Best AirPlay Apps For Android: Gettin' That Dream Stream

Here's a selection of the best AirPlay apps for Android to stream music from iTunes, around your home

Apple’s AirPlay technology has gone from something that barely caught anyone’s attention when first introduced to a growing power feature of the Apple TV. AirPlay allows you to effortlessly stream any music or videos from your iPhone, iPad, or latest Macs right to your Apple TV. It even lets you mirror the entire display, which easily allows the Apple TV to turn any iOS device loaded with games into a pretty slick mini gaming console.

AirPlay is so effortless that, as the market for digital media players gets more crowded with the likes of Chromecast, Roku, and WD TV Play, it’s quickly become a deciding factor with users who are debating which digital media player to buy.

But one thing that AirPlay doesn’t do is give a toss about Android. This could actually be considered a huge oversight on Apple’s part as many Apple TV households have a mix of iOS and Android devices. But knowing Apple, it’s a calculated move that’s designed to keep people in their ecosystem – and keep them buying Macs, and iPhones, and iPads that all work effortlessly with the Apple TV.

But all is not lost. A growing number of Android apps have found ways into Apple’s locked kingdom and allow you to use your smartphone or tablet with the Apple TV via AirPlay. There are myriad apps on the Play store that purport to do this. Some work better than others. We tested most of them and here are the ones we found to be the best. 

A big note before we present the best of the best, however. There are many apps on Google Play that use “AirPlay” as a keyword or in the description itself. The majority of these apps turn your Android device into an AirPlay receiver, which means you can stream music from iTunes on your Mac or PC to your Android device. That’s great and all, but in order to get your content from your Android device onto the Apple TV you need to turn your Android phone into a AirPlay transmitter, which the following apps do. 

AllCast (free)

This is the king of the jungle when it comes to AirPlay streaming apps. AllCast lets you send photos, music, and videos on your Android to your Apple TV. Another big plus is that the content doesn’t have to be local. It can be hosted in the cloud and you can simply beam it to your Apple TV at will. 

The app also supports more than the Apple TV. Roku, Xbox One and 360, Chromecast, WDTV, and a host of smart TVs are also supported. The free version of AllCast has a one-minute streaming window, so it’s great to test it out. The full version will run you £3.00. 

AirStream - AirPlay your Music (free)

AirStream allows you to send music and audio from your Android to any AirPlay-enabled receiver. As the Apple TV itself is an AirPlay-enabled receiver, this is a great way to get your audio from some of your favorite apps, including DoubleTwist, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music, and TuneIn, to your Apple TV.

AirStream does have a few drawbacks, however. It only handles audio and it also does require you to root your phone. The app is also time-limited, so after you've used it for a while you’ll need to pay around £4.00 via in-app purchase to unlock it fully. 

AppleTV AirPlay Media Player (free)

Forget about its cumbersome name, AppleTV AirPlay Media Player is a great way to stream audio and video to your Apple TV. While the app doesn’t add the easy one-tap AirPlay streaming functionality built into iOS, it does offer you a wide-array of content sources to choose videos from to stream to your Apple TV, including YouTube, Facebook videos Flickr photos, and even local media servers full of videos you may have in your home.

doubleTwist Player & Podcasts (free)

This all-in-one app connects your music, podcasts, and radio and allows you to sync to your phone or laptop from AirSync over Wi-Fi. The app itself is free, but in order to unlock AirSync and AirPlay to Apple TV you have to buy the upgrade. The upgraded version also allows you to manage podcasts and perform album art searches. The best part about the app is that it automatically imports iTunes playlists, ratings and play counts and that you can stream music, not only to Apple TV but also to Xbox 360 consoles, the PS3 and Sonos. 

AirAudio - AirPlay for Android (free)

AirAudio streams audio-signals from apps on Android devices to any AirPlay-enabled receiver, including the Apple TV. The catch? Root access is required and the app description gives this caveat: “If your device is supported and you are streaming direct audio-signals from your device, AirAudio will insert some noise until you have purchased a small activation license from inside the application.” While most reviews rave about the functionality of the app, others discuss how the few problems they encountered were quickly fixed after contacting the developer.

Twonky Beam (free)

Twonky Beam is another AirPlay streamer that allows you to send videos from your Android device to the Apple TV. The idea behind Twonky Beam is simple: using Airplay, as well as DLNA and Bluetooth, it lets you ‘Beam’ content from your Android smartphone to your HDTV. The app ships with a selection of video-channels and is very easy to use – just select what you want to view on your TV and hit the Beam button. 

The catch here is that the only videos you can stream are the ones you can access from inside the app. However as Twonky can access most of your photos and videos on your Android device it’s not really a problem. Then again, it’s not as elegant as a solution as on iOS where you can be inside any app and just tap a button to AirPlay your media. Twonky also streams to Roku, Xbox, and various smart TVs. 

Flipps HD (£1.99)

Flipps HD is a curated channels app that allows you to stream its videos to the Apple TV. While there are over 100 channels in a range of categories including Movies, Music, News, Sports, Entertainment, and Lifestyle, the app doesn’t actually allow you to stream your own video or audio files. That’s kind of a bummer, because Flipps HD is beautifully designed. But at least you won’t be short of content to watch with it. 

PlayTo TV (free)

If you’re not in the mood to splash the cash but want a streaming app that is compatible with AirPlay and Apple TV then this could be the app for you. Coming in two versions – free and paid – PlayTo streams media from your Android device to your HDTV or your Apple TV via as AirPlay. It’s a simple app with big possibilities, letting you access connected devices (NAS drives) and share media around the home using either DLNA or AirPlay.

PlayTo also features a rather exhaustive list of video channels and also supports the following media servers: TVersity, Plex Media Server (v0.9.6.0 and above), Serviio, Majestic, XBMC, Twonky, Skifta, Windows Media Player, iMediaShare, PS3 Media Server, QNAP and Iomega. The full version of PlayTo costs just £1.86, making it one of the most compelling apps in this list.

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So many apps when all we really want is the ability to send all the sound from all the apps to an air play receiver. This would allow us to stream any music service We'd like to anywhere in the house, such as Rdio, spotify or grooveshark. Where is this app?

Yes perfektly true MrChris

I'm looking for an AirPlay app on Android that will mirror the Android screen to an Apple TV. I need it for live demos of apps on the Android device....

Thanks in advance!

I think you missed Airtight

You missed out Airplayer! It's the only totally free app I could find that actually works. :)

This article is misleading.. all these apps do not support airplay in the sense that u cannot use ur android to airplay vidoes or audio on ur apple tv. Waste of time.

How so?
I airplay video and audio from my Trio 7" tablet to my apple tv 2 all the time using iMediashare!
Are you confused?

most of the apps don't do that. Air Droid is for teatheing and control and a host of features that don't included streaming to an airplay device. Air bubble is a airplay Receiver not a transmitter. Play to has issues and is not reconized by the Airplay reciever so far as I can test. Next on the list is iMedia Share - it's just an artical of cut and paste nothing else no real writing on this one.

AirTunes and AirAudio , stream sound to AirPlay enabled devices but you need to root your phone!

which greatly sucks

There is none without root. Well, we finally found a point where Apple owns Google.

Airdroid is nothing to do with airplay!! It does not even come under the same app type! Airdroid is for file TRANSFER and remote control of your phone FROM your PC. Airplay is a method of streaming audio and video from your Phone to a uPNP media player or Smart TV. Maybe before you recommend an app, you should read or test what it actually does, or do you just not understand what Airplay was? Jesus

Get Skifta free and use your existing network to do all this, free of Apple restrictions. Easy and fun. I am trying to use Apple TV right now and they have to keep coming of the internet, plus the picture is bad.

"Apple’s AirPlay is revolutionary."

Really? XBMC has been enabling Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets to do this for years....................................

Hi Richard - great article. Which app would you use to play music from Spotify on an Android smartphone to Airplay speakers? Would really appreciate that specific advice. Thanks!

i know man, total BS

he also missed tighta55

Screen Stream guys ! It streams my android screen to my computer. Works great for what I need ...

If you have a mac its in the OS (click alt) and the speaker icon. You can then push all audio to an airplay device.

I have no problem syncing my S4 with iTunes. But what if I want to wirelessly play media hosted in iTunes on my S4 without syncing? iPhone can do it. Has anyone built an app for that?

A rooted device and AirAudio is definitely the way to go. All the non-rooted apps use their own UI and some are pretty ugly. AirAudio allows you to stream to Airplay devices from the native app.


don't forget Audials! Audials streams 50000 radio streams to Apple airplay devices!

I'd like to have an AirPlay app where I could watch the video on the tablet and stream the sound to my AirPort Express.... also it should support external subtitles. Too much to ask at the moment? :)

How come all the "Free" apps I gotta pay for after a minute or so of use. Dont sound to free to me there author.

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