66 Siri Commands You Should Totally Know (Email, Search & Weather)


With Siri, you can speed up how you respond to emails, texts, and SMS messages – all you need are these 16 simple Siri Commands…

If you’re in a pinch, or you’re working hard on something, but you quickly need to send an email or text message, Siri can do it for you – all you gotta do is ask.

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Whether it’s sending an email, replying to a text message, or having emails/texts read out to you, Siri can do them all. And we’ve pulled together 14 of the most popular Siri commands for email and text messaging, which you can see below, as well a whole load more for things like web search, reminders, and weather updates!

Siri Commands For Email & Text Messaging (Just Add “Hey, Siri” At The Beginning of Each) 

  1. Send a message to [name] – This one will quickly send a text to a contact stored in your iPhone’s Contacts App
  2. Read my new messages – This Siri Command will read out your latest text messages from iMessages.
  3. Text [name] – This command will send anyone in iMessages a text message.
  4. Any new email from [name]? – This command quickly lets you check to see if you have any new emails from a specific contact.
  5. Show me new messages from [name] – Want to see ONLY new messages from a specific contact? No problem, that’s exactly what this one does.
  6. Show me new emails from [name] – This will pull up emails from a specific contact.
  7. Show me the last email from [name] – If you want to see the most recent email from a specific contact, use this command.
  8. Send an email to [name] – This lets you quickly dictate and send an email to one of your contacts.
  9. Send an email to [name] subject [text] – This one lets you quickly dictate an email, add a subject line, and then send it to a particular contact.
  10. Show me all emails from [date] – Get emails from a specific date.
  11. Delete all emails from [date] – Got too many emails? You can delete all emails from a certain date, just say the command.
  12. Check email – Get Siri to quickly check if you have any new mail.
  13. Read My Messages – Use this command to instantly get all your new iMessages read out to you.
  14. Show me last message from [name] – Wanna see the most recent iMessage from a certain contact? Use this Siri Command then.

Siri Commands For Searching The Web

  1. Search the web for videos of [name/topic]
  2. Search the web for pictures of [name/topic]
  3. Search Wikipedia for [topic]
  4. Search the web for [topic]
  5. Show me www.xyz.com
  6. Search the web for news of [topic]
  7. Show me pictures of [topic]
  8. Show me videos of [topic]
  9. Search Google/Bing/Yahoo for [topic]
  10. Search Google for pictures of [topic]
  11. What’s the definition of [topic]?

Siri Weather Commands

  1. What’s the weather going to be like in [city] on [date]?
  2. Do I need an umbrella for tomorrow/this afternoon/tomorrow?
  3. What’s the temperature outside?
  4. What’s the temperature tomorrow/this evening/tonight?
  5. Is it windy outside?
  6. What’s the weather going to be like in [city] on [date]?
  7. Is there a chance of rain next week in [city]?
  8. Is there a chance of rain this evening?
  9. How humid is it outside?
  10. How humid is it in [city]?
  11. When is the sunset?
  12. When is the sunrise?
  13. When is the sunset [date] in [city]?
  14. When is the sunrise [date] in [city]?
  15. What’s the weather like?
  16. Do I need sunglasses for tomorrow/this afternoon/tomorrow?
  17. What’s the temperature in [city]?
  18. What’s the perceived temperature outside?
  19. What’s the perceived temperature in [city]?
  20. What’s the visibility outside?
  21. What’s the pressure outside?
  22. What’s the tide table for [city]?
  23. What’s the current dew point?

Siri Commands For Reminders

  1. Remind me today: call [name]
  2. Remind me [date] at [time] to [action]
  3. Remind me [date] to [action]
  4. Remind me to [action] next time I’m here
  5. Remind me to [action] next time I leave my home
  6. Remind me to [action]
  7. Remind me in two hours/two weeks to [action]
  8. Add [item] to the Grocery list
  9. Note: [text]
  10. Show me my notes from tomorrow/today/next week
  11. Delete the reminder [name]
  12. Add a reminder
  13. Remind me
  14. Create a list [name]
  15. Show me my [name of list]
  16. Show me my notes
  17. Show me my notes from [date]
  18. Note [text]

Can You Do All These Siri Commands on HomePod Too?

Siri Commands For Email & Text
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Yep, totally! Apple’s HomePod is designed to extend the functionality of Siri outside your iPhone and/or iPad. If you’re rocking a HomePod at home or in the office, you can use any of the above commands and Siri (inside HomePod) will take care of them.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg with respect to Siri’s features – she can do a lot of cool stuff and, best of all, Siri is now available on pretty much ALL Apple products.

However, if you’re using multiple Apple devices – say, an iPhone and a HomePod – in the same room, it’d be great to be able to set up multiple Siri activation phrases. However, this currently is NOT possible and it is totally annoying. For this reason, you need to be careful when you’re using Siri, especially if you’re in the same room as another Apple device – like your HomePod. Why? Because if you say, “Hey, Siri” both your HomePod and iPhone will activate.

Why hasn’t Apple fixed this yet? I honestly have no idea, but considering how integrated Siri is into Apple’s products, adding this ability into Siri’s source-code would make a lot of sense. You could then change the name of your HomePod to something completely different, like “Hey, HomePod,” for instance.

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