How to use Pages on the Apple iPad

User guides 19:02, 1 Apr 2010

We show you how to use Pages on the Apple iPad

Pages is a word processor for the iPad. It's great for putting together anything from simple Word documents, to publications and web page layouts.

Getting started

  • Choose your template. Apple provides 16 to help you get started as quickly as possible.
  • When you've opened a template, or opted to start writing a new blank document, the onscreen keyboard will pop up so you can start typing straight away.
  • Pages tracks what you type, so just like when texting, it'll correct spelling and insert puntuation if you missed out anything.
  • Pages also detects when you're writing a list and format it for you - just like when you're typing in Microsoft Word.
  • To look up a word in the dictionary, or copy a term, you can press and hold a section of a text and a pop up box will give you all the options you need, including the definition of a word or expression.
  • You can change the fonts, text size and formatting, word wrap, alignment, line spacing and anything else to do with how the document looks by tapping the format icon at the top of the screen. More options appear in the Text Options menu at the bottom of the formatting tab.
  • Pictures can be changed too using the picture tab (next to the format key) within Pages.

Finding a document

  • Pages documents are all displayed in the document manager. This is where you can import documnets from your email or Word.
  • To shuffle through the documents, you simply have to swipe across through them, and then tap to select.

Page navigator is a quick way of skim reading through the pages you have in any document.

If you press on the scroll bar to the right of the document and swipe down, a small image on the page will appear next to the scroll bar.

When you get to the page you want, lift your finger off the scroll bar and that page will open.

You can share documents when you've finished them by tapping the arrow icon at the bottom of the page manager when the document you want to send is highlighted.

Options are Send via email, Share via iWork and Export as a Pages, PDF or Word file so you can view it on your computer.

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