Apple’s iPhone 15 launch hasn’t exactly gone swimmingly, following reports of over-heating and battery drain. Here’s what you need to know…

iPhone 15 Issues: Key Takeaways

  • Overheating Concerns: Apps like Asphalt 9 and Uber have been linked to the iPhone 15 overheating. However, an update from Instagram has addressed a similar issue.
  • Battery Drain Factors:
    • Restoring backups, downloading large media libraries, and high location tracking apps can cause rapid battery depletion.
    • Elevated background app activity and increased usage due to the novelty of the device also contribute.
  • Battery Optimization Tips:
    • Monitor app energy use, activate Low Power Mode, and optimize screen settings.
    • Be cautious of extreme temperatures and manage background app refresh and location services.
    • Adjust email settings and consider using external battery solutions.
  • Upcoming Solutions: Apple is anticipated to release software updates, potentially iOS 17.0.3, to address both battery and overheating issues.

The iPhone 15 series, at launch, seemed like a pretty solid update. The base models got plenty of updates and Apple added in a raft of new capabilities to the Pro and Pro Max. 

As usual, things were looking fairly rosy for Apple. There were the usual, glib remarks from people about Apple not doing enough. But that’s just standard procedure these days. 

But once the iPhone 15 series phones were out in the wild, it became immediately obvious that everything wasn’t rosy, that there were actual, real problems with the phones. 

And the big one that everyone has been talking about is the iPhone 15 Pro’s overheating issues, and its knock-on affect on battery life.

So what gives? Here’s literally everything you need to know…

The iPhone 15 Conundrum: What’s Going On?

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Users have been vocal about unexpected battery drains and the device getting a tad too warm for comfort. Surprisingly, Apple’s claims about the iPhone 15’s battery prowess were on par with the iPhone 14. So, what’s causing the hiccup?

Overheating: The Hot Topic

What, exactly, is causing the iPhone 15 to overheat? Is it the phone’s hardware itself or is it something to do with software? Most reports tend to agree that the issue, at least in most cases, is NOT hardware related, so it can be fixed with some software tweaks.

Certain apps have been the culprits behind the iPhone 15’s overheating saga. Notable mentions include the adrenaline-pumping Asphalt 9 and the ever-reliable Uber. However, there’s a silver lining. Instagram, after being under the scanner, rolled out an update that seems to have doused the flames.

Quick Fixes for Overheating:

  • App Caution: It might be wise to sideline Uber and Asphalt 9 for a bit, at least until they roll out updates to address the issue.
  • Instagram Update: Ensure you’re running the latest version of Instagram. They’ve been proactive in addressing the overheating issue.
  • Eyes on iOS: Word on the tech streets is that Apple might drop an update, possibly iOS 17.0.3, to tackle this hot topic head-on.

Battery Blues: Unpacking the Drain

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Several factors seem to be draining the iPhone 15’s battery faster than one would expect:

  • Backup Restores: Setting up your new iPhone from a backup? This could be a battery guzzler.
  • Media Downloads: Transferring a hefty photo or video library can take a toll on the battery.
  • Location-Hungry Apps: Some apps just can’t get enough of your location, leading to faster battery consumption.
  • Background Buzz: Elevated background app activities can be silent battery killers.
  • New Toy Syndrome: Let’s admit it, we all play more with our new gadgets. This heightened usage can lead to faster battery drains.

Is Apple Going To Fix These Issues?

There is hope, though. Apple has officially confirmed that it is actively working on a fix to all of the issues currently plaguing some iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro handsets. Here’s what the company told CNN:

“We have identified a few conditions which can cause iPhone to run warmer than expected,” Apple told CNN in a statement.

To start, overheating can occur with some recently updated third-party apps, causing them to “overload the system,” the company said. Those apps include Instagram, Uber and arcade racing game Asphalt 9.

“We’re working with these app developers on fixes that are in the process of rolling out,” Apple said in a statement.


Maximizing Your iPhone 15’s Battery Life: Pro Tips

Worried about your iPhone 15’s battery life? Here are some expert tips to squeeze out every bit of juice:

  1. App Energy Audit: Dive into Settings > Battery to see which apps are energy hogs.
  2. Low Power Mode: A quick fix available under Settings > Battery that curtails certain activities to save energy.
  3. Screen Settings Optimization:
    • Set Auto-Lock to a brisk 30 seconds.
    • Tweak screen brightness to optimal levels.
    • The iPhone 15 Pro’s always-on display can be adjusted or even turned off to conserve battery.
  4. Temperature Check: iPhones thrive between 32° to 95° F. Anything extreme can be detrimental to the battery.
  5. Background Control: Customize or limit background app activities.
  6. Location, Location, Location: Review app location settings under Privacy & Security > Location Services.
  7. Email Settings: Tweak Push and Fetch settings for your email accounts.

For those who’d rather not fiddle with settings, a power bank or Apple’s MagSafe battery pack can be a lifesaver.

Conclusion: Should You Be Worried?

Apple’s had its fair share of PR disasters over the years but unlike its peers – we’re looking at you, Google – Apple’s iPhones are usually rock-solid from the moment they’re available to buy.

We had antenna-gate, of course, way back when, and a few other choice incidents along the way. But generally speaking, Apple’s QC is very, very good. 

The downside of this, for Apple, at least, is that when it does drop the ball, the fallout in the media is HUGE and this, in turn, is bad for sales and brand perception. 

But with Apple’s history of proactive solutions and the above tips, users can navigate these initial hiccups with ease. Stay tuned, as Apple is likely gearing up to address these concerns in upcoming software updates which will likely start dropping as soon as this week or next.

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