Guide: How to set a music track as your ringtone on the HTC Sensation

News 17:18, 16 Feb 2012

This guide will show you how to set music tracks as your ringtones

You can set stored music tracks as ringtones for your phone, this can be set up either as a generic ringtone for all callers or just for specific contacts.

  1. From the homescreen tap the ‘App drawer' icon, it resembles a grid of small dots.
  2. Tap the ‘Music' app icon.
  3. Tap the ‘Library' icon, it resembles three horizontal lines stacked on each other.
  4. Find the song track you want to use and play it.
  5. From the ‘Now playing' screen, press the phone's ‘Menu' key.
  6. Tap either ‘Set as ringtone' or ‘More' followed by ‘Set as ringtone'.
  7. From the ‘Set as ringtone' menu tap either ‘Phone ringtone' to set the track as a general ringtone for all calls, or alternatively press ‘Contact ringtone' to set it for individual contacts.
  8. If you choose ‘Contact ringtone' you'll be prompted to select the contacts you wish to use the ringtone from a list of all your contacts.

You can also ‘trim' music tracks to make them work better as ringtones using the built-in tool.

  1. From the ‘Now playing' screen tap the ‘Menu' key.
  2. Tap ‘More'.
  3. Tap ‘Set as ringtone'.
  4. In the ‘Set as ringtone' menu tap ‘Trim the ringtone'.
  5. You'll now see the track bar with two circular sliders on top - these represent where the trimmed track will begin and end.
  6. Drag them around until you get a section of the track you're happy with as your ringtone. You can also tap the left and right arrow keys at either end of the bar to move the sliders for minute adjustments. The markers will have speech bubbles coming out of them to show the timing within the track for where the trimmed version will begin and end, so if, for example, you happen to know that a particular guitar riff that would make a really good ringtone is between 1minute 10 seconds and 1minute 20 seconds you can crop the track precisely to that bracket.
  7. When you're done adjusting tap ‘Set as', you can then set the trimmed track as a ‘Phone ringtone' or ‘Contact ringtone' as described in the previous section.



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