Sony Xperia Z Ultra Bluetooth handset accessory answers phablet calling woes

News Paul Briden 11:54, 25 Jun 2013

Sony has revealed a Bluetooth NFC handset accessory for the Xperia Z Ultra

Sony has revealed a Bluetooth handset accessory for the Xperia Z Ultra designed to answer that old phablet question: ‘do I have to hold it to my face?’

While many people seem to be happy with pressing their mugs into 5-inch, 6-inch or even 7-inch and 8-inch devices, ever since phablets and call-enabled tablets first emerged there have been cries of ‘it’s too big’ from the consumer base at large. Sony thinks it’s found a solution though with the SBH52 Bluetooth Handset.

The handset can be paired with the Xperia Z Ultra via NFC with a simple swipe and once connected you’ll see all your call info on the small OLED display. Answering a call happens with the click of a button but the device also has a headphone jack and can be used as an FM radio. If it’s linked to your phone you’ll be able to use it to play your music collection and track information will show up on the display – track controls are on the side of the device.

Like the Xperia Z Ultra itself, the handset is also splashproof, meaning you can use it in the rain without worrying. It doesn’t seem to be waterproof though, not that this matters, we can’t imagine many people wanting to answer calls underwater.

The SBH52 certainly presents a much less fiddly alternative to conventional Bluetooth headsets – you don’t have to faff around attaching it to you ear, just treat it as if it was the phone itself while your Xperia Z Ultra smartphone remains on-hand for you to browse the web during a call, or it could be tucked away in your bag or pocket.

It’s not a new concept by any means but it does appear to be a very well-executed interpretation and, crucially, if a report from PhoneArena is correct, Sony will bundle the handset in with the Xperia Z Ultra.

We’ve been in touch with Sony to clarify this and will report more when we hear it.

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