Install Android Pie Update Beta on OnePlus 6 | 4 Easy Steps


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OnePlus has just announced its Android 9 Pie beta program for the OnePlus 6, which means if you’re rocking a OnePlus 6 you can now installed Android Pie!

How To Install The Android 9 Pie Beta on OnePlus 6

  • Download OnePlus’s Open Beta (HERE) onto your OnePlus 6 
  • Once Downloaded, Move The File To Your Phone’s Root Directory
  • Next, Apply A Local System Update (Settings > System Updates)
  • Reboot The Phone, And You Should Be Rocking OnePlus 6

The install is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is download the link, which is listed above in the instructions and then follow the steps.

Once you’ve done this, you reboot the phone and you’re running Android 9 Pie, albeit a beta version.

Android 9 Pie Beta Update: Things To Keep In Mind

Obviously, this is a beta update which means it is not 100% final software.

OnePlus says its all kosher though and there aren’t any bugs in the beta build.

Still, if you value your phone functioning at 100%, it might be worth waiting for the proper update to land in a few months.

Beta software is TEST SOFTWARE. This is a fact of life, so things can (and do) go wrong.

As always, you’ll download and run this software at your own risk.

I have a OnePlus 6, personally, but I am waiting for the proper version to land.

It’s my daily driver, so I can’t afford to have any issues with the phone.

If you’re braver than me, and you’re impatient for Android 9 Pie, feel free to download it and see all the changes OnePlus has made inside the update.

How To Revert OnePlus Back From Android Pie Beta Update

If you downloaded the update, but don’t like it you can, of course, revert the phone back.

Here’s the official method for doing it via OnePlus:

  • Download the latest ROM package from the specified server [HERE].
  • Copy ROM rollback package to the mobile phone storage root directory.
  • Settings -> system updates -> top right corner icon -> local upgrade -> click on the installation package -> immediately upgrade -> system upgrade to 100%.
  • Select Reboot system now.
  • Update successfully.
  • Please note: This upgrade will clear all contents of the phone, please make sure to back up.
  • Ready to get started on the Android P Beta? Download [HERE].

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