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Apple Might Be Planning A HOLY TRINITY of Handsets For 2016

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2016 COULD see the release of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus AND the iPhone 6c -- now wouldn't THAT Be special!

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Say, HELLO, To The iPad Pro!

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The iPad Pro is now official. It's big and it comes with a stylus called the Apple Pencil

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OnePlus X OFFICIAL But Was It Worth The Wait?

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OnePlus has now launched the 5in OnePlus X

iPhone battery

New Type of Phone Display Means WEEK LONG Battery LIFE!

News 15:44, 25 Nov 2015

Researchers at Oxford Uni say week-long battery life could soon be upon us thanks to intelligent display tech

SOD The iPad Pro! The Surface Pro 4 is HERE

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Want a real hybrid machine? Well, the wait is over — Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 is now available

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The LG G4 is official, let's take a look at how it handles the big kahuna; Apple's iPhone 6

iPhone 6s Review: DOMINATING Across The Board

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The iPhone 6s is so good Apple should have just gone and called it the iPhone 7...

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iPhone 8 To Launch in 2018 With Curved Samsung OLED Display?

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Sources claim Apple is "serious" about switching to flexible OLED touchscreens for future iPhone models