80 per cent of Android handsets rocking 2.1 or above


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Google has pushed its regular ‘state of the platform’ pie-chart showing fragmentation within its Android operating system.


The good news is that the vast majority of Android handsets, around 80 per cent, are now rocking Android 2.1 or above, with 61 per cent being on Android 2.2 and 29 per cent on Android 2.1.

Android Cupcake and Donut represent just 7.8 per cent of the pie-chart now, so any users still languishing on these iterations should seriously consider upgrading. 

Gingerbread and Honeycomb have yet to make much of a dent in the Google pie-chart just yet, but expect this to change as 2011 gets going and Android 3.0 handsets begin hitting the stores.

The idea behind these regular Google ‘state of the OS’ announcements is that developers can check to see which iterations of Google’s operating system are most popular and then target their apps accordingly.

Having said that, Android is still a little too fragmented for our liking.

Sure the vast majority of Android users are now on Android 2.1 and Froyo, but once Gingerbread officially begins rolling out this will, once again, skew the figures, demoting Android 2.1 to the position currently occupied by Android 1.5.

Nevertheless, the stats do prove that Google is making progress with the ironing out of its platform, lets just hope the advent of Gingerbread doesn’t complicate matters further.

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