If you’re out and about and you hear a song that you’d like to hear again, is it possible to use Spotify to identify the track? Let’s investigate…

It’s a common occurrence where you may be in a store, a bar, or even someone’s car when a song comes on the radio that neither you nor your companions are familiar with is played.

The fact that Shazam has been available for years makes this issue much less of a problem, but employing this approach means that you will still have to key in the song’s name and/or artist into Spotify afterwards in order to locate the precise match you’re looking for.

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What if Spotify itself had a function like this, where you could scan the audio or search for song lyrics to retrieve the title of a song for future listening? Wouldn’t that be much more convenient?

Can I Use Spotify To Identify A Song?

Fortunately, typing song lyrics into the search bar on Spotify will now actually help you find a specific song thanks to one of their most recent updates. It may not be quite as easy as holding your phone up to a speaker, but it does allow you to find a song when there is no audio available to scan.

Got an earworm? No problem.

Spotify’s mobile app features a function that will assist you in identifying an unfamiliar song just by searching for its lyrics. As long as you know what those words are, you will be able to substitute them for the song’s title in the search.

While tools such as Shazam or even Google Assistant may assist you in locating a song that is currently being played, they will not be of use if all you have is a half-remembered melody and some imprecise lyrics. Spotify’s new search feature aims to address a user need that is all too frequent.

Does the Ultimate Guide for New Users of Spotify Include Information on Song Identification?

The Ultimate Guide for New Users of Spotify is a comprehensive resource for mastering spotify’s features and settings. It provides information on various aspects of the platform, including creating playlists, exploring genres, and discovering new music. However, it does not specifically cover song identification techniques.

Additional Spotify Features

As a company that has been around for a very long time, Spotify has had to make sure to stay on top of the newest technology in order to keep up with the competition from other music streaming companies.

Consider the following features, which might assist you in getting the most out of your Spotify music streaming experience:

1. Timestamp Links

It is possible to copy the music’s universal resource identifier and share it with other people by right-clicking on the track and selecting “Copy Spotify URI” from the desktop menu bar. By using a timestamp such as ‘#time0:30,’ for example, they will be sent to the specific point of the track that you want them to hear.

This feature is helpful for when you want to show somebody a specific section of lyrics, a guitar solo, or just skip a song intro that doesn’t contribute to the song in any way.

2. Run To Your Own Beat

Spotify is also capable of suggesting tracks that have a similar speed to your jogging pace. Begin jogging, then choose a running playlist from the ‘Browse’ menu, and Spotify will choose music for you depending on your speed as measured by your phone’s sensors.

There are sounds out there that perfectly compliment your pace, whether you like a peaceful jog around the park or are striving to smash personal records.

There are a variety of genres that match each running speed, so you’re likely to discover something you love while attempting to meet your fitness objectives.

3. Find Out About Live Concerts

On the ‘Browse’ page of your Spotify desktop application, there is a ‘Concerts’ section that displays all the live events that are taking place in your locality which involve the artists that you listen to frequently.

If you plan on heading elsewhere to see a gig, you can change your location to that location to see which events are going to be taking place.

4. Private Session

If you don’t want your friends to see what music you’re listening to, Spotify has a fairly new feature that allows you to listen in private. When you enter a Private Session, the music you listen to is hidden so that you can listen to whatever you want without being judged.

DJs that are friends with both fans and other DJs may utilise this function to conceal tracks they may perform in forthcoming gigs so that the setlist is fully hidden until the event begins.

5. Show Song Lyrics

If you want to sing along, double-check a word you’re not sure about, or share a phrase you really like on social media, you can now browse the lyrics to a song on Spotify.

Lyrics are only available for songs that have the capability enabled, so you may not be able to access them for every song you listen to. Nonetheless, browsing and even sharing lyrics on Spotify is straightforward, so let’s learn how to do so whenever they’re available.

It’s simple to find the lyrics to the music you’re listening to on Spotify. This is how you do it:

  1. On your smartphone or tablet, launch Spotify.
  2. Look up the lyrics for the song you wish to view.
  3. Make sure you’re on the “now playing” screen, which shows the music you’re listening to in its entirety.
  4. If lyrics are available, a brown bar with the word ‘Lyrics’ will appear at the bottom of the screen. To see them, swipe up on your device.
  5. The words that have previously been performed are represented in white, while the lyrics that will be sung in the future are displayed in black.
  6. Click ‘More’ to see the lyrics in fullscreen mode.

On your PC or Mac, follow these steps to see song lyrics on Spotify:

  1. Open the Spotify app or go to the Spotify website.
  2. Locate the song for which you’d like to learn the words.
  3. In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, near the volume controls, click the microphone icon on the ‘Now Playing’ bar.