Faces Emoji Meaning Guide: What They All Mean (EXPLAINED)

This Emoji meaning guide will show you emoji meaning to communicate your feelings and emotions in the right way…

We use emojis in our daily communications to express our feelings or emotions. In several instances, you might have misused emojis, thus misrepresenting your feelings, and therefore getting the wrong response. 

In this emoji meaning guide, I will be revealing some of the most commonly used emojis and emoji meanings. 

Face Emoji Guide And Meanings

Faces Emoji Meaning Guide- What They All Mean (EXPLAINED)Pin

The Grinning Face – 😀

Emoji meaning: If you’ve used this emoji to represent a happy mood without knowing its true meaning, then you’re not alone. The grinning emoji represents a happy, smiling face; it is one of the most commonly used emoji to show joy and excitement. In some cases, you can use the grinning face emoji as a ‘hello’ symbol or even use it to brighten up your text when communicating in a serious tone.

Open Mouth and Smiling Face – 😃

Emoji meaning: This face has a wide-open mouth showing teeth and tongue and big oval eyes laughing cheerfully. You can use the opened mouth and smiling face emoji to represent a happy mood, positive outlook, and cheerfulness. Be sure to use this emoji when you feel enthusiastic about a project or express joy when you receive good news from friends, family, or colleagues.

Smiling Face with Closed Eyes, Mouth Open in Laughter, Showing Teeth and Tongue – 😆

Emoji meaning: This emoji has a grinning face with mouth open, and eyes shut as it laughs out loud and hard. Use this emoji to show your amused state. In some instances, you might use it as a subtle way of showing sarcasm. 

Grinning Face with Closed Eyes – 😝

Emoji meaning: We see a face showing a wide set of closed teeth, with closed eyes grinning mischievously. You can use this emoji to show light-heartedness, joy, and excitement about an event. When you feel slightly embarrassed or agitated, you can also use this emoji to represent your feelings well.

Smiling Face with Tightly Shut Eyes – 😄

Emoji meaning: This emoji is laughing so hard at some funny jokes, or something downright amusing, and it is about to enter into laughing fits. You can also use it to represent mischievous laughter about happenings, events, or occasions.

Laughing Face with Tears of Joy – 😂

Emoji meaning: This face is having a fit of laughter with tears flowing from its eyes due to laughing so hard. This emoji best represents you when you laugh so uncontrollably hard at a joke or something funny with tears escaping from your eyes.

Head Rolling on the Floor, Laughing (ROFL) – 🤣

Emoji meaning: This emoji is used in place of the acronym ROFL to show a state of laughing fit. You use this emoji to show that something is amusing to you, and you’re ‘rolling on the floor’ in laughing fits.

Smiling Face with Half-Opened Eyes – 🥴

Emoji meaning: the blushed cheeks show that the face is happy, contented, and grateful. When you’re feeling satisfied and content, or you’re responding to a compliment. This emoji will do a nice job of expressing your gratitude, contentment, or joy.

Smiling Emoji with Halo – 😇

Emoji meaning: This face shows humor and innocence. This emoji is best for expressing sweet and innocent behavior. You can use it humorously to represent bad intent or sarcastic behavior.

Upside-Down Face – 🙃

Emoji meaning: An upside-down face shows that the face is light-hearted and not worth taking seriously. When you use this emoji, it shows that you’re outrightly joking about an issue; hence, it is not a matter of grave concern.

Winking Face – 😉

Emoji meaning: The face is winking with one eye closed, and the other open. This emoji represents a flirting state, a hidden agenda, humor, or a joke. Although the emoji suggests that you might not be serious with your intent, it conveys a subtle meaning to your recipient.  

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes – 😍

Emoji meaning: The face is happy and expressing love for a person, place, or idea. It is commonly used in romantic messages to express love. When you’re expressing love or gratitude, be sure to include the smiling face with heart-eyes emoji in your communication.

A Kissing Face – 😗

Emoji meaning: This is a neutral face blowing kisses to a friend or family. You can use this emoji to blow a ‘thank you’ kiss, ‘say hello, or even a goodbye kiss. You can also use it to represent whistling or duck face. 

Face Savoring Delicious Food – 😋

Emoji meaning: This face is licking its mouth with its tongue sticking out, showing a salivating state in readiness to enjoy a dish, or just finished eating delicious food. This emoji is ideal for teasing your friends or family when the discussion centers on food.

Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eyes – 😜

Emoji meaning: The face has a stuck-out tongue with a winking eye making fun of someone or flirting. Use this emoji to show a carefree attitude and that you’re not to be taken seriously regarding your present discussion.

A Face with a Raised Eyebrow – 🤨

Emoji meaning: This face has a raised eyebrow signifying doubt, disbelief, disapproval, or skepticism. The emoji brings to mind Dwayne Johnson when he is doubtful or he doesn’t trust a person. If you’re doubtful during a conversation, use this emoji to express your feelings.

Face with Monocle – 🧐

Emoji meaning: Watch repairers use the monocle due to the miniature components in wristwatches. The Face wearing a monocle is trying to view matters critically or think in-depth. When you use this emoji, it means you’re giving an in-depth examination of the issues raised, and your chat partner will get concrete feedback from you.

Confused Face – 😕

Emoji meaning: The face is in a state of confusion. You can use this emoji to represent feelings of disappointment, uncertainty, or show confusion over the turn of an event.

Suffering Face – 😧

Emoji meaning: The face is in a state of struggling to endure a suffering situation. Use this emoji to show a state of endurance in unpalatable situations or suffering circumstances.

Face with Begging Eyes – 🥺

Emoji meaning: The face has big, shiny, puppy eyes entreating its owner, begging. You use this emoji when you need to beg or borrow something. It can be money, a book, a favor, etc. The face with the puppy dog eyes usually represents the last attempt at securing a favor from someone.

Crying Face – 😢

Emoji meaning: The face has drooping eyebrows with a drop of tears falling from its right eyes. This emoji represents a sad state due to pain or past events that bring to mind painful memories.

Face with Triumph – 😤

Emoji meaning: This face is blowing steamy clouds out of its nose in a state of triumph. When you’ve triumphed over an issue or a person, or you’re feeling superior and proud, then this emoji is best for representing how you feel.

Angry Face – 😠

Emoji meaning: The face has pouting lips with furrowed eyebrows showing that it is upset or angry. This emoji is used to express angry feelings or react to unpalatable news or events. When you use the red face version, it shows that you’re so uncontrollably angry, and you’re about exploding with anger.

Face Without Mouth, Or With Zipper – 🤐

Emoji meaning: The face does not have a mouth. This shows that the face has nothing to say. When used, it shows that you do not want to contribute to the discussion. You can also use it when you feel the matter being discussed is getting embarrassing. This should not be confused with the face with the zipper mouth, which indicates that it is keeping a secret or finding the best choice of words.

Face With Symbols Covering its Mouth – 🤬

Emoji meaning: The symbols covering the mouth shows that the face is using swear words, F word, and other unjust words. This emoji shows a state of being upset, and you cannot help but use swear words.

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