YouTube Android app gets new tablet UI

News Basil Kronfli 08:21, 11 Dec 2012

The Android YouTube application has just been given a makeover, losing some of the 3D menus and adopting an altogether cleaner look and feel

In a turn for the books, Google has gone and simplified its YouTube app for 10-inch Android tablets such as the Nexus 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

The old application consisted of 3D menus and layers, so it's little wonder the latest update brings with it a UI that's considerably more akin to the mobile browser version and the build found on Android smartphones.

Adopting what's known as 'Android Fragment' layout, the app consists of frames each running independently of one another.

Take the start-up screen for example. To the left hand side is a list of all your channels while to the right is a selection of corresponding videos.

Open up a video and things swap over. The video fills up the right side tab while a vertical scrolling list fills the left. Naturally, being YouTube, videos can be expanded to fill up the full screen.

The new UI is considerably simpler than the old one, making it easier to browse relevant content related to channels that you've subscribed to - so we're all for it.

To get the update on your 10-inch tablet, just open up your Google Play Store, select 'my apps' and look to see if Google Play suggests an update for YouTube. If it doesn't and yours looks like the screenshot pictured above - fear not, you're all up to date.

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