iPhone 6's transparent, scratch-resistant touchscreen hints at 2013 release date

News Clare Hopping 09:09, 26 Mar 2013

Production of the iPhone 6's transparent, scratch-resistant, ultra-sensitive touchscreen has started

The iPhone 6's ultra-sensitive, transparent, scratch resistant display has started rolling out on production lines.

Sharp is reportedly developing the screen that is thinner, lighter and stronger than any before. It's also said to be up to eight times more sensitive than traditional capacitive panels.

According to Emirates247, the display is now being produced after pictures of a giant screen appeared on the internet.

The picture shows someone writing with a pencil on the screen and although this could be nothing but a big joke (the screen looks to be running an iteration of Windows) it would certainly be nice to be able to throw away our stylus and use any writing tool on a capacitive display.

Sharp's iPhone 6 display is said to be made from Sapphire glass which is stronger that Gorilla Glass. It's also a lot thinner than a traditional glass screen, meaning the next iteration of iPhone could be thinner and lighter.

Samsung is also reportedly implementing a flexible screen aboard its Galaxy Note 3 device in order to make the device shatter proof as well as lighter.

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to be a completely new spin on the iPhone. Featuring iOS 7 with a new interface designed by Jony Ives, available in a range of colours and with a larger screen than the iPhone 5 (we're hoping around 4.8-inches), it's set to appeal to a wider audience.

In terms of hardware, rumours suggest it'll feature a next-gen quad-core Apple A7 processor. Storage will be in line with the device's predecessors – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB – with a 13-megapixel camera, optimised for better FaceTime integration.

The iPhone 6's release date has been pencilled in for either late 2013 or early 2014 - depending on when Apple can get its act together and manufacturer the device.

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sceptical! Oled architecture is still far to sensitive to UV light.

also, battery and circuit board location please?

perhaps a series of cameras are mounted on the back... to give the illusion of transparency. no way a phone can squeeze everything into the speaker area and home button area.... maybe in the future, but not today

Whoever wrote this is smoking rocks. There will not be a transparent screen.

OLED displays are capable of tinted transparency, but that is not going to be advanced enough for any mass manufactured device like the next iteration of iPhone, unless Apple is going to not announce any for the next 18months +

A bit too early for April Fool's Day.


What a load of bullshit! I don't doubt that the technology exists sure, but why would anybody use a transparent phone? - so you can see what's underneath!? You wouldn't be able to read text without holding the phone in such a way as to block out any light coming through the back.
Although I can see a transparent screen being good for taking photos, or some Augmented Reality App.
Or what would be cool is a transparent screen which could be 'filled' with one or several colours (as to seem like a normal screen), you could have some sort of liquid lava lamp effect running through the transparent screen,. now that would be cool..

i will stay with the iphone 5 . i will wait intill they make the screen more bigger iphone 7

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