How to hard reset the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Features Clare Hopping 12:59, 17 Dec 2012

We explain how to perform a hard, or factory reset on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Although the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is a sturdy piece of kit, running on a much lighter version of Android, things can sometimes go wrong and you may need to factory, or hard reset your tablet.

If you're having problems logging into your account, or setting up an account, you may want to reset your device.

Alternatively, you may want to sell your Amazon Kindle Fire HD and to do this, you'll want to restore the device to its factory settings before sending it away with all your purchases and account details still onboard.

Because all your data is backed up in Amazon's Cloud Storage service, it's not necessary to create an extra backup of the data if you're planning on keeping the tablet, but we would recommend you use an alternative application as a secondary backup, or drag and drop all the files that show up in the storage folder, just in case something does go wrong.

Here's how to factory, or hard reset your Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

  1. Pull down the notifications bar at the top of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD
  2. Select +More...and choose Device
  3. Now select Factory Data Reset
  4. Tap Yes when prompted
  5. Your Kindle Fire HD will be de-registered and then reset
  6. Do not touch your Kindle Fire HD until it restarts
  7. Your device will be restored and you will now need to follow the set up process to get it working again

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