Will Nintendo ACTUALLY Release The Switch 2 In 2019? 

Nintendo will apparently release the Nintendo Switch 2 console later on this year. And if that wasn’t enough, rumors suggest there’ll be two models launched – a “Pro” model and a “Lite” model. UPDATE: Nintendo Switch Lite Launches! Nintendo Switch Lite FULL DETAILS Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch: What’s…

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We Might Get More Than One Galaxy Note 10

Phones, everywhere Samsung has been splitting its big Galaxy S launches for some time now, releasing a standard version alongside a larger ‘plus’ model which boasts a bigger display and other extras. However, in 2019, it went one better and released four different models of the Galaxy S10 – and…

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We’re Getting Two New Switch Consoles This Year

One cheap, one expensive The Nintendo Switch has been a runaway success, selling millions and restoring the company’s standing after the rather disappointing Wii U. It’s currently the biggest-selling hardware platform on the planet, but with successors to the PS4 and Xbox One looming large, Nintendo will be keen to…

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