Here are ALL the subscription options for Apple Music.

Wondering is Apple Music free? It’s not a silly question as some music streamers, like Spotify, offer ad-support “free” options. 

The thing is, Apple Music doesn’t offer an ad-supported “free” plan. Apple Music doesn’t support any kind of ads at all–meaning you’ll never have the annoyance of listening to ads on Apple Music ever.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get free Apple Music. In this post we’ll outline all the free options as well as paid Apple Music plans, so you can choose the best for your needs. Do keep in mind, the pricing/availability of these plans may change over time. The options listed in this article are current up to April 2022.

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Apple Music: 1 Month Free Trial 

The good news is everyone can get a free one-month trial of Apple Music. You don’t even need to own an Apple device to get this free Apple Music trial. The only caveat here is you must never have had a paid Apple Music subscription before or taken part in any other free Apple Music subscription offer. 

You can sign up for a free Apple Music 1 month subscription here. After that, the plan renews for $9.99 a month until canceled.

Apple Music: 6 Months Free With Eligible Device

Another way to get free Apple Music is to buy a qualifying audio device from Apple. If you buy one of the following devices, you can get 6 months of Apple Music for free:

It’s unknown how long Apple will keep this deal going. You can find out all the current details here.

Apple Music Voice: $4.99/month

This is one of the lowest-cost Apple Music plans out there. We’ve detailed Apple Music Voice before, but in short, it gives you access to the entire Apple Music catalog – but you can only access it via Siri. 

With this plan, you lose out on some cool features, however. You don’t get lyrics support, Spatial audio, or the ability to download songs to your device.

Apple Music Student: $4.99/month

This is the best possible Apple Music plan–but you need to be a student to get it. The Apple Music Student plan gives you access to all the songs, features, and benefits of the Apple Music Individual plan, but costs you just half as much.

In order to get this plan, you have to be a college student. High school students are not eligible for the Apple Music Student plan. You must also provide proof that you are a college student.

Apple Music Individual: $9.99/month

This is the Apple Music most people subscribe to. This is the “normal” plan. It gives you access to all the songs, features, and benefits that Apple Music offers to individuals.

You get Spatial Audio support, song download, lyrics, and much much more.

Apple Music Family: $14.99/month

The Apple Music Family plan is probably the best deal on here if you have a large family. With the Apple Music Family plan, you get all the benefits of the Apple Music Individual plan, but you also get the ability for up to six family members to access the plan, which includes a personalized music library and personalized music recommendations for every family member (up to six).

Apple One With Apple Music

Finally, Apple Music is also included in all Apple One plans. We’ve detailed Apple One before here. Apple One offers an Individual, Family, and Premiere plan that includes varying Apple services. But all Apple One plans include Apple Music.

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