Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8: Two Tribes Go To War

Vs Paul Briden 13:32, 11 Apr 2014

Samsung's Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 are now both in the open, here's the two compared

The HTC One M8 is finally here. After being the most leaked handset in all history, it should be no surprise that its design, spec and features are quite similar to what we heard about ahead of launch. HTC has revamped the visual design and added some fancy tricks to its camera hardware, as well as updating the processor and display tech onboard.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is now available in the UK, having launched officially at MWC in February. Naturally we thought it'd be worth a look at how these two powerful flagships compare with each other.

2013’s HTC One was lauded, across the board, as THE Android handset of 2013, taking home more awards than any other smartphone. With the One M8 we’re looking at yet another gorgeous device, complete with improved hardware, specs and chassis design.

The Galaxy S4 was sort of the opposite. It was a very decent handset with plenty of power and useful features, but many (including us) just found the look and feel of the device somewhat lacking – especially when compared to the HTC One. Users too weren't all that impressed with the look and feel of the Galaxy S4 either, claiming it looked too similar to 2012's Galaxy S3. In fact the complaints were so common Samsung even issued an official statement in late-2013 saying the S5 would be dramatically different to its predecessor.

No. We're not sure what happened with the Galaxy S5 either. Perhaps the design team missed that memo? Looks are pretty subjective though, and while the Galaxy S5 is pretty similar to its predecessor, there’s enough going on under the hood to differentiate it from last year’s model. The back panel is also completely different, too, and the handset – unlike the HTC One M8 – is now completely water and dust resistant.  

Back in 2013 the specs war was still well and truly in full swing. In 2014, things have calmed down a little: processing tech has leveled out, and manufacturers are now focusing on new areas – wearables – for future growth. As well as this, device makers are seeking ways to make their handsets, which, for the most part, use the same technology as their competitors, stand out from the crowd – something clearly evident aboard both these devices.

And this is definitely a good thing, too, as it has seen a renewed focus on things like imaging technology, overall design and unique, useful features; rather than just arbitrary specs. Indeed, 2014 looks to be the year smartphones will once again become interesting as manufacturers look to create unique ways, outside of spec and hardware, to differentiate their offerings. 

Here we'll be looking at how the HTC One M8 compares to the Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Design and build

The HTC One M8 is now here and the rumours were true – the exterior is very similar to the previous HTC One. However, there is a bit of refinement going on here which does make it that much better.

Pretty much every surface of the aluminium unibody has been reshaped to make the handset look and feel smoother and to sit more comfortably in the hand, it also now features a brushed texture to the metal and a clear coating to give it all a nice finish. The unibody now extends around the sides of the handset in one piece with curved edges and tapered corners, again this makes it nicer to hold than its predecessor.

Earlier rumours suggested grey, black, gold and silver colour options but HTC has now confirmed three of the four were correct. HTC said it wanted to pick metallic colours which emphasised the phone’s aluminium build, which means it comes in silver, gold and grey, or, I should say, Arctic Silver, Amber Gold and Metal Grey.

The HTC One M8 is slightly larger than its predecessor to accommodate a bigger battery and a larger 5-inch display. It still features the same end cap design with HTC’s front-facing BoomSound stereo speakers and their punched grilles. The phone is still pretty thin, sports a dual-camera port arrangement on the rear and generally HTC has used as much metal as possible. 

As predicted the M8 is a variation on the HTC One’s aluminum-glad design. The corners are rounder and the overall handset is slightly bigger and slightly heavier. Still, the device is an absolute beauty, looking even more premium and stylish than its predecessor. HTC scores big again. 

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has shaped up to be a similarly incremental update in terms of the exterior. The handset is slightly larger than its predecessor but the screen hasn’t actually expanded at all (more on the display later).

It’s a little squarer at the corners, while the back panel now has a matte finish and a dimpled texture for improved grip. The silver surround is not metal but remains plastic with a metallic finish and now features a ridged design to make things even grippier.

The Galaxy S5 now features IP67 water and dust resistance and the microUSB port at the base of the phone has a port cover as a result. HTC's One M8 has no such tweaks to enhance its durability - a dunk in a puddle will probably still cause a big problem and the aluminium casing is quite fragile compared to Samsung's plastic. A case is most certainly a good idea, although it will detract from that luxurious exterior design, rendering it somewhat moot.

HTC One M8 Dot View Case

HTC has its own flip-cover case on the market, the HTC One M8 Dot View case. This is a snugly fitting, soft-touch plastic casing with a perforated front panel attached by a rubber hinge.

The dots are there to allow you to see some of the display beneath. The handset can detect when the case is attached and when active it will display the time, weather and other information in a dot format through the perforations. Pretty useful for at a glance information. As well as this, the handset's Motion Launch gestures work through the cover too, so you can wake it with a double tap on the display or answer a call through the cover even when closed simply by raising the phone to your ear.

HTC's case comes in black, grey, blue, red and orange colour options. One thing we've found annoying with it is how the front cover, when folded back, doesn't sit flush to the rear of the device, making it awkward to grip.

But the main beef with the Dot View is simply that it covers up all of HTC's attractive metal curvature - yes that makes it more protective, but then what is the point of having a metallic finish phone if you're going to clad it in plastic?


Again, as per previous reports, the HTC One M8’s display has expanded from the HTC One’s 4.7-inch size to a full 5-inches. HTC has not explained what display technology is in use, however, and has simply stated that it uses a new LCD technology for improved visual quality. It has a full HD 1080p resolution at 441 pixels-per-inch (ppi). Consistently, HTC has managed to deliver impressive touchscreens on all its major flagship handsets and the HTC One M8 is no different. The screen is incredibly clear with vivid colours, excellent brightness and nice, punchy contrast.

While normal display performance is great, we have noticed when taking the phone outside in bright sunlight that things fall a bit flat. It's a big improvement on the HTC One in this regard, but still quite difficult to read under these conditions.

Rather than rumoured LTPS LCDs Samsung has actually gone for the same Super AMOLED tech seen in its other devices. It’s a 5.1-inch panel rather than the rumoured 5.25-inches, with a full HD 1080p resolution at 430 pixels-per-inch (ppi). Essentially, not much has changed, but this is also not necessarily a bad thing as the 5-inch size was nice and optimal, while picture quality is still sharp with great colour, contrast and brightness.

Display Mate, a testing website for smartphones, has claimed the Galaxy S5 has the “best performing smartphone display we’ve ever tested”. That’s a big claim but the website says it’s because of the brightness, colour accuracy and contrast ratio on the display. Statistics wise it equates to be 22% brighter than the Galaxy S4 screen and even manages to use less battery on powering the screen than its predecessor did.


Another Samsung Galaxy S5 Coming?

Benchmarking software GFXBench  has leaked details of a new Samsung Galaxy S5. The specifications suggest it could either be an entirely new handset from Samsung or another version of the S5. Currently there’s no-way of knowing but here are the specifications.

It’ll have a Snapdragon 805 quad-core chipset clocked at 2.5GHz, 3GB of RAM and an even larger display at 5.2-inches. It’s a QHD display with  1440 x 2560 pixel resolution. There’s also a 16MP camera included on the back of the handset.

Samsung released a variety of different Galaxy S4 models with different specifications.  It’s quite likely this could be the new version of the Galaxy S5 with some upgrades specs but there’s no way to be certain right now. Currently no word on a release date either.

Contrary to some rumours, the HTC One M8 does not use Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 805 chipset. No, it’s much more in-line with current competitors, meaning a slightly lower-key upgrade to the Snapdragon 801 quad-core chip. For HTC that’s still a noteworthy leap, however, as the previous HTC One only ran a Snapdragon 600 while many of its peers ran the Snapdragon 800.

The Snapdragon 801 aboard the M8 is clocked at 2.3GHz and has access to 2GB of RAM. In use, the HTC One M8 is considerably quicker than its predecessor in general operation and should be able to smoothly handle any Google Play content you care to throw at it.

Samsung has gone for the same chip inside the Galaxy S5, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5GHz and with 2GB of RAM.

Frankly, 2GB of RAM is a little surprising, we were expecting 3GB off the back of changes made to the Galaxy Note 3 and considering Sony’s Xperia Z2 was just outed with 3GB.

While the new processor is almost certainly quicker than the Galaxy S4's and HTC One's Snapdragon 600, both phones are going to be evenly matched, although for owners of the existing models looking to upgrade the HTC One M8 makes a bigger leap from its predecessor's tech. 


Rumours ahead of the HTC One M8 launch pointed to a “dual-camera” setup. Well now that it’s here it has been revealed it wasn’t a dual-camera lens at all. The top “lens” is, in fact, a dedicated depth sensor, which enables a few funky features for the HTC One M8’s actual camera positioned just below. For example, “U Focus” works rather like a Lytro camera, allowing you to re-select the focal point on an image after capture. The data is stored in the image file, meaning you can focus and re-focus as many times as you like, whenever you like.

The camera itself is similar to the HTC One’s hardware – a 4-megapixel “Ultrapixel” back-illuminated sensor (BSI) with an f/2.0 aperture. As with the HTC One, this works very well in low-light conditions, but HTC claims to have tweaked things for better all-round performance too. The handset features a dual-LED two-tone flash with amber and white LEDs for better low-light colour, but optical image stabilisation has been dropped as it interferes with the re-focus features. The front-facing secondary has been improved to a 5-megapixel sensor and HTC has designed some dedicated camera modes made for capturing good selfies. 

Samsung’s camera updates are also quite substantial. The handset packs a 16-megapixel ISOCELL sensor, an upgrade on the Galaxy S4’s 13-megapixel arrangement, and features a 0.3 second shot speed. Another cool addition is “Selective Focus”, which is somewhat similar to a Lytro camera in that it lets you snap a shot and then re-select a focal point later. An HDR Live mode has been included, which allows you to see how HDR could alter a shot before you take it, meanwhile the video capabilities have been improved to allow 4K quality.


As expected, HTC Sense makes use of Android 4.4 KitKat’s latest tweaks, which means a streamlined look and feel with transparent UI components, more colour cohesion and new type fonts. HTC has added a few extra features which are enabled via a dedicated  low-power sensor chip. This includes gesture control, meaning you can wake the handset with a double-tap, hold the phone to your ear to answer a call or perform certain swipe gestures to open specific apps from sleep, such as the camera.

With TouchWiz, Samsung has taken advantage of Android’s new transparent menu features together with white notification icons and a new font. Other UI elements, including app shortcuts, now have a flatter and more simplified design.

Another key change is the use of Google’s “OK Google” voice command for Google Now, previously seen on the Nexus 5 and some select Motorola models - you can't do this on the HTC One M8.

Leaked images of HTC Sense show a similar set of UI changes with regards to fonts, colours and the presence of transparent menu bars.

Battle Of The Mini's

Both Samsung and HTC have released smaller handsets than the Galaxy S4 and HTC One - the Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One mini respectively. Miniature versions of both new devices - the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 - are rumoured to be in the works. If you’re not as interested in the larger screens than maybe you should wait a little while to  get the mini versions. We’ve seen leaked specs for both already, here’s what the rumours are currently saying for each handset:

HTC One M8 mini:

  • 4.5-inch screen (720p or 1080p, not clear yet)
  • Losing Duo-camera from HTC One M8
  • Possible premium spec

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini:

  • 4.5-inch Super AMOLED display at 720p
  • Quad-core Snapdragon 400
  • 1.5GB of RAM
  • 16GB storage
  • 8MP rear camera, 2MP on the front
  • 2,100mAh battery

None of these specifications are currently confirmed so it’s difficult to judge which will come out on top. Rumours are suggesting the HTC mini version will be coming as early as May 2014 which isn’t long to wait at all. It’s currently less clear when Samsung will release a miniature version of its new flagship but the long specs list suggests it must currently be in late development stages and possible early production.

Other features

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a couple of interesting features activated with the user’s finger. As per earlier rumours, there’s a fingerprint scanner and Samsung has taken a leaf out of Apple’s book by embedding it in the Home key. After going through a fairly extensive process of verifying your print, you’re able to unlock the phone by scanning your finger. You can also use it in conjunction with a PayPal account, although it’s not yet clear the extent of payment services available.

Another scanner on the rear of the handset is used in conjunction with the S-Health 3.0 application to monitor your heart rate, with health features forming a prominent part of the new device.

The HTC One M8 comes with 16GB of onboard storage and microSD support for cards up to 128GB. Meanwhile the battery pack is non-removable and rated at 2,600mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has options for 16GB or 32GB onboard, though we don’t yet know the availability for each version. Both types have microSD support for cards up to 128GB. 


Want to see the HTC One M8 in action? We’ve created a video hands-on with the device for you to see it in all its glory. This way you can fully see the new Sense 6.0 UI and we introduce you properly to the refined design. We also give an in depth look at the camera and show off that gorgeous 5-inch display.

If you like the video be sure to give us a like and a subscribe for our future content - we'll aim to have Galaxy S5 footage as soon as we get a review unit.

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If HTC couldn't turn their fortunes around wig the apparently superior HTC one they have no chance with the HTC two they are dead just like Blackberry

Except HTC ONE PHONES r the best looking on the market and BLACKBERRYS r the ugliest !!!

Wowww so thats itt? As i expected, samsung is garbage vs htc's pure artistry and btw it wont drain battery or crash like this frankenstein samsung lol, that is lookong nasstyyy lmfao omg samsung hhahahahaa!:-D

I think HTC One 2 is the better looking, this just made up my mind, I'll get one as soon as it is available in Las Vegas. =)

Words are HTC is delaying the M8 to next month Bc of the Snapdragon 805 chip will be ready for HTC. If that's true then the M8 can output 4k & it'll be the first phone to have it. With samsung s5 being almost identical to the s4, HTC m8 might just out sell them & show samsung the true innovators are!

If that's true Sandy then HTC one m8 is definitely better in almost every way. I don't why didn't samsung just wait for the Snapdragon 805! I mean what's the big hurry?? The processor will be outdated when it comes out.

Hope so! This HTC one feels like Ferrari in my hands!

The S5 doesn't sound all that exciting to me, but if HTC continues without the removable battery and expandable memory slot, I'll be staying with Samsung.

Not dead, but I do Agee with you sort of. Any person who knows what performance means, knows what quality means, knows what beauty compared to ugly looks like. Knows the HTC ONE is superior to the galaxy s4. Yet the S4 still blew the doors off the ONE in sales. Samsung is very smart, they know there is NO reason to spend a lot of money to build a phone when Samtards will still buy them. Samtards want to have that android phone to be more successful than the iPhone and that's the whole reason of Samsung success. It's like these casinos, they figure why should we pay out when the fools are going to keep coming and giving us there money regardless. Anyways, I do believe HTC can have a big year if there new flagship is impressive

HTC will use expandable storage on sequel with more reasonable battery. i will go for the "TWO" but worrying about lg g3

I love HTC I currently have the HTC one and is by far the best phone compared to Samsung

Very, very good retort that. The HTC is slick and beautifully constructed device; and is a joy to use. Tbh im sort of glad that ' the masses' don't own this phone.

The HTC has a more of an attractive look, but the camera on the galaxy is by far better... How is HTC going to only have a 4megapixel vs the galaxy's 16 megapixel.

Answer is: HTC uses ULTRApixel and Samsung uses MEGApixel technology.Google it ,and you'll find out more about it.

Maybe do some research before you comment. HTC did have success with the ONE, which did show profit. Just because they didn't generate the same amount of sales as the iphone and S4 doesn't mean they are dead. What it did mean, is that a whole lot of people who purchased the S4 over the HTC ONE didn't get to enjoy that great user experience, didn't get to enjoy not having to deal with lag everyday. Didn't get to enjoy the latest updates, or the feeling of holding a premium device. Didn't get to enjoy not having to cup there hand over the back of there device so they can actually hear the phone. The only loss here was those who purchased the S4 and not the HTC ONE

Maybe you need to do some research and you will find that HTC revenues are continuing to decline and losses are mounting with huge losses in market share in 2013 even with the launch of the HTC one

I'm buying the HTC over any other phone and that fact that it may come with a Snapdragon 805 chip, only make it sweeter to me, theres only one reason I don't have one, they're not on sale yet. =)

16 megapixel on a 5" screen LOL will look the same as 1 megapixel. In fact, who needs more megapixels nowadays since we displays pictures on computer screen pretty much. Yeah, tell me that you actually print out pictures captured by your phone?

The reason S4 was successful because the advertise in which Samsung spent like...$14 billions on celebrities to be ambassadors who ended up using iPhones: David Beckham, Frank Beckenbauer, David Ferrer, Ellen DeGeneres...If Samsung could make a phone like HTC One, these might not have happened...seriously, galaxy S4/5 feels like pos to hold compared to HTC One.

They both have an ugly side, gold for the htc?? Hideous imo. And the bandaid back on the gs5? Also comes in gold? What were they thinking? Obviously you'd go with black or white. I wont end up with either of these devices because they are loaded with blotware. Right now id take a nexus5 over these units. But will wait for the nexus 6. I would rather have the most up to date os and less blotware, apps preinstalled that slow down your device which u never use. The lg g3 will be better than these two devices spec wise and probably worth the wait. But ill prob wait for the nexus 6 which will be made by lg. Sony z2 is even worth a look. Its not a 2 man competition folks open your eyes.

You still need to take into account what sensor, type of lense and what native resolution will be used before judging how well the camera will preform.

Not really...Both Phones look pretty dismal in comparison to each other.

What makes you say that? Both phones look pretty pitiful. It's the same old spec war that has raged for almost 2 years...both companies are embarrassing themselves by keeping their same old design styles year in and year out. If you can name a significant feature enhancement on either device that will give it an edge then I am open ears. AND no. The "4k" revolution isn't interesting nor is it revolutionary in any way shape or form.

I really, really want to like the new HTC One, but that bezel. I just threw up in mouth a little bit. Talk about an eyesore, AND the on screen keyboard will be in the middle of the phone! What was HTC thinking?!

Dude Samsung phones look about the same as your average android phone has since the introduction of Andriod. The HTC One style is a whole new look and design over the average handset, so I'm not sure why they would change drastically what they have already nailed down pretty well.

Neither! The Oppo Find 7 will be king!!!

The real world pictures from the M8 are amazing. Did you see them or are you speculating?

You are all missing the point. Both the S5 and M8 are nothing special and both didn't really upgrade anything from 6 months ago. At least samsung threw in a scanner and made it waterproof. Htc really didn't do anything but put better specs in. I will wait for something better; the one plus one seems to offer me more than both of these phones

16 gb are they both serious? Wow how many years do we have to put up with this crap? The Note 2 has a minimum 32gb. Why would they move backwards, while cameras are using more space. Get it right samsung and htc

I'll stay with my beautiful Note III thank you...
Both look dull, I'm sorry but personally I don't like M8's design neither the S5's. They're both updated predecessors with UGLIER designs... I don't want neither an aluminum pipe nor the plasticky crap even if they pack those specs that aren't much better than my phone. Fantastic phones but personally I wouldn't buy neither over the N3 :)

Z2 guys, in every way is better than them. Slimmer, sexier, more ram, better camera, water proof ...

Sony Xperia Z2 is the phone to go with this year. It dominates both spec wise and build/look wise. Galaxy S5 is garbage this year. They fail to address the biggest complain and issue, the build of the phone, disgusting quality for the price.

As for iphone, this is just my personal opinion but I hate everything to do with Apple, over priced and just not my type, specially hate the UI, it's basically the app menu at the home screen.

Well now we know, it's a knock out to HTC

1. It is not slimmer. It is heavier, bulkier, and larger than the s5 and quite frankly feels terrible with its pointy glass edges. 2. I've used the s5, and it actually feels and looks really nice. Videos can't show it well, but it actually feels lighter than the s4, and the phone feels like leather in your hand (like the Note 3). 3. Ram is useless on smartphones. No apps are optimized to use even 100 megabytes of ram. iPhones are fine with using one gig of ram without lagging in gameplay. It is only useful if you have like 50 apps open, in which case your battery would drain a lot faster, so no one is going to do that. 4. On the Sony's camera, it uses a Carl Zeiss lens and the Sony camera, which is identical to the one found on the z1 a year ago. Isocell, what Samsung uses, is a much newer technology, and it should be a lot better. From my time with the s5 camera, I can say that it produces both very natural colors and super sharp detail. 5. Both phones are waterproof, its just that the s5 can go up to 1 meter for 30 minutes and the Sony can go up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. It is practically the same thing, but the s5 still allows you to have a removable battery. 6. Really, in my opinion, it all comes down to the software (which I've used on both) and I have to say that the s5 still comes out on top with a less cluttered (than on the s4), yet customizable interface that is reminiscent of stock android, except with Samsung's addition of the finger scanner, heart scanner, and basically every feature found on the s4 to really make the phone worth your money. With the Sony, what you see (on the specs sheet) is what you get.

It's actually the 801, but it will still be very fast.

Actually the samsung s5 is water resistant not water proof. Learn the difference.

Do you know what ip67 means? It means it can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. It has the same certification as the s4 active. Don't just look at the specs sheet for information about the phone.

The amazing thing is that the Samsung is always getting crapped upon for not having a sexy design, and the HTC is always raved about. Yet, as soon as people buy the phones, they slap them into protective covers (or they should) thus essentially making the "design" question moot.

The Samsung's camera is way better, and yes, some of us do print images taken with our cellphones as they have become camera replacements for a large percentage of the population.

Finally, the battery issue is HUGE. With the amount of power required to run a 5 or 5.1" screen, with the processor power, our phones simply don't go as far for even moderate users, so having the opportunity to swap in a fresh battery at any time is a massive point for the Sammy.

So get off their case (literally and figuratively) with respect to medal vs. plastic. Once you cover it, every phone looks the same.

Actually, HTC starts at 32 Gb, not at 16 Gb like what this article says, for the same price as a 16-Gb S5.

Please can you take some indoor photos to show off the capabilities of the new One M8?

Nexus 6 will be made by HTC. With regards to bloatware, I'd beg to differ. Sense 6.0 is one of the many reasons that I'm still with HTC, android by itself feels boring to me. But that's my preference. I'm thoroughly enjoying the One (m8) and will continue to do so.

You're wrong Bob. It' 16GB internal memory with expandable up to 128GB, I have the One (m8)

Both very nice phones, not much in it but nothing wows me. I'll be waiting to see what the G3, note 4 and nexus 6 brings.

I call BS, sansungs always look cheap covered or not while HTC products of recent look great covered or not (if you don't get a 3 euros case).

Actually the Galaxy Note 3 is the first phone with 4k recording and has the first 360° picture taking too. Just like the Galaxy Note 2 had the first slow motion and fast motion recording. It was a gimmick till Apple came out with the same thing. Then it was deemed cool.

If I was in the market for a plastic Korean phone right now, I'm not, it would be an LG and not anything Samsung are making. The LG G2 still stands up against the S5 even though it's 6 months old. People forget, that even 18 months ago, there wasn't such a thing as a premium Android phone. Now we have the choice of several. For me, my heart rules my head and I'm gonna give the little guy another shot and buy the M8. Htc have shown what can be done if you spend your budget on R&D and design and build instead of blanket marketing. If specs are what you love, then the Sony Z2 also beats the S5 and it will probably be worth waiting for the G3 in 2 months.

An iPhone homeboy no doubt. HTC 1 is the benchmark by which other phones are measured.

Are you high? lol

Very, very well said! Couldn't agree more!

Why is nobody talking about that beast? It's got the best of the best and people are still stuck on how nice the metal of the HTC One feels.

Am I the only one who likes the S5?

There is a choice. Firstly when you go out on a date or show off I'll take the cover off while I'm working I can always put on my otter box casing is that simple. Those who think like you will be like think inside the box rather outside

Wow ! the HTC one m8 is really best for me ... It's mine (*˘︶˘*)

bear in mind that thanks to Google's recent restriction of 3rd party apps' write access to secondary storage in Android KitKat, both the Samsung 16gb Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 only have around 8GB storage space available for Apps AND Data. The SD card is off limits and has effectively been turned into a ROM or bulk data storage with READ ONLY access.
Only Googles' own apps and approved manfuacturer pre-installed apps can get any permanent write access to the SD card.
The solution to this problem in the form of the SDFix App by NextApp which adds GID media_rw to /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml (and is a pretty nasty temporary fix which requires that you root your device) doesn't work with a rooted HTC One M8 and is unlikely to work with future handsets.
Hope you live in an area with fantastic 4G coverage and get a good data plan because you're GOING to need it if you want somewhere to put all your files.
Oddly enough, just at this precise moment Google has just dropped the price of their Google Drive offering to undercut both Box and DropBox.
Does this smell like 'antitrust' ?

so for every 5 paragraphs on HTC they write 1 sentence on the S5. way to be objective. its a rubbish review of the S5. The S4 is brilliant and it look like the S5 is going to be even better. Those that care about the way it looks probably buy Apple macs instead of real PCs too.

No, I think its great too!

Sony Z2 vs Samsung S5. HTC will take the backseat this year

Great power, comes great responsibility. Great Premium built phone, comes great many of paragraphs. Not hard to understand, really.

I that it was just fanboyish talk, but after seeing the gold colored S5 for the first time. No way that does not look like a Johnson&Johnson Band-Aid. Gold color one looks like something you put on a scab, not in your pocket, seriously ew!

Or maybe, maybe...right, there's more interesting stuff to talk about with the HTC One M8?

Actually even the Samsung III rocks over the HTC. I soaked it in the Hot Tub for over an hour and a half. I dried it off, put it in a bag of rice. Then opened it up and cleaned all the connections with alcohol and it is amazingly working. You won't get good an HTC phone to do that.

Actually the HTC Incredible had a slow motion camera first just not fast motion recording

The bottom line is that the Galaxy S5 is equal of better than the htc One and One M8, which is lagging behind in camera, software, and performance. That is the main reason it sells way more than all the other Android phones combined. The fact is, the advertising dollars will only get you exposure, but if the product doesn't deliver, no sale.

htc is a piece of junk. the new M8 is evern bigger and heavier. no thanks. it is lagging in surfing the web and it sucks battery more than any phone I have ever had. no more htc pos for me. going back to samsung, now I know how good it is....

The s5 is clearly the better phone. People that like the m8 are raving about its looks and what not but in a year just like with every phone you will be bored with the design on he outside, you won't even look at it anymore, all you will care about is what its software offers and sorry to tell HTC fans but Samsung updates there phones android operating systems and HTC doesn't. I'm on sprint so maybe I'm just spoiled but Samsung has made a device that will keep you interested. Nobody is going to say. Hey let me see those 2 cameras on your phone. Then you'll say that only ones a camera and the other is a sensor have fun watching that same person turn to the person with the s5 and watch a demo of the fingerprint scanner the heart rate monitor. And then watch as he shows off the 16mp camera that actually takes good pictures. And then that person asks about the awesome build of the case you have on your s5. Htc one is nothing new. If people want a device that dents and scratches very easily then get the htc one.

I really really hope more people get the Sony Z2 or HTC One. Not that Samsung S5 is bad. But compared to those two it's not close. And the bloatware that is touchwiz!

You're totally right. The quality of a smart phone its judged by how long can you soak it. I use throwing the phone into the wall as a test and both HTC and Samsung are rubbish compared to my Nokia.

I really like the new One's design but the S5 just has a lot more features that i'm interested in. / or are better. Take for instance, ISOCell. It will probably be better than the Duo's as it's getting some horrible reviews. Also, the IP67 rating and USB3.0 Fingerprint sensors, heart rate monitor, thermometer, and touchwiz. If I had to pick it's be the S5 no brainer. In the end tho, im getting neither but the upcoming Note.

Are you trying to sound dumb? Yeah cause the phone is the only place where I view my pictures.... smh. Either way, the 4 crap pixels getting some horrible reviews. On the other hand, samsungs, ISOCell from the future is getting GREAT reviews. EAT IT.

HTC One M8 is the best looking phone, but the name is terrible they could have went for HTC two.

Oh no, not a few grams heavier!!! How will your wimpy arms ever hold all that weight????

I must admit the HTC One m8 is a very stylish phone. However, these 2 phones are similar, spec wise. It comes down to individual taste in the end, methinks. Can't really go wrong either way...

Um... I've been able to take 360 panoramas, long before the note 3 was ever even released... It is a feature of jelly bean, and higher, Its called " photo sphere" and its part of aosp (android open source project) Samsung did not by any means invent it, they just like to act like its innovative, be a smart consumer, and don't buy into there bs marketing scheme... Sad that they take credit for so many features that they kang from open source developers (then patent)... Example, you ever herd of cornerstone, no? I bet you have herd of "Samsung's" multi window, cornerstone was the original multi window mod, and it was way better, run ANY app you want, fully moveable and resizable, even with "areo snap" as many as your ram can handle, just like a PC... Oh and who cares about 4k video recording... Anyone here even own a 4k TV? Anyone? By the time the general populace has 4k TVs, we'll all have the a nexus 8.3 or the Samsung gs9 or the HTC m12...

really?? HTC released Kit Kat waaaaay before it came on S4 Junk. HTC have committed to releases on flagships for 2 years. SameSung only just got some older devices to Jelly Bean at the end of last year and other devices are long forgotten.

Lol, Nokia, lol, have fun in 2007 :p , or playing with that wp8 rubbish... Just saying, they DID (key word) build their phones like tanks tho, back in 2004 I put one of their prepaids thru the washer, and dryer, found it in my pocket and it worked like nothing happened, still have it and it still works(I play snake on it ever once in a while, I got one serious high score lol) nowadays if you want something that is durable buy a huawei, they have a bad rep, but my GF threw one of there phones at moving car (about 30mph or so) and it shattered there windshield... Phone was just fine, small dent lol. But ya the only androids nokia have put out (relevance and such) have been trash, like pure trash...

So what phones in your opinion actually meet your design criteria?

This whole article is rendered invalid due to the use of the term 'droids'.

That is all.

Idiot #1: The HTC is waaay better
Idiot #2: The S5 is waay better...
yenni kohani..

Yip, I have also left a brick in water for hours while i was cooking some rice and drinking alcohol. I then put it in the sun to dry and built it into a wall. The brick seems to be made to get wet and be part of a strong structure. A pity it cant make calls. My phone again cant swim, being part of a strong structure, but can make calls. I see it as follows, the more technology in an item, driven by battery power, the less "swimming excursions". The less of mentioned the more pro to handle water. Next time take a waterproof vibrator with you to the hot tub and not a phone. You will save on rice and alcohol ;)

Are you familiar with the concept of astro-turfing?

Absolute nonsense, the HTC is every bit the equal of the s5 in power and it's superior in software and design.
As for the updates, I've never had a problem with them and HTC have separated out many of the elements of sense from the main os now which means you will (depending on your carrier of course which HTC have no control over) get them pretty much as released.

There's also a 32gb option.

It starts at 16GB, there is a 32GB version but it's only in Asia and on some US carriers - not in Europe or UK (yet, perhaps never, or perhaps later - no-one knows except HTC). All of them have microSD for up to 128GB

Nope. Motorola Droid Razr Xt912 is by far way sleeker and better looking than all these devices.

Translation. You know nothing about technology. You based all your opinions off fashion so you could troll a page with jealous butthurt.

Talks about doing research first while posting illogical regurgitated fanboy lies. Priceless.

And lets not forget what aluminum is....Cheap recyclable material. Same as plastic and glass. So troll again?

"If samsung could make a phone like htc one"
So you mean then need to drop the specs and cost of their phone, but make it look flashier to some crowds to be successful???
Meanwhile they are already more successful with better technology.
So how does that ridiculous claim even make sense?

Exactly. But you can see as well as I do all these trolls and fanboys have jealous and inferiority problems and go to Samsung pages to bash and deny.

Why is it such a big deal? Samsung is clearly on top. Big whoop. They earned it. It does not mean others are bad or that they did not work hard. Samsung just has a bit of a lead in technology and marketing.

Translation....You are butthurt over Samsung having the better technology and know nothing relevant except jealous trolling.

Note 4 should be the real killer. And probably best the S5's best screen.
As well there is a good chance "hopefully" it will carry the IP67 rating. Also might get Samsung's soon to 4GB ram chip.
I really hope Samsung moves back to dual speakers.

Note 3 was first to have that and others already do as well.

and Chillyblue
Sorry. Motorola Droid Razr XT912 is the phone to look towards for design.

The Amoled of the S5 is a pretty huge advancement.
From the looks of your comment though nothing except something completely new will be the answer for your question

Actually no. Samsung never claimed rights to that. They just thought that Samsung did it. And it was done by one of the manufacturers first.

And who cares about metal casing or two tone flash? Or Ultra pixels??? You see how that works?

And if you want to go that route Samsung was the first to bring 720p playback and recording to mobiles. And AMoled has been setting the bar for display tech and recently just demolished competition like the first HD phone did. It's Amoled trashed the crappy tft's of rivaling phones like the iphone 2 at the time.

Like what? S5 has the best mobile display out there right not...Not even just the two, but ALL. So next?
The S5 also has the much superior camera and camera tuning with better video/audio.
It also has the faster chip. And the chip speeds are more than just cpu. It's total system speed including faster cpu, gpu, and ram.
Samsung made the world's first Amoled water proof phone and it still has removable back as well.
Larger battery with better battery life and removable. As well as ultra power saving mode....
List goes on...So how is the M8 supposedly so much better???
Oh yeah...You think it looks pretty. Congratulations.

That does not make up for it. UP or not it's still only 4up. And ISOCELL promises some improved optics.

Nope. Definitely not the king. It's great and has some nice advantages even over the top dogs....But definitely not the King.

Yes bringing the best mobile display and worlds first Amoled water proof is nothing.
It's not everything we wanted, but they are very useful and practical things.

wow vibrator? really? sick pervert...

Well...Adam pretty much got it all. Except that ram is useful and the only big issue with S5. But overall the S5 has way more advantages and even beats out some of the Z2's on paper advantages with actual use and technology.

Really? So because you don't like plastic means it's bad build? What cereal box did that come from? The build of the phone is great. And glass is no less a cheap recyclable material.

And sorry no. The S5 has the better technology. So try again.

Wow....That's some butthurt there

Good fail there...
Because you leave out the part about real world and reality....
Where none of these Samsungs are even close to ugly. And people will still like it in the real world. And you will probably never come across anyone to say it's ugly. Some may be more wowed by the look of the HTC...But that's it.
Out there is the real world and everyone you run into is not an online jealous butthurt hating illogically ranting about design this crap that.

Say why you will I am enjoying simply the best Android phone ever made right now on my sofa.

In YOUR opinion. I have no issues with opinions, choices, preferences and so forth.

What I have issues with is lying, jealousy, trolling, blind fanboys, and such.

That's where you and many people on this page come in. Say what you will, but no matter how desperately you try and wish it does not change reality.

Any improvement on Bluetooth? Stool can't find a good headset or speakerphone for the M7.

I was joking. I never owned a Nokia...

Do you even watch any of the torture test?? For you to say that a Samsung phone is built better than a HTC phone shows your a true Samtard. And buy the way, i own a Note2 and owned plenty HTC phones, and in NO way is the Samsung phone build quality even close to any of those HTC phones. My original EVO was way more solid.

Typical moron wishing bad on a company who is deserving of being the best sold Android device. Everything people ask for in a phone HTC is providing, yet you still have loser's like yourself spreading negativity when it's not the truth. It kills me you people don'teven rrealize your favorite Android device wouldn't be what it is today if not for HTC

Calm down, I am not a moron I am actually being realistic about HTC's chances to grow market share. They released the HTC one which was a massive improvement on any phone available and was critically praised, unfortunately it didn't sell that well. Now think of a market with a new onslaught of amazing devices with little in them and an updated phone from HTC that is more evolutionary than revolutionary, what chance does it have? Very little.

Samsung has better technology? They don't even know how to make there phones stop from LAG! I have a Note2 Samtard, so I know everything there phones have to offer. And believe me, it offers in NO way the joy I get to experience using my HTC ONE. With my ONE I never worry about crappy performance like my Note2. But I'm sorry, you been stuck on Samsung so long you have know idea what I mean when I see a smooth user experience. You obviously think lag is normal, because that's all you know. We'll here's something else you should know, Once again Samsung is trying to follow the footsteps of HTC, as even they know how superior the HTC One was compared to the s4. Why do you think there getting rid of those gimmicks and cutting back touchwiz, in hopes there phone will operate as smooth as HTC devices. Your the troll fool, I have a open mind to phones, that's why I purchase different ones, you are a fanboy

Yeah um I have a Note 2 and S3 and my brother has had an S2 for over a year that I have done plenty of work on. As well as I had an S1 for over a year....So troll again?

All devices..ALL have some amount of lag. That includes HTC, :Lumia, and Icrap.

And comparing older device to newer one with newer faster chip and saying the newer faster chip works faster.....Congratulations...How long did it take you to figure that obvious fact out???????????

I have also used HTC, helped many people around. A few Sonys, and LG as well....Nokia so forth.
Technical glitches exist on all devices across all platforms.

And if you want to go that route I have never run into so many faulty parts as on HTC devices. Especially screens and batteries. Just about everyone I know who had an HTC suffered some form of sudden faulty parts like that.

And yes technology. Samsung is a world leader in chip production. Also Amoled displays are the most advancing technology in displays right now. And the most expensive part that goes into phones.
They also have cameras generally about the best only rivaled by Nokia. They brought the world's first HD playback and recording.
They brought the world's first Amoled water proofed device. And it still has removable back. Even their metal phones a few years back were able to have removable back and SD slot. What's HTC excuse?
And Touchwiz as most people in the real world know works just fine. Sorry online jealous trollers like you cannot accept fact and have to get butthurt and troll pages because of it. Then when someone knows facts about the situations and counter acts your lies you come up with the negating excuse that they are just a blind fanboy.
So troll again? As I'm sure you will though. I can already tell you are just going to continue with illogical butthurt fanboy crap. But you can surprise me and make a logical reply.

Its only a phone. Get a life.

Well, I guess your hopes went down the drain?

Actually Nokia has the very worst rating when it comes to quality of build. Just look at the insurance claims, Nokia leads the pact for faulty phones

Give me a break. Htc aren't upgrading the one s, one x, or the one x+, but Samsung is still going to upgrade the s3 clearly samsung is better at upgrading phones

I guess you don't own a one s, one x, or barley the year old one x+. No more updates for these flagships.

Actually I do, I own a HTC One X and it's currently on 4.2.2 with Sense 5 and for a 2 year old handset I'd say that's pretty good and it's still going strong.

If you expect most manufacturer's with a large number of handsets (Apple doesn't count as they have a comparatively tiny set of hardware with bespoke software designed specifically for them) to update for more than 1.5 - 2 years then you're fooling yourself quite frankly.

There are special cases of course but the majority do no different.

HTC are addressing this though as I said with their new handset as they are breaking off much of Sense from the main software so that it can be updated easily and for a longer period of time.

In a few months time I will update to the One M8 and I will do so with no qualms or regrets as, for me and most reviews it seems, HTC are producing the best handsets around in terms of the full package: design, build quality, software and hardware combined.

My point is that samsung is going to release kit kat for the s3 and that's 2 years old also. But no kit kat for a year old one x+. Samsung is way ahead in updating phones from the past

Are you serious, do you even know what your talking about, world leader in making chip set. Samjunk there self don't use there own clips in America except for that Exynos crap they have in the Note2. And oh yeah, they did put that crappy chip in the s2 that worthless excuse of a phone that burnt out in less than a year. Oh they brag about there advanced technology but don't use it themselves. Even the almighty Samsung is smart enough to use Qualcomm chips here in the States so they don't fall behind in performance. Go in any store that plays there T.V's on display and you'll see Samsung t.v's are the first to start losing a picture. And as for LAG, don't put other phones in the same category as Samsung phones my friend as you have know idea what your talking about. The HTC ONE don't have lag- NONE-ZERO, maybe quit being such a fanboy and find out for yourself instead of just assuming. The Moto X performance is 10 times better than any current Samsung device on the market. Let me wake you up and give you a reality check, Samsung is the biggest copy cat company on the plantet. That's why you love them so much, they are followers, and so are you fanboy

First off where does saying chips specifically and only apply to processor? And where does the past couple years speak for all time?
Even now Exynos Chips have some good advantages. The main down fall is that the newer more powerful Cortex A-15 chips eat more power and Cortex A-9 chips have been more fine tuned for years and eat less power at higher clock rates.
And prior to switching to Cortex A-15 and the newer Snapdragon From S1 up to Note 2 Exynos/Hummingbird was the TOP chip. The use qualcom for integrated LTE and because the A-15's were newer and not as tuned. They are paving the way for more advanced processing.

And because you are trolling and not reading you missed a big part.
This is just phones alone. At least 70% of the world's phones use at least Samsung memory chips. Some use memory, ram, cpu, auido and so forth.
This includes your HTC. Also Apple, Sony, and so forth.
They are one of the world's top chip fabrication factories. Especially memory.

Yet you say I have no clue just so you can ramble on about more butthurt crap.
So in other words you cannot read and could only come back with rude trolling contradicting crap. Good job on being a moron. Congratulations. Would you like a cookie.


Thank your for proving my point as well. The big issue here is you are a blind tool with no brain of your own. I could talk about every device I own or have owned...But because you have a blind sheeple hatred towards Samsung and want to rant on about the most exaggerated ridiculous bashes on them and I simply call out your bs....
You just make the more exaggerated claim that in your own fantasy little world everything you are saying is somehow well known fact and me just simply correcting your lies with fact is me being a blind fanboy....

Wow...Some trolls like you bring a whole new meaning to just how stupid people can truly be.

Also if Samsung is the copy cat then why is it they were able to make a metal phone years ago? And it had removable back and Sd slot?
They also had dual speakers years ago...Hmmmm things HTC is using.
And they brought First HD playback and first HD recording to mobiles. Any smartphone and most mid range phones all do that now. So EVERYONE is copying Samsung.
Show me one other phone that has AMoled and has a removable back while being water proof.

Why is LG making a replica of Tochwiz? Or their G and G Pro designs resembling Galaxy? Why was the G Pro 2 made to copy and match the Note 3 feature to feature????

You really might want to learn even one factual thing before ranting on the internet like a moronic fool who does not even know enough to be considered entry level

My wife's HTC one is garbage for two reasons. 1) the speakers burn up in six months. 2) the battery is garbage after a few months, then the phone basically lives on a charger all the time. Yes, the S5 sucks in that it is plastic, but at least you can swap out batteries. That's the game changer for me, but then I'm in the T-Mobile jump program, so I can jump every six months, plus I'm pretty sure sammy and will release the S5 prime, which had the metal body

that's in the past but speaking of past htc had poor battery life and their ui was laggy

camera is terrible on the mate

s3 to s4 to s5 people say not much change, one x to one to mate not much change and even worse in some aspects like the camera, you can't compare the past to now, oh my note 2 was rubbish the mate is amazing, how about I compare the one x to the s5, the s5 is better, well duh, even if your comparing s5 with mate, its same story like comparing one x to s3, its a tie both have flaws and awesome features

this is great, smashing pumpkins out there is commenting on all comments.. SamTroll to the Nth level..

Am I crazy, or do neither one of these have an HDMI output?

This pumpkin guy is really pissing me off

Who need's a better screen on a phone? I mean, less power consumption sure. But higher and higher resolution screens don't thrill me. They are already beyond what your eye can really tell anyway. Just keep the 1080 HD and improve on less consumption. If I want higher resolution, I'll use my laptop or desktop.

And even a dual speaker is ridiculous. They are so close together you can't really tell any difference. Use the headphone jacks or hook it up to some real speakers if you want. But don't waste my money on it by saying it has dual speakers. ridiculous.

The Lg Nexus 4 came out before the Galaxy s4. The nexus 4 is very smooth and lags less than the Galaxy s4.(I say lag less but it really doesn't lag at all! I'm still using this device) Its not just about what chip the phone has, software has a lot to influence smoothness as well. I think what the other guy was saying was that Samsung tried to add too many gimmicks in their previous phones causing their phones to lag. Htc didn't have as many gimmicks so their phones ran a little smoother. If you use any stock android phones you'll have the smoothest android experience ever. Try it out. I love all companies. As a matter of fact, the new ONE m8, and Galaxy s4 is in the google play store running stock android!

Where on Earth did I say higher resolution equals better all on it's own or even imply resolution???

And who needs a better screen on a smart phone? Are you high?
If you don't care about high quality and advanced technology what are you even doing here?

Wow.....Dual speakers is useless because you could hook it up to headphones or real speakers....And they are close together....Seriously???

Why have a smartphone at all then? You could just walk around with a major power source. Then spend a couple grand on a camera, build a gaming PC, get a featureless satellite phone, walk around with a 70 inch 4k tv, a 10,000 watt home theatre system....and so forth....

Glad you opened my eyes.

I understand all this already. And that is not what most people like the person above are trying to say. They are just claiming that Touchwiz is very laggy and horrible. Which is not. Some things are a little smoother yes....But not a lot and lack a lot of features AND functions in return.

Same as IOS is just a tiny bit smoother, but lacks in mountains of everything.

It obviously has to do with chip and software. That's how everything works. Strong hardware and well optimized software.
But having an S800 chip over an S600 chip indeed makes a huge advantage...But when the S600 chip is still strong enough in comparison there are many other things to take into account.
And I there is indeed GPE editions of those two. As well as an S800 version of S4.

And some people see it as just cramming useless things. Most of those people are being biased however.

iPhone 5s winner :)

The htc is the modern equivalent of the Parthenon. The samsung in comparison is a mud hut.

I wouldn't be so sure about that. In Europe pre-orders have sold out! This is a company that has gone from zero (no-one knew the name "Oppo") to hero (everyone either wants one or is very curious/interested).

It's a high-end handset with a mid-range price tag and a cool blue glowing indicator. What's not to like? ;)

I have been using HTC One M8 for more than a week... I absolutely love it...

That can all be very true, yet still be very far from meaning "The King".

That's why I don't wear cases. I don't know if you've ever been outside, but there are quite a few people without cases, mostly for the reason of seeing their good design.

Also, phones don't just spontaneously combust. Why do you need to be able to swap in a fresh battery in a minute? When it suffers from degradation, go get it changed at a repairs place.

I think Samsung makes amazing hardware and I'd love to buy one of their phones, but...god damnit, can they please hire some good designers? Their adverts and all just look very...toy-like, and my god, the S5 has a pretty good-looking front, but what is up with that perforated back?

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