iPhone 6 Phablet Chassis Snapped Next To 4.7in iPhone 6

News 13:06, 21 Aug 2014

Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Air (or "L") are COMING! And here’s what they'll look like when compared side-by-side

Everything You Need To Know About Apple's iOS 8 Update

Features 12:42, 21 Aug 2014

iOS 8 is out the gate and it's looking pretty special with a whole heap of new features

Sony Xperia Z3 Specs Leaked IN FULL

News 12:33, 21 Aug 2014

A full run down of the specs for Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z3 handset have been leaked online

iPad Air vs iPad 4: Older Hardware Equals Cheaper Price Tags

Vs 12:13, 21 Aug 2014

With the iPad Air 2 just around the corner, we can expect to see some hefty price cuts applied to the iPad 4 and iPad Air

Robin Williams' World Of Warcraft Genie Character Leaks

News 12:07, 21 Aug 2014

Blizzard have confirmed Robin Williams will be immortalised in the popular online game and we now have the first glimpse of his NPC

iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3: This Time It's Personal

Vs 11:51, 21 Aug 2014

Can Microsoft's multi-role slate offer you more than Apple's iPad? We find out

Flappy Bird Follow Up "Swing Copters" Hits iOS & Android

News 11:40, 21 Aug 2014

Dong Nguyen has released Swing Copter, his follow up to the popular but oh-so frustrating Flappy Bird

Looks Like The OnePlus One Is Headed To India

News 11:36, 21 Aug 2014

OnePlus received a lot of attention in India for its first smartphone; it seems the company is now gearing up for a release

iPad Air 2 First and ONLY iPad With 2GB of RAM

News 11:22, 21 Aug 2014

Apple’s iPad Air 2 is getting a memory boost, according to sources.

Where’s My KitKat? When Will UK Handsets Get Android 4.4?

Features 10:24, 21 Aug 2014

We've put together all we know about the Android 4.4 KitKat update and when it'll come to the major carriers

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Vs 10:18, 21 Aug 2014

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is just around the corner but will it manage to improve upon the king of all phablets, the Note 3?

Snapchat Discovery To ADD News To The Equation

News 17:37, 20 Aug 2014

Snapchat is reportedly working on a feature that will bring news directly into your Snap feed

Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s 64-Bit Exynos CPU Benchmarked

News 17:32, 20 Aug 2014

The Galaxy Note 4 WILL be a 64-bit Android handset... and it WILL also be INSANELY powerful...

iPhone 6 Landing On September 9?

News 16:44, 20 Aug 2014

An archive of what we've heard about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6, including specs, release date rumours, and features

iOS 8 Release Date FAST Approaching, Beta 6 Hits Networks

News 16:35, 20 Aug 2014

Apple has released the sixth beta of iOS 8, but unlike the previous five this one is only available to networks

YouTube Music Key To Take On Spotify, Deezer & iTunes

News 16:15, 20 Aug 2014

A new leak has suggested Google is prepping a rebrand of its music streaming services and launching YouTube Music Key

LIFX Smart Lightbulbs Review: The Lights Of The Future Now

Reviews 15:49, 20 Aug 2014

The Internet Of Things will power your home in the future, connecting everything. EVEN the lightbulbs! Here's what we thought of LIFX's

35 Minute's Worth Of WITCHER 3 Footage RIGHT HERE

News 15:01, 20 Aug 2014

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a new gameplay video, which shows off how just how good the game will be

Who's First In Line For The Android L Update?

News 14:53, 20 Aug 2014

Google's Android L update will get a release date in Q4 2014. But which handsets and tablets will be getting it first?

Moto X review: Looking Back At One Of 2013's Finest

Reviews 14:49, 20 Aug 2014

The Moto X is officially in the UK. Here's our review of Motorola and Google's always-on smartphone

iWatch Release Date Delayed Until 2015, Says Reliable Source

News 13:58, 20 Aug 2014

Apple's iWatch will apparently not get a commercial release date until 2015, so don't expect to see it launched alongside the iPhone 6...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini vs. Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Vs 13:18, 20 Aug 2014

What's the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and which handset offers the best value for money?

Sharp's Aquos Crystal Is FIRST With Bezel-Free Display

News 12:30, 20 Aug 2014

Sharp has unveiled a new device that is the closest thing we’ve ever seen to a bezel-less smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launching September 3

News 11:53, 20 Aug 2014

Samsung has revealed it's working on 4K display technology for smartphones but will it make the Galaxy Note 4 in time?

Fully Assembled iPhone 6 Leaks Online Ahead Of Sept 9 Reveal

News 11:34, 20 Aug 2014

Apple’s iPhone 6 has leaked yet again but this time the full device is put together for the first time on camera

Tom Hanks' "Hanx Writer" iPad App Is HUGE App Store Hit

News 11:32, 20 Aug 2014

Tom Hanks likes typewriters. A LOT. So one plucky developer decided to make him one for the iPad