Does HBO Max Have A Free Trial?

Like the look of HBO Max but want to try before you buy? Let’s check if there’s a free trial to take advantage of first to see what all the fuss is about…

HBO Max debuted on May 27, 2020, and although it initially only provided a $14.99 monthly bundle, making it the priciest of all the streaming services, it currently offers a $9.99 version with advertising.

When HBO Max was introduced, most paying HBO customers were immediately upgraded or transferred from their HBO Go accounts to HBO Max. Because HBO Go was phased out and HBO Now was renamed simply HBO, this is the case.

Your HBO Go login credentials should work for HBO, but you’ll have to download a new app.


HBO Max will bring together the diverse riches of WarnerMedia to create programming and user experiences not seen before in a streaming platform. HBO’s world-class programming leads the way, the quality of which will be the guiding principle for our new array of Max Originals, our exciting acquisitions, and the very best of the Warner Bros. libraries, starting with the phenomenon that is Friends.

Robert Greenblatt, chairman, WarnerMedia Entertainment and Direct-To-Consumer

Customers who currently have an HBO subscription on AT&T may get HBO Max for free. HBO Max is accessible on most Apple devices, including Apple TV, Android TV devices, Chromebooks, Chromecast, Xbox, and even YouTube, for free to AT&T users with certain newer unlimited plans.

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But what if you want to give the service a test run before paying for it? Is there a free trial like other of their streaming platform competitors, such as Netflix?

HBO Max Free Trial

Unfortunately, while there was a free trial available with HBO Max when it was first launched, it is no longer available. That’s not to say it won’t return in the future or there are no other offers available.

Free trials often come and go and for all we know one might be made available again within hours of this article’s publication. The best times to check for free trials are around Christmas time, New Year, and other significant holidays.

But there are other ways to get HBO Max for free, such as by signing up for Hulu’s 7-day free trial and having applicable AT&T subscriptions, both of which are subject to change as well.

Basically, if you’re willing to wait a little longer, there’s a strong possibility that a free trial will become available, allowing you to test out the service before parting with any of your hard-earned money.

How To Sign Up To HBO Max

HBO Max may be obtained by visiting HBOMax.com. You may sign up for an HBO Max membership directly via certain partner services, such as Hulu, AT&T, AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, Spectrum, and YouTube TV, in addition to the website.

If you have HBO as part of your cable package, you most certainly already have HBO Max included in your subscription.

To sign up with HBO Max directly, visit their site and click the purple “sign up now” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then, choose your preferred package option and enter your chosen credentials and payment details.

In terms of cost, as we’ve already mentioned, you’re able to pay either $14.99 per month for the standard membership, or just $9.99 if you’re happy to watch with ads. If you want to save an additional 16% on these prices, you can pay for an entire year upfront, which will cost you $149.99 for standard or $99.99 for HBO Max with ads. Essentially, you only pay for 10 months of the year this way.

The full-price, ad-free version of HBO Max offers exclusive streaming access to the biggest Warner Bros. movies of 2022, the ability to download your favorite movies and shows to watch on the move, and the ability to stream in 4K UHD whenever it’s available.

If you subscribe to HBO Max using the ad-free price plan, you’ll still have exclusive streaming access to the biggest Warner Bros. movies of 2022, but you’ll of course have to watch ads during the shows.

What Devices Can HBO Max Be Streamed On?

HBO Max has dedicated applications for a number of different platforms, streaming devices, games consoles, and mobile devices.

To watch on your TV, you can simply download the HBO Max application to your Smart TV or plug in any of the following streaming devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • VIZIO SmartCast TV

If you want to watch HBO Max on your computer, you may do it on any of the supported platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and ChromeOS.

What about a gaming console? It’s not an issue at all. Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 consoles are all capable of supporting the HBO Max streaming service.

For those who want to stream their favorite movies and series via a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, HBO Max is available on the iPhone, the iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as the Amazon Fire tablet.

Where Can HBO Max Be Streamed?

HBO Max can be streamed anywhere in the US as long as you have any of the above devices available as well as an internet connection. As you probably know, there better the internet connection, the better quality the video streaming will be.

So, whether you’re chilling on the sofa, lying in bed, commuting to work via public transport or, well, you get the picture, you can watch HBO originals, DC films, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and more. Fancy binge-watching the entire Harry Potter series? You can do that anywhere in the United States.

If you’re not based in the US and want to watch these shows, it’s not completely over for you. All you need is a VPN, but you’ll need a decent one in order to not only have access to HBO Max but to stream in decent quality. This will probably cost you a bit more money since the free ones aren’t usually good enough, but it’ll only be a few extra dollars per month. We recommend these VPNs the most.

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