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Intuitive, detailed, and easy to follow user guides on all the latest and greatest tech products and software. If you’re struggling to understand how something works, chances are you’ll find a guide for it below complete with handy tips and best practices.

Thinking About Buying A Refurbished iPhone? Read THIS FIRST

What is a Refurbished Phone? A refurbished phone is NOT the same as a “second-hand phone” – one you might buy from eBay, for instance, or Craig’s List. Refurb phones are returned phones; it might have had a fault or the user might have sold it back to the network/retailer…

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How To Use Tinder PROPERLY: Tips For Getting More Dates

This is a simple, quick-n-dirty guide to Tinder, covering the basics. Use it as a guide to get your profile up and running. It’s basic, but it includes some tips on how to quickly get more dates and likes… How To Set Up Tinder: The Basics Download The App –…

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How To Get macOS Big Sur On Your Mac Right Now

In June, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which was, arguably, one of the best in years. As always, the conference was software-focused. However, Apple did make one HUGE software announcement: the Mac is moving to ARM-based chips. And to go along with that transition to ARM chips, Apple…

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