Exclusive: Amazon Kindle Fire coming to UK in January

News Richard Goodwin 14:04, 6 Dec 2011

Know Your Mobile has been told Amazon’s Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet will be getting a UK release date in January

Amazon will be bringing the Kindle Fire to the UK, a source close to the launch has informed us.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been the talk of the town since it first launched in the US on November 15. It’s also the one of the only tablets to date that analysts agree could give Apple’s iPad some trouble. But what about a UK release date?

So far Amazon has been pretty tight-lipped about if and when the Amazon Kindle Fire will be coming to the UK. Some reports have even claimed the slate might not be coming to the UK at all. Thankfully, however, this isn’t the case - the Kindle Fire is coming. Just at a slightly later date.

So when exactly can we expect the Kindle Fire on our shores? Our source said it will be arriving in January 2012, meaning anyone hoping to get one for Christmas will be sorely disappointed.

Our source didn’t reveal much else in the way of details - they said nothing about pricing or an exact date - but we’d assume that Amazon will keep the price tag nice and aggressive, just as it did in the US.

Only this morning we reported that, according to analysts, Amazon will secure 50 per cent of the Android tablet market in 2012. We then postulated at the end of the article that the only way for Amazon to achieve this would be by releasing the device globally. But without any details regarding Amazon’s intention for the global markets, making judgements on the success of the Kindle Fire is difficult.

But as it turns out there was a plan in place all along, and the Kindle Fire will launch here in January. We’d also assume that it will be extremely affordable compared to Apple's iPad as well, just as it is in the US.

Providing Amazon does all of the above, and keeps the price tag around the sub-£200 mark, it shouldn’t have any trouble selling the Kindle Fire to UK consumers.

More news as we get it.

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