Nokia Catwalk could land in May

News Paul Briden 09:11, 5 Apr 2013

The Nokia Catwalk, aka the Lumia 928, could arrive in the middle of May

The rumoured Nokia Catwalk, which is also said to be called the Nokia Lumia 928, could launch as early as May 15 according to an anonymous tipster.

The word comes from MyNokiaBlog, which notes that the claims could be unfounded and refers to its source only by the assumed name ‘South’. The site adds that previous tips from  ‘South’ have proven correct, so it’s possible this will actually happen.

The Nokia Catwalk is rumoured to be an aluminium-bodied reboot of the Lumia 920, which it’s also claimed may be thinner than the company’s current Windows Phone 8 flagship. It seems Nokia is keen to address the main complaint many users have had with the Lumia 920 (aside from Microsoft’s lacklustre operating system, of course) which is the device’s bulk and weight.

According to other reports, in order to slim the Catwalk down it may not feature the same PureView camera setup as the original Lumia 920 but it’s still alleged to be a good camera that will ‘kill’ the iPhone’s setup. It may still include a Xenon flash, possibly combined with a regular LED flash to give extra illumination in low light conditions.

A report from PhoneArena says the phone will launch in London, feature a similar design to the Lumia 720 and will be available in white, black, red or cyan.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft and Nokia are hosting other Windows Phone developer events around May 11.

The relaxing of the camera setup seems quite likely when you consider other Nokia rumours suggest the next big camera phone will be the Lumia EOS PureView, possibly known as the Lumia 1000. This device is also said to have an aluminium body but may even feature the 808 PureView’s 41-megapixel setup – a first for a Windows Phone device from Nokia.

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Is it sure that will be presented the Lumia EOS? Because are many of months that is present this voice, but then there isn't nothing for sure. Can I have some other information? Thanks

what's wrong with the 920 operating system. Generally makes iPhone look like little toy. Does everything I want. A few minor kinks that will surely be ironed out with next couple of firmware updates

"Lackluster OS"? are you stupid or something? The OS has generally been given positive reviews from all, and it to me is definitely better than Android and even IOS in many regards. It lacks the level customization as Android, but makes up for that in ease of use, getting things done quicker, and stability. It is fresher and more original than Android as and IOS, but lacks the same number of APPs. At least provide reasons for your statement rather than sounding stupid.

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