iPad tablet market share drops to 48 per cent

News Paul Briden 16:17, 26 Apr 2013

Android is asserting its dominance in the tablet space as iPad share slips

Reports indicate the tablet market is showing healthy growth but such figures also suggest Apple’s dominance on the space might be slipping.

A survey from Strategy Analytics shows global tablet shipments have reach growth of 117 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2013. Global shipments hit 40.6 million for the quarter up massively from the same period for 2012.

Apple’s shipments for the quarter are up 65 per cent year-on-year to 19.5 million but Android tablet sales have boomed to 17.6 million units at a growth of 177 per cent.

Microsoft’s Windows tablet business accounts for three million in sales since the launch of the platform in the second half of 2012.

The combined growth of Android and Windows device sales has meant Apple’s share of the market with the iPad has dropped to 48 per cent down from 63 per cent for the same bracket in 2012. Android still has a lower market share of 43 per cent but it has reversed the trend of Apple dominance. Microsoft’s share is only 7.5 per cent but it is a new player in the market.

Previously Apple has been losing market share to Android in the smartphone space and Android now has the highest market share, with Samsung taking up a significant chunk of the Android space.

But, Apple had been able to rest relatively easy in the knowledge that it held the biggest chunk of the tablet market with its iPad and iPad Mini devices. Now things are changing.

‘Apple produced a solid performance this quarter as the Mini had its first full term and shipped a robust 19.5 million mixed iPads worldwide maintaining market leadership with 48% share during the first quarter of 2013,’ said Peter King, director of tablets at Strategy Analytics.

‘Android captured a record 43% share of global branded tablet shipments in Q1 2013, rising from 34% a year earlier,’ he added.

‘When we add white-box tablets into the mix, Android market share of the total tablet market increases significantly to 52% and iOS slips to 41%, as the bulk of the white-box tablets are Android low budget models aimed at a different market to the branded tablets,’ said King.

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