How To Block Emails In Gmail –With Just One Click!

Hate email spam? Me too. But did you know you can now block emails in Gmail with one, simple click? I didn’t. But now that I do I’ve literally cut down the number of spam emails I receive by about 50%. And the best thing? Blocking email addresses can be done with one click! 

If you want to quickly block spam emails in Gmail, you can do it in just a few simple steps. I only recently found out about this feature, but it is something of a game-changer for your inbox – especially if you get A LOT of spam…

And, best of all, it only takes about five seconds to 100% block an email sender, so they’ll never be able to send you an email again. If your Gmail account is old, you’ve likely accumulated loads of spam and email you don’t want. Rather than killing your existing Gmail account and starting again from fresh, you can save your current Gmail by learning how to block emails in Gmail.

Once you know how to do this, any email you don’t like the look of can be banished for good.

Here’s how you block emails on Gmail.

How To Block Emails on Gmail:

  1. Open An Email From The Person You Want To Block
  2. Click The Hamburger Icon (The Three Dots, Far Right Side)
  3. A Drop-Down Menu Will Appear, Select “Block [Name of Sender]”
  4. A Dialogue Box Will Appear, Confirming That You Want To Block Them.
  5. Click It To Confirm & All Future Emails Will Be Sent To Spam

And that’s literally it! Simple, right? If you’re having issues doing this, simply follow the expanded steps below (with images).

Block Emails on Gmail – Step by Step Guide

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#1 – Open The Email and Click The Burger Menu

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Click The Three Dots (They’re Located in The Far Right Corner)

#2 – Select “Block Sender” Option

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Once You’ve Done This, A Drop-Down Menu Will Appear. From Here You Can Select To Block Email Addresses

Once you’ve done this a dialogue box will appear, asking you to confirm that you want to block this sender. Click yes, and all future emails from this sender will be sent straight to your spam folder, so you’ll never have to read them again.

This blocking feature works for ALL email too, so you can apply to spammers, annoying email newsletters, and random people that have somehow got your email.

You can even take things a step further by reporting the email sender to Google. Only do this if you’re 100% sure that they’re a spammer. You don’t want to affect someone’s business negatively just because you no longer want to receive email from them.

Other Hidden Gmail Features You Might Now Know About…

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Gmail is PACKED with features, but most people only use the most basic aspects of the service and are completely unaware of some of Gmail’s more advanced capabilities. If you’re one of those people, read on for an overview of some of Gmail’s lesser-used, but totally awesome hidden features and capabilities.

#1 – Using Search In Gmail Like A BOSS

Gmail is built by Google and Google is ALL about search, so it’s hardly surprising that Gmail has some pretty cool search functionality baked into it. Did you know that you can quickly search for anything in your Gmail by using the search bar inside the app?

For example: if you’re looking for specific emails about a specific thing, you can use the following query – subject: dinner or from Joe Blogs and Gmail will filter your entire email cache based on those terms. You can check out the full roster of Gmail search features here (https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7190?hl=en)

#2 – Connect Gmail To Dropbox & Trello

If you use IFTTT, a super-handy automation tool, you can connect Gmail to a whole host of additional productivity applications. Applications like Trello and Todoist, for instance. Or Evernote and Dropbox. Once you’ve done this, you can set up commands like creating To-Do items for Trello or setting up reminders in Apple Reminders.

#3 – Use Labels To Better Organize Your Email

If you use email a lot, it really does pay to keep things organized – especially if you’re using it for work. In Gmail, you can label emails with whatever label you like. I use this feature all the time for work, as it quickly gives me access to emails from specific persons in specific niches relating to my businesses.

For instance, you could have labels for “advertisers”, “customers”, “leads”, “competition winners”, “brand evangelists” – whatever! The sky’s the limit here. And using labels in Gmail makes life a lot easier when you’re going back through your email, trying to find something.

#4 – Stop An Email From Sending AFTER You’ve Sent It…

Ever sent an email you wished you hadn’t? We’ve all done it, usually in the heat of the moment, and then instantly regretted it about three seconds later. Well, in Gmail you can stop an email from ever landing in a recipient’s inbox – but you have to be quick!

To enable this feature, click the gear icon in the upper right, select Settings, and find the option to UNDO SEND. Next, choose a cancelation period, then click save. Once you’ve done this, you will have the ability to cancel an email after you’ve sent it. Just remember: you have to be quick because once it’s opened at the other end it is impossible to cancel it!

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