iOS 7 problems? You’re not alone…

Blogs Michael Grothaus 17:03, 28 Nov 2013

Fear and loathing in iOS 7… a journey into the buggiest update Apple has ever released

I have to admit, when I first laid eyes on iOS 7 in June, I thought it was the most hideous thing I’d ever seen. I even thought it was hideous in September when I installed it on my iPhone. However, once I started to use it the design elements started to make sense when you added motion to the equation (except for some of those ugly-ass icons, which are still ugly).

But while iOS 7 can be seen as a much-needed software win for Apple, there’s one dirty little secret which is widely reported in Apple’s support communities, which, of course, Apple will never cop onto: it’s the buggiest iOS update Apple has ever released. 

iOS 7 was rushed

The launch of iOS 6 in 2012 was heavily marred by Apple’s Maps. All the benefits of iOS 6 were swept under the rug as Apple’s new mapping solution—specifically how bad it was—made headlines. Around the same time Android was heavily gaining ground and began to make Apple’s once-groundbreaking OS look old and stale.

The bad press surrounding iOS 6, the freshness of Android, and the aging look of iOS understandably got the boys in Cupertino a little worried, so many of its software resources were thrown into reversing the tide with iOS 7. However, making and designing a completely new OS in a matter of ten months is something even Apple, with all its resources, should never have undertaken. 

Bugs are one thing, problems another

When iOS 7 shipped it took less than 24 hours for major bugs to become apparent. There were bugs with iMessage, bugs with sounds, bugs with battery life. Bugs, bugs, bugs.

But saying iOS 7 should have been bug free wouldn’t be fair. After all, any new OS is sure to have bugs. That’s just the nature of technology.

Even if you have a thousand engineers working on an OS and then another ten thousand developers testing it, there is no way any company can catch all the bugs in time for the first release. That’s why so many bugs usually crop up in an x.0 release.

However, bugs are one thing, serious problems are another. “Problems" usually result from rushed products that don’t have enough time in the development phase.

Apple used to be a company that would avoid rushing a product at all costs, however, recently it has seemed to have its product cycles dictated more by market forces (ie: what Wall Street wants to see Apple do) than ever before—and that always leads to rushed development.

And now, even after three point-upgrades to iOS 7, some major problems persist. Here are the top three readers have reported to me, and which I have experienced myself:

1. Unresponsive touch screens: It seems that there are plenty of times a user will tap a controller (a button or textual menu) and nothing will happen.

This is especially obvious in the music controls in Control Center—one of the best new features of iOS 7.

iOS has always been praised for its responsiveness, but it’s fair to say it has lost some of that much-earned praise in the transition to iOS 7. Many taps, from the Control Center to buttons inside Mail are frequently not registered the first time you do them. 

You can also see examples of touch problems with iOS 7’s new Notification Center. Swipe down from the top of your screen so Notification Center appears. When you swipe down, make sure it’s on the “Today” screen by default. Now quickly swipe left so you move to the “All” screen.

Half of the time this first swipe won’t actually move you to the “All” screen. Instead it will move the home screen icons behind Notification Center to the next page of icons. 

2. Lock screen locks you out: The lock screen seems to be too good at its job. There are plenty of times when the lock screen temporarily locks you out of your iPhone.

For example, several times I have received a phone call and I’m not able to slide to answer. At first I thought my iPhone was faulty, but then some other readers reported the same issue.

When this happens the only option I have is to miss the call, restart the phone, and then call the person back. Not being able to answer calls on your £600 phone is never a good thing.

3. iOS 7 shuts down: This is the most annoying problem of all. I’ve experienced this on my iPhone—as have many readers. Many readers also said they’ve seen this on the iPad, though I haven’t experienced this problem there.

What happens is I’ll be using my iPhone to do any task—checking email, browsing the web, texting—and suddenly the Apple logo will appear, the iPhone will power down, and then it will restart itself. Your phone randomly restarting isn’t something that should happen in a GM release—it shouldn’t even happen in a beta. 

Quality, not Wall Street’s wants, matters

If you ask me what the best mobile smartphone operating system is on the market today, I’ll still tell you it’s iOS 7. From a design and UX perspective, iOS 7 is better than Kit Kat, it’s better than Windows Phone, and it’s better than BlackBerry.

The fact that iOS 7 has problems and is still better than all other mobile OS’s is a testament to just how good iOS 6 was, which is what iOS 7 was built upon. And iOS 7 in its own right is a beautiful mix of static design, motion interfaces, and new technologies.

Given all this, it’s a shame Apple couldn’t hold off on its release a little longer—as it clearly should have—to work out all of iOS 7’s problems. 

Instead, they seemed to cave to Wall Street’s expectations of what their release schedule should be and rushed iOS 7 out in time or the all-important holiday season. For a company renowned for quality, I hope they won’t make this mistake with iOS 8. 

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This article is a load of trash, clearly biased, and unprofessional.

The touch is fine, I tried your little experiment with the notification center, it was fine.

And as for you moaning about rebooting? Mines never done that in the GM release, in the early betas yes, but not GM.

You have to appreciate Apple, they have released bug patches quickly and efficiently.

And before anyone calls me a Apple fanboy, I own both iOS and Android phones and think they both have pros and cons.

I've experienced (1) and (3) more than a few times. Guess it's not happening to everybody. Bit harsh calling the article trash, though. I also use both and find iOS generally a lot more stable than Android 4.4. Case in point: Google Now has just stopped working, like all of a sudden. Weird.

really cannot believe this article at all. like the other commenter, the article is trash imho because myself personally have NOT experienced any of these three problems with iOS7 on my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.

unresponsive touch screen? does the article's author needs to get his iPhone's screen replaced?

lockscreen locks you out? again sounds like a hardware issue with a faulty display screen that needs to be replaced if you can't get finger touches recognized.

iOS 7 shuts down? again sounds like a hardware issue. maybe bad battery or some hardware fault.

SOLUTION: go to the Apple Store and replace your faulty iPhone with another iPhone that isn't having hardware problems. you most likely have a hardware problem and therefore iOS7 would certainly seem to act up. otherwise, really do NOT believe this article at all.

Yup, buggiest iOS ever! I too was one of those that had, never had a problem with my iphone(4s)... until I installed iOS7, OMG!! First I couldn't call anyone, so I rebooted, ok working, then imessage stopped working, so I rebooted, and it didn't fix it, so I reset network connections, ok working, then not working, then tried a bunch of things, and got it working, (today it's not working, and my wife and a bunch of my friends phones, the imessage isn't working, and what's worse my wife has a 3gs, so this time it isn't even an iOS7 problem). I have had the phone freeze, lose touch, self reboot, the login screen hang in three quarters of the screen so only half the numbers were usable (reboot fixed it) and a whole host of issues I have never had before, I doubt it's the phone as it was working just fine before iOS7 (oh did I mention photostream isn't working either, well it aint) sorry Apple you messed up, could you please have another go, and if that's too hard, tell me how to get back to iOS6....

Some of my friends experience issues with iOS 7. We can't deny that it's buggy, but yeah, perhaps maybe the hardware has something to do with the performance.


just nope

I have also experienced 1 and 2 a number of times. Not being able to answer a phone call is aggravating to say the least.

I have the iPhone 4 and iPad 3.
Before updating to ios7 they worked fine no bugs that i noticed.
but after updating both devices, when i received a call on my iPhone 4 it takes numerous attempts to answer the call, via the swipe in lock screen ,this is a random bug and very annoying, and both devices would also do the quick reboot without warning, i know that ios7 is a little heavy on the iPhone 4 and i guess thats why it runs sluggish for example sometimes safari doesn't work and i have to turn the device off and back on .but that started to happing to my ipad3 plus when i try to enter my lock code, a unresponsive keyboard appears and doesn't go away unless i do a hard reboot. i have restored both devices more than once and the problems are still there although random. I just hope that a update is released soon and clears this mess and makes my experience with these device enjoyable once more. Now i am quite happy with the new design bar 1 or 2 little things, but hey can't always get what you want.

OK to paraphrase

"so its never apples fault?"
lol the hypocrisy knows no bounds ..
Apple screwed it up like MS did with vista
I blame MS for that and Apple for iOS7

Maybe just call it the iVista 7 and you can avoid reality- somewhat.

Typical egotistical fool. Just because YOU haven't then everyone else hasn't too because you are the ONLY real being in existence and everyone else's reality must mirror yours....right? Idiot.

Typical egotistical fool. Just because YOU haven't then everyone else hasn't too because you are the ONLY real being in existence and everyone else's reality must mirror yours....right? Idiot.

I don't think ios7 is so bad ,the system is very great, but your phone is old ,you have to by a new iphone to use ios7.
I don't believe this this article any more! The author is insulting IOS7!!!!

I don't believe this this article any more! The author is insulting IOS7!!!!

I had the experience.. my iphone 4g frequently not responding when im pressing the home button (while idling blackout mode).. when pressing the power button, the phone will auto restart with apple logo appeared. this thing happened after upgrading to ios7.0.4 version.. i assumed apple have very bad release management before deploying their big/mass version release..

My iPhone 4 worked like a charm, I've never had issues w/ anything. I
decided one day to finally upgrade and it's been nothing short of an
effing nightmare. My cell is my only phone and the fact that I am having
all these MAJOR issues says a lot.

The camera wont work or only when it feels like it. NEVER had that issue before.

Touch screen works when it feels like it. NEVER had that issue before.

Whatever I am doing would just disappear from the screen. NEVER happened before.

battery dies in no time. NEVER happened before, I was always able to
gage my battery life and determine how long before I needed to charge.

Had to buy a new charger because the old one wasn't supported by the effing upgrade. Another expense I could do without.

I get messages from previous weeks randomly popping on my voicemail....WTH, I'm in the middle of job hunting.

was my favourite, it was the I'm on the other line and I hear the
beeping alerting me to another call coming in BUT alas look at the
screen and NO calls seen. Then I have 10 irate messages of people
wondering why I'm not answering the phone....Honestly, I could go on and
on....I'm so frustrated and annoyed and upset. If I wasn't stuck in my
dumb contract for new hardware till May of 2014 I would drop this damn
phone in the toilet!!!!

I'm a bitter.....I admit it! I miss the days when you didn't spend an arm and leg on a phone that messes up or needed to be replaced so frequently.....

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