How To Set Up Google Chromecast

User guides 17:50, 26 Aug 2014

Now you’ve picked up Google’s streaming dongle, here’s how you can set up the little Chromecast on your telly

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Gets OFFICIAL

News 17:07, 26 Aug 2014

Samsung unleashes the Galaxy Alpha, a sort-of-reboot of the Galaxy S5 just with a smaller display and metal bits

LG G3 Stylus Officially Heading To IFA

News 16:48, 26 Aug 2014

The LG G3 Stylus is real and heading for developing markets via IFA 2014

Amazon Confirms $970 Million Twitch Buy-Out

News 16:37, 26 Aug 2014

Amazon has bought game streaming service Twitch for a $970 million

Apple's BIZARRE Patent For An iPhone With A Physical QWERTY

News 16:14, 26 Aug 2014

Apple filed a patent a couple of years ago that uses a new technology to bring physical keys underneath the iPhone

Moto G2 Will Cost A LOT More Than Moto G

News 15:43, 26 Aug 2014

Motorola is preparing to release the follow up to the Moto G and it’s going to be quite an expensive one

LG G3 Review

Reviews 15:36, 26 Aug 2014

Should you consider the LG G3 as your next smartphone? We road-tests it to see what's what

Spotify Free App FINALLY Hits Windows Phone

News 15:28, 26 Aug 2014

Windows Phone users can now access the free version of Spotify on their devices, no subscription required

Surface Pro 3 Review: Has Microsoft FINALLY Got It Right?

Reviews 15:07, 26 Aug 2014

Unlike everything that came before it, Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is a HUGE step in the right direction for Microsoft and an excellent poster boy for Windows 8.1

iPhone 6 LEAKED in FULL By China Telecom

News 14:21, 26 Aug 2014

An accidental post on Weibo by China Telecom has shown exactly what Apple’s iPhone 6 just weeks ahead of launch

BlackBerry Passport Photos Detail Handset In FULL

News 13:51, 26 Aug 2014

BlackBerry’s Passport has leaked in full with some more photos of the strange looking square handset

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launching September 3

News 13:35, 26 Aug 2014

Samsung has revealed it's working on 4K display technology for smartphones but will it make the Galaxy Note 4 in time?

All The Best iPad Apps For 2014 In One Place

Top 10s 13:30, 26 Aug 2014

Got an iPad and not sure what apps to download? Check out our pick of the best apps...

Best iPhone Apps 2014: The Good, The Bold & The Quirky

Top 10s 13:28, 26 Aug 2014

All the best iPhone apps in one place - what more could you ask for?

Best Windows Phone Apps 2014: All Killer, No Filler

Features 13:25, 26 Aug 2014

Navigate your way around the always-declining App Gap with these awesome applications and games, which we'll be updating regularly

Who's First In Line For The Android L Update?

News 12:36, 26 Aug 2014

Google's Android L update will get a release date in Q4 2014. But which handsets and tablets will be getting it first?

iPhone 6S A9 Chip Entering Production in Q1 2015

News 12:35, 26 Aug 2014

Apple's iPhone 6S is already in the works with the A9 chip entering mass production in early 2015

Win A Moto X: Competition Giveaway

Advertising feature 12:22, 26 Aug 2014

We’re giving one lucky ready the chance to get their hands on a Motorola Moto X courtesy of

iPhone 6 Manual Details New Design

News 11:44, 26 Aug 2014

A new manual leak seems to show the design of the iPhone 6, including the power buttons new position

BlackBerry Passport: 2014's Most Interesting Handset

News 11:23, 26 Aug 2014

Information and images have unveiled BlackBerry's next smartphone as the BlackBerry Passport

I’m Kinda Excited About The iPhone 6 (Both of Them)

Blogs 10:56, 26 Aug 2014

Evan Blass (AKA @evleaks) discusses why he's kinda excited about arrival of Apple's iPhone 6 handsets...

Nexus 6 WILL Be Called Nexus X

News 10:55, 26 Aug 2014

In order to not get on the wrong side of Phillip K Dick’s people, Google will apparently be calling the Nexus 6 the Nexus X

Hands On With The Android L Developer Preview

Reviews 10:39, 26 Aug 2014

Android L is the next major iteration of Android, and we've been playing around with it for a few days. Here's our verdict on Android L

Galaxy S5 Does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... Classy!

News 17:02, 22 Aug 2014

Some Samsung marketer saw an opportunity and decided to turn the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge into a shameless Galaxy S5 advert

iPhone 6 Landing On September 9?

News 16:40, 22 Aug 2014

An archive of what we've heard about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6, including specs, release date rumours, and features

iPhone 6 Camera Detailed In Foxconn Leak

News 16:26, 22 Aug 2014

New photos leaked of the iPhone 6 have shown how the phone will look at what dimensions it will come in