In Depth: Samsung Galaxy S7 Display Tech Examined

Features 12:30, 28 Jun 2016

Samsung's Super AMOLED display tech continues to push boundaries - here's why the Galaxy S7 has the BEST display

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Still The Best Android Option?

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We spend some quality time with Samsung's latest and greatest -- the Samsung Galaxy S7

OnePlus 3 Now OFFICIAL: Arise! 2016’s Flagship KILLER

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OnePlus' third handset emerges as the...OnePlus 3! Here's EVERYTHING you need to know -- release date, specs, price

All You NEED To Know About The iPhone 7

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All the leaks, rumours and details for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and/or iPhone 7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date Tipped For August 2

Rumours 11:04, 28 Jun 2016

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 EDGE will launch in New York on August 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 First With 500GB of Potential Storage

Rumours 10:10, 28 Jun 2016

Excited at the prospect of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? You should be — the new Note phone could be first with 500GB of storage

Five Reasons I’m Holding Out For Google’s Nexus Phone 2016

Features 15:31, 27 Jun 2016

Google’s Nexus 2016 phones are just around the corner and I CANNOT bloody wait!

Netflix Subscribers DO NOT WANT ADVERTS

News 14:32, 27 Jun 2016

Adverts on Netflix? After the VPN debacle THAT would be final nail in coffin for many subscribers

Microsoft's Surface Phone MIGHT Show Up In 2017

News 14:30, 27 Jun 2016

Microsoft is apparently gearing up to launch a Surface branded phone running Windows 10 Mobile. But is it too late?

Amazon's New Kindle is COMING: Everything You Need To Know

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It’s the cheapest of all Kindle devices and it's LANDING on July 20 -- we take a look at Amazon's NEW Kindle for 2016

Apple Will Use Micro LED Panels For Apple Watch 2

Rumours 12:50, 27 Jun 2016

Some news about Apple’s second generation wearable, the Apple Watch 2

Google’s Redesigning Android N’s Home and Navigation Buttons

Rumours 12:21, 27 Jun 2016

Android N is coming and Google’s got some subtle changes to its design on the way

Non-Nexus Google Smartphone Coming This Year

News 11:41, 27 Jun 2016

A Google-built smartphone will be launched in 2016, but it won't have the Nexus branding

RAM WARS!: Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Faster Than OnePlus 3

News 12:20, 24 Jun 2016

Seems the Galaxy S7 outperforms the OnePlus 3 despite having a third less RAM

Android N Release Date & Update Schedule Predictions

Features 11:54, 24 Jun 2016

Android N is set for a release later on this year. But when can the average Android user expect to get it? Let’s have a look

Prepare Yourselves: A Very Dull iPhone 7 Is COMING

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If You Thought The iPhone SE Was Dull You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Nintendo NX: Everything You Need To Know

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We take a look at Nintendo's next BIG THING -- The Nintendo NX

How Will Apple's VR Headset Differ From Oculus Rift

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It’s also working on augmented reality too.

Xbox One S: Everything You Need To Know

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Microsoft’s mini Xbox One S is an absolute BEAST!

If Samsung & Huawei DITCHED Android Would You Care?

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Could Samsung and Huawei phones actually work without Google’s Android?

HTC is Building Two Nexus 2016 Phones

Rumours 07:06, 24 Jun 2016

Will HTC produce both Nexus 2016 smartphones? Rumours suggest maybe

16 Reasons To LOVE The BlackBerry Passport

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Bored of Android? Sick iPhones? Maybe it’s time you tried something a little different –– something like the BlackBerry Passport

OnePlus 3 vs OnePlus 2: It Just Gets Better and BETTER

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We compare the OnePlus 3 to its predecessor, the OnePlus 2

Six Reasons To Get REALLY Excited About The Galaxy Note 7

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be Samsung’s last line of defence against the iPhone 7 later this year.

Where’s My Android Marshmallow Update?

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Google's latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow is out in the wild - here's everything we know about major manufacturer rollout plans

Sony's PS4 NEO is COMING: Specs & Hardware Detailed

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Sony is working on a new PS4 dubbed the PS4K, here's all you need to know!