Android Key Lime Pie 5.0 release date pegged for October

News Paul Briden 12:59, 13 Jun 2013

Google's next major iteration of Android, version 5.0 Key Lime Pie, is alive and well and coming in October, according to reports

Android Key Lime Pie (version 5.0) could get a release date in October, reports claim.

According to VR-Zone’s 'insider sources' Android 5.0 will be arriving in late October following Android 4.3 Jelly Bean’s apparent launch as a temporary stop-gap in the next few months.

Android 4.3 is still thought to be arriving shortly, having shown up on a number of website logs and Bluetooth certifications both before and since Google I/O in May.

Some recent reports suggest Jelly Bean 4.3 will arrive by August at the latest and it’s expected to introduce low-energy Bluetooth and OpenGL 3D graphics support.

Other details are sparse at present, but it could be that this is because Android 4.3 is a relatively minor update. Jelly Bean 4.3 being followed quickly by Android 5.0 would support this concept.

Another supportive idea is that, as many rumours have implied, Google might be saving  Android 5.0, thought to be dubbed Key Lime Pie, to coincide with Android’s fifth birthday. Handily enough, the date for that fifth birthday is October, lending further support to the latest rumour.

VR-Zone reports: ‘The latest news from our sources is that Google will take the wraps off their truly next-generation Android OS, a.k.a 5.0 Key Lime Pie some time in late October. I take the liberty to remind you folks that October happens to be the rumored time-of-appearance for the Motorola X Phone, and the absence of a new Nexus Smartphone only feeds more fuel to our report (fire).’

The source revealed further details about the Android 5.0 build. Allegedly it will be highly optimised and will reportedly run well ‘even on devices with 512MB of RAM.’

If Google does handover Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie to debut on a Motorola Moto X handset this does lend further significance to questions over the company’s Nexus brand.

Google has recently announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition and HTC One Nexus Edition, with rumours of a Sony Xperia Nexus Edition also circulating.

Some tech pundits have asked Google whether this spells the end of the Google-run Nexus program as we know it, but the response has been a resounding ‘no’. 

Thank god for that! 

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