Flappy Bird Follow Up "Swing Copters" IS HERE And It's Just As Annoying

News James Peckham 11:40, 21 Aug 2014

Dong Nguyen has released Swing Copter, his follow up to the popular but oh-so frustrating Flappy Bird

When we lost Flappy Bird earlier this year, the game's creator promised there was more to come. Dong Nguyen, the brains behind the rage inducing Flappy Bird, revealed he was working on another game and it would be released before the end of the year.

Swing Copters is FINALLY here from Nguyen’s Vietnamese studio and it seems hellbent on emulating the same level of frustration as Flappy Bird. The art style is similar as to Flappy Bird - notably without those Nintendo-esque green pipes - and the mechanics of the game itself (tapping the display) remains the same.

The big changes come in the character design; now you play as a strange looking small man with a helicopter hat. His only aim in life is to get to the top beyond the swinging hammers, clearly no one has had the heart to break to him that there is no end.

You begin by tapping the screen to set off and your character swings from side to side of the screen. Tap again to switch direction as you move up, but make sure you watch out for the swinging hammers and green girders.

The pipes in Flappy Bird were kind enough to stay inanimate but this time around the obstacles move making it even more difficult. Add on top of that a much speedier main character, and you have some infuriating gameplay.

Nguyen wanted to create a game that wasn’t as addictive as Flappy Bird and he has probably succeeded in that aim. We installed the game to test it out and after 10 attempts we didn’t even manage to clear the first obstacle.

Safe to say, the app was then uninstalled from our smartphones.

If you’re a fan of Flappy Bird - for some reason people were – you’ll be right at home here. It adds in a few extra gameplay elements and manages to be even more infuriating than the first.

Let us know how well you do with Swing Copter. Could you even make it to double figures? You can download the game now, for free, from the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

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