Is the OnePlus 12 waterproof? Can it survive a dip in the pool, bath, or – worse still – the toilet? Here’s everything you need to know about its water resistance and IP rating…

TL;DR: Is The OnePlus 12 Waterproof?

The OnePlus 12 features an IP65 rating, ensuring resistance against water and dust intrusion. However, it is not waterproof. Designed with specialized seals, it excels at managing splashes and short-term dips, though submerging the device is strongly discouraged.

  • Water-resistant vs. Waterproof 🚫💧: OnePlus 12 is water-resistant (IP65), not waterproof.
  • IP65 Explained 🛡️💦: Offers protection against dust and light water splashes.
  • Not for Deep Diving 🚫🏊‍♂️: Avoid prolonged submersion or deep water activities.
  • Warranty Warning ⚠️📜: Water damage might not be covered.
  • Stay Dry Tips 🌂💡: Handle with care during rain or spills for longevity.

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Let’s set the record straight: there’s a big difference between water resistance and being completely waterproof. While you won’t find the OnePlus 12 going for a deep-sea dive without a care in the world, it does boast an IP65 rating.

This means it can handle splashes, raindrops, and maybe even a quick dunk without turning into a pricey paperweight.

But hold your horses before you start planning to take your OnePlus 12 on your next aquatic adventure. That IP65 rating tells us it’s got some level of protection against water ingress, but it’s not invincible.

It’s designed to survive those moments when you’re caught in the rain or accidentally spill your drink on it – not for swimming laps in a pool.

Is The OnePlus 12 Waterproof? No – It’s Water Resistant (To An Extent)

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When it comes to smartphones, folks often toss around terms like “waterproof” and “water-resistant” as if they’re one and the same. But here’s the scoop: there’s a significant difference between the two.

First off, hearing “IP65” might sound like just another tech jargon tossed around in smartphone specs. But trust me, these three letters and two numbers pack a lot of meaning when we’re talking water resistance.

The IP code stands for ‘Ingress Protection’—basically, how well a device keeps stuff out that shouldn’t get in, including dust and water. For OnePlus 12 enthusiasts or anyone eyeing this sleek piece of technology, understanding its IP rating is key to knowing how it’ll fare against accidental spills or unexpected rain showers.

Now, onto the big question: Is the OnePlus 12 waterproof? Well, if we’re sticking to technicalities, no phone is truly “waterproof.”

That said, some are designed to be more forgiving if they take a dunk.

As for the OnePlus 12 specifically—it boasts an impressive level of protection against water ingress. However, it’s essential to note that while it can handle splashes and brief submersion like a champ due to its design and seals; prolonged exposure or deep diving isn’t on its list of recommended activities.

Basically, you DO NOT want to get this phone wet or submerge it in water – it might survive but it could also brick the device completely. On top of this, water damage isn’t typically covered under warranty.

Lastly but importantly is understanding how everyday scenarios stack up against those IP ratings:

  • Caught in a downpour? Your OnePlus 12 should emerge as functional as before.
  • Accidental spill at dinner? Wipe it off; you’re likely good to go.
  • Contemplating underwater photography? Better think twice unless you’ve got extra protection geared for such depths.

So while your OnePlus 12 isn’t invincible against H2O’s embrace, it is designed to withstand splashes and things like accidental dunks, so long as exposure is minimal and you fish it out more or less right away.

IP65: What Does It Actually Mean?

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IP65 Key Takeaways

  • Dust-tight 🛡️💨: The ‘6’ in OnePlus 12’s IP65 rating means it’s highly resistant to dust, keeping internals safe from fine particles.
  • Water Jet Resistant 💦🛡️: The ‘5’ signifies it can handle water jets, suitable for splashes and light rain, but not for submersion or high-pressure water.

First off, “IP” stands for Ingress Protection. This is a standard used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (like dust) and moisture.

The number following IP has two parts. The first digit (6 in this case) refers to the level of protection against solid objects or materials. A ‘6’ signifies that the OnePlus 12 is totally protected against dust ingress, meaning no harmful dust can make its way inside to mess with the device’s internals.

The second digit (5 here) tells us about the device’s protection against liquids. A ‘5’ indicates that the OnePlus 12 can withstand water jets from any direction but isn’t designed to be fully submerged in water for extended periods. It’s a subtle yet important distinction between being water-resistant and waterproof.

  • Water resistance implies that your phone can handle accidental splashes, raindrops, or a quick dunk under tap water without biting the dust.
  • Waterproof, however, would mean you could take your phone swimming and not have a mini heart attack every time it got wet. No phone is 100% waterproof; for that kind of protection you’ll need a very specific type of case.

So while having an IP65-rated device like the OnePlus 12 offers peace of mind during those dreaded moments when you spill your drink or get caught in a sudden downpour, it’s not an open invitation to start using your phone as a submarine camera.

Features like IP65 make our devices tougher and more adaptable to our sometimes messy lives. Yet, it’s always good practice not to push these limits too far—because while replacing a screen might be annoyingly expensive, water damage can cause irreversible damage to its internal components, as I found out with my old iPhone XS Max.

Can The OnePlus 12 Survive Being Dropped In The Bathtub, Pool, or Toilet?

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What if your OnePlus 12 slips into the bathtub while you’re jamming to your favorite tunes, takes a dive into the pool during a selfie session, or even worse, ends up taking a swim in the toilet (yikes!).

The big question is – can your precious OnePlus 12 handle such watery mishaps?

With an IP65 rating, it is not designed to be submerged in water. Will it survive a quick dunk? Potentially. But I wouldn’t want to test it out. The best course of action, as always, is to aim to NEVER get your phone wet or submerge it in water.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect, based on different types of water exposure:

  • Bathtub: A quick dip? Probably not gonna kill it but don’t make soaking sessions a habit.
  • Pool: Chlorine and chemicals add another layer of “uh-oh” so short accidental drops might be survivable; synchronized swimming routines are off-limits.
  • Toilet: Besides being grossly unappealing post-plunge (seriously consider sanitizing), if it’s a fast rescue mission there’s hope yet.

Remember though:

  • No official “waterproof” badge means always exercise caution around water.
  • Duration and depth matter; longer and deeper isn’t better here.
  • Chemicals found in pools and seawater pose additional risks beyond just getting wet.

Bottom Line?

Bottom line? The OnePlus 12 brings some level of reassurance against accidents with liquids thanks to its design which likely includes some degree of water resistance (think splashes not dives). But without confirmed waterproofing or specific IP ratings announced by OnePlus for this model yet one should tread carefully near water bodies – because no one wants their tech treasure turning into an expensive paperweight!

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