Is The OnePlus Watch 2 Waterproof? What You Need To Know

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Thanks to the IP68 and 5ATM ratings, the OnePlus Watch 2 provides peace of mind for typical smartwatch water exposure during exercise, washing hands, swimming and more. Just be sensible about the depth and duration of submersion, and rinse it afterwards. Avoid hot water or saunas. For best results, have the watch’s water resistance tested every couple of years. With basic precautions, the OnePlus Watch 2 promises years of waterproof protection.

The recently released OnePlus Watch 2 is the company’s second attempt at a smartwatch after the disappointing first OnePlus Watch. This time around, OnePlus has packed the Watch 2 with several premium features usually found in more expensive flagship smartwatches.

One of those features is waterproofing – but exactly how waterproof is the OnePlus Watch 2? Let’s take a closer look.

IP68 Rating

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The OnePlus Watch 2 boasts an IP68 ingress protection rating. The IP68 certification means the watch has been tested and verified to be dustproof and waterproof to a certain extent.

Specifically, the 6 in IP68 signifies the OnePlus Watch 2 is “dust tight” and has complete protection against contact with dust. The 8 indicates the watch can withstand immersion in water up to 1.5 meters (around 5 feet) for up to 30 minutes.

So in practical terms, the IP68 rating confirms the OnePlus Watch 2 can handle activities like showering, swimming in a pool, getting caught in the rain, and washing hands without issue. You don’t have to worry about splashes, sweat, or submerging it for short periods.

5ATM Water Resistance

In addition to the IP68 rating, OnePlus says the Watch 2 meets 5ATM water resistance standards. ATM stands for “atmospheres” and indicates how much water pressure a device can withstand before leaking.

5ATM equates to 50 meters, meaning the OnePlus Watch 2 is engineered to not leak even when submerged as deep as 50 meters. This reinforces its waterproof credentials for recreational swimming, with a safety buffer beyond the IP68 rating’s 1.5 meter depth.

Swimproof Design

The waterproofing doesn’t stop at certification ratings. OnePlus designed the Watch 2 to be a capable swimming companion right out of the box.

The watch comes preloaded with a swimming sport mode that tracks metrics like lap count, SWOLF score, stroke rate, and more. It automatically detects when you start and stop swimming.

OnePlus also says the Watch 2’s heart rate sensor performs accurately even when wet. The touchscreen and buttons also work reliably while swimming to record sets and laps.

Cautions on Water Resistance

While the OnePlus Watch 2 is verified as dustproof and waterproof, there are limitations. IP68 and 5ATM water resistance provide reassurance for recreational use, but OnePlus cautions against excessive submersion.

The watch is not meant for prolonged underwater use. OnePlus says the Watch 2 is water resistant only in “non-saline water” and advises against using it while scuba diving. The watch can handle accidental exposure to water, but is not intended for high velocity water conditions.

OnePlus also doesn’t recommend wearing the watch in hot water, saunas or steam rooms. Sudden temperature changes could impact water resistance. It’s also important to avoid pressing the watch’s buttons while wet or submerged.

For best results, rinse the watch with fresh water after salt water or pool use. Check that the straps are firmly attached and free of debris before swimming. Avoid dropping or wearing the watch in hot water.

Long-Term Waterproofing

No waterproof gadget lasts forever though. The IP68 and 5ATM ratings indicate the OnePlus Watch 2 can handle water for at least some period of time, but water resistance degrades over months and years of normal wear.

OnePlus doesn’t specify exactly how long the waterproofing will last. But it does warn against using the watch for swimming or showering if there are already signs of water damage or entry.

To keep water resistance intact for as long as possible, avoid excessive submersion beyond what is incidental. Don’t press buttons underwater. Rinse the watch after exposure to tap water, pool water or salt water. Also inspect the watch for any cracks or openings that could allow water ingress. Consider having the watch’s water resistance tested after two years of use.

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