OnePlus Watch 2 Colors: What’s The Best Hue It Comes In?

The newly launched OnePlus Watch 2 comes in two stylish color options: Radiant Steel and Black Steel. Both finishes feature a stainless steel case and proprietary watch band made of fluoroelastomer (FKM). But which colorway is the best choice for different styles and occasions? Let’s compare the pros and cons of each hue.

TL;DR: OnePlus Watch 2 Color Options 🌈⌚

The reviewer considers the OnePlus Watch 2 a significant improvement over the original model and a viable competitor to other flagship smartwatches. It boasts a stylish design, Wear OS software with additional OnePlus features, impressive fitness tracking capabilities, and exceptional battery life.

OnePlus Watch 2 Colors:

  • Radiant Steel ✨: Silver stainless steel case + black band. Versatile, modern-classic look. Great for both casual and formal wear. Matches well with a wide range of colors.
  • Black Steel 🖤: All-black design. Bold, edgy, and subtly eye-catching. Matches with anything, adding a smart touch to any outfit without overpowering.

You can pick one up for $299/£239.99, making it great value for money.

OnePlus Watch 2 Colors

Radiant Steel

The Radiant Steel variant of the OnePlus Watch 2 combines a silver stainless steel case with a black watch band. This creates an eye-catching two-tone effect that manages to look both modern and classic.

The silver case color closely matches the shades of stainless steel used in expensive watches from luxury brands. When paired with the black band, it provides greater versatility for dressing up or down.

In terms of matching this Watch 2 colorway with your attire, the silver case pops nicely against darker colors like black, gray, and blue. It can also complement lighter neutrals such as white, beige, or camel. The black band, meanwhile, acts as a neutral foundation that doesn’t clash against other shades.

Overall, the Radiant Steel finish offers flexibility. The silver case appears elevated and crisp, making the watch suitable for both casual everyday wear with jeans and tees, as well as in professional workplace settings or a night out.

Black Steel

As its name suggests, the Black Steel option features an all-black color scheme. This includes an onyx black stainless steel case topped by a matte black band.

Going for an all-black look exudes a bold, edgy attitude. It’s eye-catching in a subtler way than the contrast of the Radiant Steel model.

The Black Steel palette also provides versatility, as black matches with virtually any style or color of clothing. You don’t have to worry about clashing colors. Just pair it with your favorite outfit.

With its darker, monochromatic aesthetic, the Black Steel finish may appeal most to those who want a watch that effortlessly complements their wardrobe. It will add a smart, elevated touch while not drawing too much attention away from your personal style.

Which is Best?


When choosing between the Radiant Steel and Black Steel OnePlus Watch 2 models, neither color is necessarily better. It comes down to personal preference for silver vs black and how well each hue complements your individual fashion sense and lifestyle needs.

However, there are a few factors that may help tip the scales one way or the other:

  • The silver case of the Radiant Steel version stands out more, lending a more luxury feel, whereas the Black Steel shade blends in elegantly.
  • Radiant Steel offers more versatility to dress up or down across various occasions.
  • Black Steel is the way to go if you mostly wear black or darker shades and value seamless matching.
  • Radiant Steel may be easier to read the display at a quick glance, especially in dim lighting, thanks to the higher contrast against the black watch band.
  • Fingerprint smudges and surface scratches likely show up more obviously on the lighter Radiant Steel finish.
  • Black Steel is likely the safer choice for those who can’t decide, as black is a timeless neutral that works with any style.

The Takeaway

OnePlus made a wise move releasing its Watch 2 in two stylish color treatments. With a classic silver and black steel pairing or an all-black monochrome look, the company has its bases covered.

Consider your own wardrobe colors and personal style preferences when deciding between the Radiant Steel and Black Steel models. But rest assured the premium materials and expert craftsmanship will shine through whichever hue you select. And if you need more info about the watch itself, make sure you check out our OnePlus Watch 2 review for the full picture.

The "100 Hour" Wear OS Watch
OnePlus Watch 2
Incredible Battery Life, Great Price Too – What's Not To Like?
  • Sleek and durable design with a comfortable fit
  • Wear OS 4 software with access to popular Google apps and some OnePlus-specific features
  • Comprehensive fitness tracking with accurate heart rate monitoring and support for various sports
  • Outstanding battery life lasting up to 3 days in normal use and up to 12 days in power saver mode
  • Fast charging capabilities
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