer. Maybe something smart that manages power better for the apps we don’t use much?
  • Camera quality: Especially in low light. And if the camera could process our shots faster, that would be great. I’d also love more control over the settings, kind of like what photography buffs get with their fancy cameras.
  • One-handed mode: Our phones are getting bigger, and my hands aren’t. It’d be cool if one-handed mode made everything easier to reach.
  • Customization: I want to make my phone look and feel like it’s really mine. More options for themes, icons, and animations would be awesome.
  • Notifications: Getting a handle on these would be a life-changer. Being able to pick which app notifications are important and which can wait would be super helpful.

Will Your Samsung Phone Get One UI 7?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Getting Major Design Change Pin

Samsung will share an official list of compatible devices closer to the release date. But based on past upgrades, we can expect phones like the Galaxy S22, S23, Z Fold4 and more recent A-series models to get One UI 7.0.

Sure, here’s the table with the requested structure, indicating that all listed models are eligible for One UI 7 with a tick (✓) in the respective column:

Galaxy S Series

ModelEligible For One UI 7
Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S24+
Galaxy S24
Galaxy S23 Ultra
Galaxy S23+
Galaxy S23
Galaxy S23 FE
Galaxy S22 Ultra
Galaxy S22+
Galaxy S22
Galaxy S21 FE
Galaxy S21 Ultra
Galaxy S21+
Galaxy S21

Galaxy Z Series

ModelEligible For One UI 7
Galaxy Z Fold 6
Galaxy Z Fold 5
Galaxy Z Flip 6
Galaxy Z Flip 5
Galaxy Z Fold 4
Galaxy Z Flip 4
Galaxy Z Fold 3
Galaxy Z Flip 3

Galaxy A Series

ModelEligible For One UI 7
Galaxy A73
Galaxy A72
Galaxy A54
Galaxy A53
Galaxy A34
Galaxy A33
Galaxy A25
Galaxy A24
Galaxy A23
Galaxy A15 (LTE+5G)
Galaxy A14 (LTE+5G)

Galaxy Tab Series

ModelEligible For One UI 7
Galaxy Tab S9 FE+
Galaxy Tab S9 FE
Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (Wi-Fi/5G)
Galaxy Tab S9+ (Wi-Fi/5G)
Galaxy Tab S9 (Wi-Fi/5G)
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (Wi-Fi/5G)
Galaxy Tab S8+ (Wi-Fi/5G)
Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi/5G)

Galaxy F Series

ModelEligible For One UI 7
Galaxy F54
Galaxy F34
Galaxy F15

Galaxy M Series

ModelEligible For One UI 7
Galaxy M54
Galaxy M34
Galaxy M53
Galaxy M33
Galaxy M15

Expected Roll-Out Date For One UI 7 & Android 15

The rollout will likely begin sometime between October-November 2024 after a beta testing period around August. However, some Galaxy devices may not receive the update until early 2025 depending on their age and model. Samsung has a track record of being pretty slow at updating its older, cheaper legacy models.

Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 users, as well as the those using the latest foldable Samsung phones, should be first in line to get Android 15 and One UI 7.

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