These Are The BEST iPhone Apps For 2015

Reviews Michael Grothaus 17:33, 18 May 2015

All the best iPhone apps in one place - what more could you ask for?

Apple’s App Store boasts one of the most extensive collections of apps this side of the sun. Inside you can pretty much find anything – and we mean anything. But what are the best and, more importantly, which are worth having on your iPhone? In a bid to locate, download and test the best apps for iPhone we’ve been tinkering with applications all year to bring you a list of the best apps currently available. We’ll be adding 10 new applications to this list every month, so check back regularly as there'll always be something new.

To keep things tidy we’ve decided not to include the big apps that every man and his dog knows about –– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Mail and the like. Instead, we’re focusing on useful applications that might have slipped under your radar. These apps are all designed to be either informative, useful, fun or quirky –– you'll find no dross in here. Just solid gold hits all the way through. 

So, without further ado, here's our pick of the best.

Santander Cycles (free)

If you’re a Londoner, this is one app you’re going to need to download. Santander Cycles allows you to hire cycles from the city’s bike-sharing scheme right from your mobile phone. It takes the place of the old Barclay’s Cycle Hire app. Using the app you can get a hire code sent right to your iPhone, which allows you to completely bypass the docking station terminal. The app also has maps that show you where the closest docking stations are and allow you to plan your route. This app is also officially licensed by Transport for London, so you know it’s accurate.

Eurovision Song Contest (free)

Bloody hell, Eurovision, right? I mean what can you say about the singing contest that is more kitsch than substance. Yet still it’s a popular event that has lasted for decades–and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. With the official Eurovision Song Contest app you can get a complete overview of the contest so far including scores, contestant bios, and more. You can also view photos, videos, and even buy the songs in the music shop portion of the app.

GLP - Great Little Place (free)

There are a ton of travel apps on the App Store–some excellent, most not. What I love about GLP is the premise behind it: it’s like Tinder for travel, but only little-known places are shown. Swipe through profiles of restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee shops that are off the beaten path. Profile are submitted by local users, which means you’ll probably swipe upon a hidden gem most tourists don’t know about. If you’re planning trips this summer, download GLP now.

The FIFA Weekly (free)


How doesn’t like football? That’s right: no one. But major footy fans will probably be especially keen to download this new iPhone-only FIFA Weekly app. The app is a digital magazine featuring the latest news, interviews, and scores from the world of FIFA. Each Friday around noon the latest issue will download to the app automatically, so you can always to be sure you have enough football information for the weekend ahead.

Keyboard Sound (free)


You know that tick-tack sound of the iPhone keyboard? It’s annoying right? That’s why most people shut it off. But then there’s this app, which lets you customize the sounds your iPhone keyboard keys make when you tap them. I’m not saying any of these sounds are less annoying, but it’s a cool app for people who want to give their iPhone a unique personality.

DayCost Free (free)


There’s a lot of personal finance managers for the iPhone out there, but the reason I like DayCost so much is because it makes entering transactions as fast as possible–just in three steps. That’s thanks to its iOS widget. Pull down the Notification Center, enter the amount of your transaction and enter the category and you're done. The app automatically generates easy to understand graphs so you can see where all your dough is going.

Dialr (£0.79)

This app is simple but brilliant. Dialr allows you to put quick links to your favorite contacts in Notification Center. Just swipe down from any screen to access Notification Center, tap on their name and the iPhone's dialer will automatically launch and call them. It's a killer feature that really shortens the time it takes to call your contacts if you're a frequent caller. Brilliant.

Organizer (free)

The horrible thing about Apple's new Photos app for Mac is that you can no longer adjust the location metadata in your photos like you could in iPhoto. This iOS app helps fix that. With it you can manipulate the location and time & date metadata of any photo on your iPhone. Change it there and then import your pictures back to Photos on your Mac–or simply use iCloud Photo Library–and now you've got that sorely missing location-editing feature back.

Betfair Predicts (free)

The General Election is less than a month away and if you're a political junkie you're going to want this app. It takes information from Betfair's exchange markets and combines it with latest political polling to show you the likely outcome of the election. Betfair boasts that they've called the last six world elections correctly and well ahead of time. Will their app be right this time? Download it now to find out next month.

Google Calendar (free)

Finally Google has brought its Calendar app to the iPhone. The official Google Calendar app  features a sleek Modern interface with day, week, and month views. A unique view is “Schedule”, which allows you to see all your immediate events along with photos and maps to the place you’re going to. As can be expected, Google Calendar also automatically adds any flights, hotel bookings, concerts, restaurant reservations, and more from your Gmail inbox. It also works with iCloud and Exchange calendars so you can use one app to track all your events no matter which calendar server that event is on.

SubscriptMe (free)

SubscriptMe is a brilliant free app that helps you manage all your paid subscriptions, like Netflix, Pandora, Dropbox, and more. Once you install the app on your iPhone SubscriptMe will look for any apps which might have paid subscriptions and present its findings to you. Swipe right to confirm you subscribe to that service and then enter your cost details. SubscriptMe will then give you a total spending breakdown of how much that subscription will cost you per month, per year, and in your lifetime. It’s a great app with a niche focus that could really help you identify if the subscription you are paying for is worth it to you in the long run.

HERE Maps (free)

Nokia has brought its increasingly excellent HERE maps service to the iPhone. The killer feature of HERE is the ability to save maps for offline use. This is incredibly handy when traveling in a foreign country where you might not have data service--or be willing to pay costly roaming charges. HERE also boasts voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic and incident information for more than 40 countries and public transport maps, directions and information for more than 900 cities.


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