Need unlimited data but want a Pay As You Go plan? Three’s got you covered with its new Pay as you Go Unlimited Data pack…

If you’re looking for an unlimited PAYG phone plan, and you don’t want to pay much money, Three’s new Pay as you Go Unlimited Data pack could be just what you’ve been looking for…

For just £20 a month, you’ll get truly unlimited data, calls, and texts.

The offer – whereby you can get this new plan for £20 a month instead of £30 – is running from April 17 to May 6, 2020.

“To get their hands on the Unlimited Data Pack,” said Three in a statement to the press, “customers can order a free SIM for Three’s New Pay As You Go from the Three Store and download the new Three UK App.”

It added: “New customers (including those who have recently joined since 12 March 2020) can then purchase the Unlimited Data Pack for £20 via the new app from today, and will also be able to unlock up to five further unlimited months at £20.”

This deal also includes 5G data at no extra cost, so if you’ve got a 5G-ready phone, you can access this deal today and get totally unlimited 5G data. And when we say unlimited, we really do mean unlimited – you can use as much as you like.

I’m actually using Three’s Unlimited Plan; I’ve been using it for years. Back in 2016, I was without internet for a week, so I tethered my phone to my PC and ended up using over 80GB of data over the course of the week. Did I get charged extra?

Nope. And the reason for this is that Three’s data plans are completely unlimited.

“Three’s Supercharged New Pay As You Go gives customers the freedom to do more with unlimited data, calls, and texts,” said Three.

It added: “Plus, the new Three UK app gives reassuring control over spend and allowances, meaning customers have one less thing to worry about. With no speed limits or data caps, the Unlimited Data Pack is the perfect companion for that virtual pub quiz, endless social media scrolling, or ‘just one more episode’ of that binge-worthy boxset.”

Interested in picking up the plan? Check out Three’s latest plan here. And remember: it’s ONLY running until May 6, so hurry if you want to make the savings.