E3: Command & Conquer: Red Alert on iPhone


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EA is bringing the classic real time strategy game Command & Conquer: Red Alert to the iPhone. From the screenshots we’ve seen, it would appear to be a faithful re-working of the PC original.

An early build of the game was shown at the E3 conference. It’s been tailored for the iPhone touchscreen. From the video below, captured by Touch Arcade, you can see that in-game objects are rendered in 3D, while controlling units is simply a case of tapping to select them and then tapping again on the battlefield. The game will feature a full campaign mode, just like its PC sibling.

Strategy fans should be very excited at this news. Not only will it be the first truly high profile real-time strategy game released for the iPhone, but it acts as a reaffirmation from EA that the iPhone is a serious gaming platform than can appeal to core gamers.

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