Developed by Cloudflare, the app for macOS is incredibly useful for anyone that is looking to speed up their internet connection. Here’s everything you need to know… For Mac: Key Takeaways

  • Fast, Secure Internet: is a tool designed to enhance your internet speed while providing robust online security, offering a more satisfying and safer online experience.
  • What is operates as a DNS resolver, translating human-readable web addresses into computer-recognizable IP addresses. Switching to it ensures a quicker, private path to accessing websites.
  • Internet Speed Boost: By using an optimized protocol, allows your data to traverse more rapidly through the internet, leading to noticeably faster browsing, streaming, and gaming experiences.
  • Enhanced Security: encapsulates a substantial part of your internet traffic, creating a protective shield that safeguards your online activities from potential cyber threats and unwarranted surveillance.
  • Privacy Preservation: allows you to bypass your ISP’s DNS resolver, preventing them from tracking your online activities. This feature results in less targeted advertising and preserves your online anonymity.
  • User-Friendly Ally: is more than a tool; it’s a user-friendly digital ally, designed to make your internet interactions faster, safer, and more private. Its easy setup and use make it a go-to solution for enhancing your web browsing experience.


Whether you work from home or in an office, slow internet is a pain in the ass. If you run a Mac, any of Apple’s Mac products, both Intel and Apple Silicon-powered, there is a free solution. It’s called and it works via some kind of DNS voodoo that I don’t entirely understand. What I do know is that it works really, really well.

And for this reason it is currently one of the best macOS applications inside my current tech stack.

You don’t need to know about DNS settings or any of that jazz, but if you do want faster, more secure internet on your Mac, is definitely worth adding into your tech stack. Here’s everything else you need to know…

What is The App?

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The app is essentially a DNS resolver, which may sound technical but think of it as the internet’s equivalent of a phone book. It translates the human-readable web addresses that you type into your browser into IP addresses that computers use to identify each other.

By switching your DNS resolver to, you’re choosing a faster and more private path to accessing websites, bypassing your default DNS resolver, typically set by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In this respect, it’s a bit like a VPN because once it is activated your IP address will be hidden, replaced by

Boosting Your Internet Speed

Even with fast broadband connections, blocks and speed issues can happen. Usually, this is down to your ISP over promising and under-delivering. It can also be caused by network congestion. Either way, with you can bypass most of these things and ensure better fidelity and, generally speaking, faster internet speeds. does this by leveraging cutting-edge, optimized protocols that pave a clear, rapid path for your data to pass through. I know, I know — that sounds complicated. And it is. But all you need to know is that it works. The app essentially supercharges your Mac, securing it access to the express lane on the internet highway. This can lead to perceptibly faster browsing, downloading, streaming, and gaming experiences.

Fortifying Online Security

What about’s security features? Well, it is jam-packed with those too. wraps a protective shield around a large part of your internet traffic, preventing unwanted observers from peeping into your online activities. It does this by changing your DNS resolver. This data encryption makes your online interactions safer, protecting against potential threats such as data breaches, cyber-attacks, and identity theft.

Preserving Your Anonymity

When your ISP has access to your browsing data, it’s not uncommon for this information to be used for targeted advertising or even sold to third parties. Not all ISPs do this, but it can and does happen. By utilizing, you bypass your ISP’s DNS resolver, effectively putting a stop to their tracking and subsequent ad targeting.

A side benefit of this is that It allows you to navigate the internet without leaving a trail, offering you the peace of mind that your private activities stay private. You can also access things previously blocked by your ISP too which, as we all know, is always a good thing.

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Given all of the above, I think it is fairly safe to say that for Mac is very, very useful. It speeds up your internet connection, it makes you invisible online, and it adds in layers of protection for when you’re on your home network and using public WiFi networks. And it’s completely free.

On top of ALL that, is super simple to set up and implement on your Mac and iPhone too. So, yeah… what are you waiting for!?


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