Love Audible? Us too! And with these 12 crazy-useful Audible tips and tricks, you’ll uncover so much more of what the app can really do…

#1) Make Use of Amazon’s Free Audible Trial

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Amazon Offers A Free Audible Trial That’ll Get Your Two AudioBooks For Absolutely Nothing

This one is a no-brainer. Amazon offers a free trial of Audible, which will net you two free Audible Audiobooks, so you can try out the service for yourself.

After the trial period is over, the monthly fee kicks in – $14.95. During the trail period, you get two free credits and when you consider the average price of an audiobook is over $20, you’re actually getting a pretty solid deal here.

#2) Upgrade Yourself To Audible Silver Membership

Audible’s Silver Membership is Amazon’s best kept secret. You won’t find it mentioned anywhere on the site or in the application. And the reason for this is simple: it’ll save you money and get you discounts of all shapes and sizes on membership fees and audiobooks.

Here’s what you get with Audible Silver Membership:

  • Audible Silver Membership Plan is $14.00 every other month
  • Get 1 credit every other month.
  • Save 30% on all audiobooks
  • Great Listen Guarantee – Basically, if you don’t like an audiobook you can return it and get your money/credit back. And
  • this works for titles purchased up to a year ago!
  • Rollover Credits – Keep hold of your credits (up to five) even if you don’t spend them.
  • Advance notice of exclusive sales and promotions.
  • Enjoy a complimentary weekday audio subscription to The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.
    Unlimited streaming Access to Audible Channels.

In order to get Silver Membership, you have to go to the cancel my subscription page, select the “it’s too expensive” option, and then opt for Silver Membership when prompted.

#3) The Benefits of Putting Your Audible Account on Hold

Did you know you can put your Audible account on hold, but still use the service? Well, you can. And doing so can save you a bit of money if you’re in a pinch one month. And best of all you can still use the app and listen to your audiobooks.

There is a limit, however, of three months. And you don’t get any free credits during this time. But as long as you reactivate your Audible account before the three months is up, you won’t lose anything.

#4) How To Return Audiobooks You Don’t Like

Not happy with the audiobook you bought? No problem, send it back like a smelly plate of oily food. You see, Audible has this thing called Great Listen Guarantee, which is basically a returns policy.

So, if you bought an audiobook but you don’t like it, you can simply return it and get your money and/or credit back. And best of all, you can do it up to a year after purchasing the title! Not bad, right?

#5) Get Yourself $10 Credit For Free

Audible runs promotions all the time. For instance, one such example went something like this: spend four credits all at once and we’ll give you $10 free.

How do you find out about these offers? Simple: inside the app itself and via email communications from Audible. As I said: they happen all the time, so keep your eyes peeled.

#6) ONLY Use Your Audible Credits on Audiobooks That Cost More Than $14.95

If you’re going to use your Audible Credits to buy audiobooks, make sure that you’re ONLY buying titles that cost more than your monthly Audible Membership fee.

Why? Because if you spend less, you’re effectively not getting your money’s worth. You want to limit your Audible Credit spends to titles over the price of $14.95; the cost of monthly membership. Better yet, use your credit on expensive audiobooks – $20 and up!

#7) Get Through Books Faster In The Same Amount of Time

Did you know you can change the speed at which your audiobook is read? It’s really simple to do, just go to the audiobook you’re listening too, open it up, and select the speed setting in the bottom left corner.

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You can up to 3.5X the normal speed (not that you should; it sounds awful at this speed). But I regularly listen to my non-fiction audiobooks at 1.5X normal speed. This way I get all the information, just 1.5X quicker.

#8) Make Sure You Check Out Audible Originals

Just like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Audible produces its own content – exclusive audiobooks made just for the Audible platform. I highly recommend checking these out, as they’re more high-end stage production than audiobook.

I recently got the NEW Alien 3 Audible Original which, unlike the film, is based on an un-produced script that picks up where the event of Aliens left off. It was fantastic. And there’s plenty of choice in this niche of Audible too, so make sure you check it out!

#9) Use Audible To Educate Yourself – Embrace Non-Fiction!

It’s easy to use Audible to listen to your favorite fiction – Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, the latest Stephen King novel. But what I like to do is use Audible for information – non-fiction, basically. And the reason is simple: I like to save my fiction (AKA fun) books for when I’m actually reading.

In the past year or two, I’ve listened and learned about everything from chaos magick to nutrition via Audible. The store is jam-packed with tons of useful non-fiction titles, especially the the type geared towards entrepreneurs. And for just $14.95 a month, it’s significantly cheaper than attending a night class!

#10) Do NOT Exceed Your Audible Credits Limit

You can store your credits for use at a later date, but be aware: they don’t last forever. And the number of credits you can store depends on the type of account you have with Audible. Here’s a quick breakdown of Audible’s Credit Rollover Limits:

  • Gold Monthly – 6 Credits
  • Gold Annual – 18 Credits
  • Platinum Monthly – 12 Credits
  • Platinum Annual – 36 Credits

#11) Got A Kindle? You Can Use It To Get Discounted Audiobooks!

You can purchase the audiobook versions of your Kindle purchases, if they’re available, using Amazon MatchMaker, a service that scans your Kindle account for eligible titles you can get audiobook versions of inside Audible.

Once MatchMaker has finished scanning, it’ll show you what titles you can get from Audible. The benefit here is that titles you’ve bought on Kindle and now cheaper to buy as audiobooks. It’s a neat little hack that hardly anyone knows about.

#12) Threaten To Cancel Your Membership For BIG Discounts

As noted earlier, you can get access to Audible’s Silver Membership plan by threatening to cancel your account. The upshot of this is you get a smaller monthly fee – albeit on ¢98 cheaper!

However, if you push a little harder with your desire to cancel, a whole new world of discounts behind to appear… things like three months free membership, three months membership for $1, and plenty more besides.

It’s a little cheeky, granted, but it ALWAYS works. However, in order to experience any of these benefits, you will first have to sign-up for a free trial of Audible.

For me, I personally couldn’t imagine life with Audible. It’s become such a huge part of my daily routine over the past two years that I think I’d actually be rather unconsolable if I could no longer use it!