Amazon Kindle Windows Phone app update released

News Ben Griffin 10:29, 2 Jul 2012

A number of new features have been added to the Amazon Kindle app on Windows Phone

We haven't seen many updates for the Windows Phone Amazon Kindle app - so it's great to see the second one in a year.

Version 1.2, which is available now, adds a number of tasty features to help you get more from your digital book addiction.

'Mango compliant' means fast-app switching is now supported when multi-tasking. Now when you jump back to the app from another task, the Amazon Kindle app shouldn't need to reload, saving you a bit of time.

Your eBooks are now pinnable, too, which means you can put a handy shortcut to whichever Shades of Grey book you are up to on the Windows Phone Start screen. As a bonus, the Live Tile is reportedly two-sided, which means it will update with added information as well as an image of the cover itself.

Lastly, Amazon Kindle is now available in more regions, including Brazil, Japan, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.

Amazon Kindle on Windows Phone provides you with all your eBooks on the go. You can read, browse and even buy digital books from your Windows Phone, once you've signed up to the service.

If you have the app, simply head to the Marketplace and you should see an update at the bottom. Run this, and you should be on version 1.2. If you don't have the free app, just download it from the Windows Marketplace.

When we reviewed Amazon Kindle, we said: 'It won’t convert those that love the feeling of paper under their thumbs, but anyone wanting an eBook reader without splashing out over a hundred pounds on a dedicated device should find Amazon Kindle an absolute joy to use.'

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