Unlimited Data, Free 5G, Unlimited Calls, AND Unlimited Texts – yep, Three’s new Unlimited Plan is dang EPIC! And you can get it for just £10 a month right now

If you’re looking for a new SIM-only deal for your phone, Three’s got one hell of an offer on the go right now. It’s a totally unlimited plan that includes unlimited data, free 5G, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts, as well as things like free roaming in 71 countries and unlimited personal hotspot allowance.

But the best part is the price; you can get this deal for just £10 a month right now – for six whole months! And if this applies whether you’re looking for iPhone sim only deals or Android SIMO deals.

Normally, this plan is £20 a month. That’s still very good value for what you’re getting. But at £10? Well, it’s insane, better than anything else on the market right now. The main draw of this deal is that it is unlimited, truly unlimited – you can use as much data as you like, whether just on your phone or tethering to another device like your iPad or PC/laptop.

Three has always been one of the best UK networks for data allowance, offering truly unlimited plans when other networks were capping and throttling speeds. This is the #1 reason why I’ve been using Three as my data and calls provider since around 2011! I used to be with Orange, and before that O2. But what got me to switch over to Three was its unlimited data plan. And I’ve stayed put ever since.

OK, So What’s Included In This SIM-Only Deal?

  • Free 5G – I say, free, but what it really means is this: if you get a 5G-ready phone, say the new Samsung Galaxy S21 or the iPhone 12, while using this SIM it will switch over to 5G free of charge, providing you have coverage in your area.
  • Actually Unlimited Data – A lot of networks say they do unlimited data, but sometimes there are caveats; things like throttling and upper limits. However, with Three, you don’t get any of this – it’s 100% unlimited, meaning you can use as much as you want. For instance, when I moved houses a few years ago, I used my phone as my internet connection for 8 days and blitzed through 60GB of data. And there was no charge for this. Why? Because it’s proper unlimited data!
  • Roaming in 71 Countries – with Three, and most UK networks, you can now roam for free in most western and European countries. As part of this deal, you’ll be able to use your phone – and your unlimited data – for no extra charge in over 71 countries, near and far.
  • Personal Hotspot – This is basically tethering. Say you’re at the airport or traveling somewhere, and you don’t want to use public Wi-Fi (a wise move, unless you have a VPN), then you can use your phone’s mobile data as an internet connection for your tablet and PC. And because it’s unlimited, you don’t have to worry about what you’re doing or how much data you’re consuming. Hell, you could watch the entire Godfather trilogy if you liked. Or an entire season of The Wire like I did during a layover in Dubai.

Bottom line? This is a killer deal. If you own your own phone and you want unlimited data for hardly any outlay a month, this is just about the hottest deal around right now. Plus, it is 5G-ready which means should you update your phone inside the next 12 months, you’ll be ready to access Three’s ever-growing 5G network as soon as you switch your new phone on.

This is a limited time deal, however, whereby you get six months for half price – so act quick and snap up this deal if you want to get ultra-cheap phone bills for the next six months!