How To Install Android on Nintendo Switch (The #1 Method)

You can now install Android on the Nintendo Switch, using the LineageOS 15.1 Android ROM. However, there are plenty of caveats you need to be aware of first… If you’ve ever wondered whether you could port Android onto the Nintendo Switch, you’re in luck – there is now a working Android…

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Will Nintendo ACTUALLY Release The Switch 2 In 2019? 

Nintendo will apparently release the Nintendo Switch 2 console later on this year. And if that wasn’t enough, rumors suggest there’ll be two models launched – a “Pro” model and a “Lite” model. UPDATE: Nintendo Switch Lite Launches! Nintendo Switch Lite FULL DETAILS Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch: What’s…

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We Might Get More Than One Galaxy Note 10

Phones, everywhere Samsung has been splitting its big Galaxy S launches for some time now, releasing a standard version alongside a larger ‘plus’ model which boasts a bigger display and other extras. However, in 2019, it went one better and released four different models of the Galaxy S10 – and…

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Oppo’s ‘Shark Fin’ Pop-Up Camera Is The Craziest Yet

Anything to avoid the notch, right? Chinese firm Oppo – which, lest we forget, is in the same stable as OnePlus – loves pop-up cameras on smartphones. It has already produced several variants which showcase this concept, which allows for a totally bezel-free screen. Now, it’s coming up with yet…

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