iOS 7 vs iOS 6 in pictures

Vs Paul Briden 19:56, 10 Jun 2013

We check out the difference between iOS 7 and iOS 6

Apple has just announced iOS 7. As well as new features and capabilities, the update overhauls the entire look and feel of the iPhone and iPad operating system.

Take a look at our side-by-side comparison pictures of iOS 7 next to its predecessor, iOS 6 to see just what a difference the new update makes.

iOS 7 - Lockscreen:

The lock screen is much calmer, less harsh and generally a bit more Android, if you ask us.

The transparent theme which runs throughout iOS 7 is present and correct and you don't get the big blocky bars at top and bottom, or the black notification bar.

The clock sits straight on top of the wallpaper and sliding to unlock goes from the bottom up rather than with the old metal button bar.

iOS 7 - Homescreen:

The homescreen is the first port of call on any iOS 7 device (after you've unlocked it, of course) and here we can see the overall look and feel of the platform is drastically different.

In place of black notification bars, complex icons and shadowed lettering we have flatter, simpler app icons, transparent bars and flat white text.

iOS 7 - Notifications:

The notifications centre has received an extensive makeover - there's no longer any of that brushed metal backing, which has been replaced by a semi-transparent panel featuring hugely simplified sections. Again, the text is flatter here too.

iOS 7 - Messages:

Messaging is much flatter and simpler. The coloured header bar is now plain white to match the background and a more basic, coloured 'speech bubble' message icon has been implemented

iOS 7 - Folders:

Folders are once again cleaner and less noisy than their iOS 6 counterparts. The weird metallic background has gone, replaced by a transparent box and though you can't see it in the picture it's actually scrollable, which is nice. The font doesn't have shadowing anymore and is both thinner and softer.

iOS 7 - New stuff: Multitasking, Control Centre (quick settings), Parallax design:

Apple has added a number of new features which haven't been present on iOS in the past, or at least not in this way.

Parallax design means the interface detects where you're viewing from and adjusts accordingly - it gives the impression of a 3D space and you can see underneath icons.

The new multitasking menu is like a cross between that found on Windows Phone and Android - it features a scrollable carousel which you can swipe cards away from to close, or tap to open.

The Control Centre is a new quick settings interface which slides up from the bottom of the homescreen. It lets you change a number of key device settings on the fly

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