Microsoft Office coming to iOS and Android in Q1 2013

News Richard Goodwin 15:47, 7 Nov 2012

Microsoft will release Office for iOS and Android in early 2013, according to reports

A mobile version Microsoft’s Office suite, which includes support for Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, will be coming to Android and iOS in early 2013, according to reports. 

Microsoft’s Office Mobile will be available for iOS by the close of Q1 2013, according to The Verge, and will be hitting Android in May. 

Office Mobile will give Android and iOS users access to Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents on their smartphones and tablets. 

Coming as either a free or paid application, Office Mobile will offer users the ability to view documents on the move and also allow editing in the paid version. 

A Microsoft spokesperson reportedly confirmed the story, saying: ‘Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android,’ according to BGR. 

The release of Office for Android and iOS has been on the cards for quite sometime, although this is the first indication we’ve had regarding a concrete launch schedule. 

Earlier in 2012 we saw a leaked image of what was alleged to be Office running on an iPad. 

Many have argued that it would make little sense for Microsoft to release Office on Android and iOS when it is such a USP for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – two platforms Microsoft is currently in the process of propagating with consumers. 

The fact that it’s taken this long to get any real news about Office coming to iOS and Android is very telling of the multifaceted nature of Microsoft’s corporate mentality. 

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