GTA V vs. Real Life: Closer Than You Might Think

News 17:02, 30 Jan 2015

GTA V is a more detailed recreation of LA than previously thought, as comparison screenshots and photos show

How To Use Apple Earphones

User guides 16:07, 30 Jan 2015

Apple's EarBuds have quite a few nifty tricks up their sleeve. If you've got an iPhone 6, 5s or 5c, check them out!

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9: MWC's BIG DOGS Duke It Out

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How will the HTC One M9 compared to the Galaxy S6? Let's take a look at all the rumours thus far

16 Reasons You May Just LOVE The BlackBerry Passport

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Bored of Android? Sick iPhones? Maybe it’s time you tried something a little different –– something like the BlackBerry Passport

Windows Phone is DEAD. Long Live Windows 10

News 15:34, 30 Jan 2015

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10...wait, what? Microsoft skips a beat with new platform announcement

Android Lollipop Review: An IMMENSELY Satisfying Update

Reviews 15:16, 30 Jan 2015

Android Lollipop is a HUGE update for Google, bringing with it a myriad of changes. And we just road tested it on the Nexus 5

Cyanogen Ditches OnePlus AND Jumps Into Bed With Microsoft

News 15:11, 30 Jan 2015

Microsoft is apparently pumping A LOT of cash into Cyanogen

OnePlus One Review: So Close To Perfection...

Reviews 13:54, 30 Jan 2015

The OnePlus One got its release date in June. But it's still rarer than hen's teeth. We snagged one, though! Here's our OnePlus One review

The Samsung Galaxy S6: It's TIME For "Project Zero"

News 12:38, 30 Jan 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in Q1 2014, meaning the Samsung Galaxy S6 is just around the corner. What can we expect?

Outlook vs. Mail: Microsoft Shows Apple How Email is Done

Vs 12:33, 30 Jan 2015

Can Microsoft's new Outlook for iOS dethrone Apple's Mail as your new email client?

Samsung GEAR VR Is Super COOL and UK-Bound VERY SOON

News 12:30, 30 Jan 2015

Samsung has confirmed its Gear virtual reality headset in partnership with the brains behind the Oculus Rift

Get Your Bend On: It's The LG G Flex 2

News 12:14, 30 Jan 2015

LG has announced the curvy LG G Flex 2 at the CES 2015 conference in Las Vegas

New Nintendo 3DS Review

Reviews 12:07, 30 Jan 2015

We go hands-on with Nintendo's hardware refresh, currently only available on import

Apple Watch To Get APRIL Release

News 12:00, 30 Jan 2015

Apple Watch release date confirmed for April. Here's EVERYTHING else you need to know about Apple's wearable

HTC One M8 Tips & Tricks: A Look At Its Best Features

User guides 11:52, 30 Jan 2015

Everything you need to get the most out of your awesome HTC One M8

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

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The iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S5? THAT is the question

iOS 8 Best Features: Tips, Tricks And Hidden Bits

Tips & tricks 16:24, 29 Jan 2015

We’ve collected together our favourite tips and tricks in the brand new iOS 8, here’s how to find all the hidden features on your iPhone

THIS is How You Buy AND Spend Bitcoin

Tips & tricks 16:10, 29 Jan 2015

Everything you need to know about starting to buy and trade Bitcoins

LG Confirms Snapdragon 810 "Issues" Are FIXED

News 15:27, 29 Jan 2015

LG has admitted to encountering some initial problems with the Snapdragon 810 chip

Did Samsung Just DECLARE WAR on Qualcomm?

News 15:14, 29 Jan 2015

Samsung may have its sights set firmly on Qualcomm's territory, as new reports indicate it's making a bold bid for the processor space

The VERY Best iPhone Email Apps

Reviews 14:11, 29 Jan 2015

Apple's Mail solution inside iOS is Okay. But if you're looking for something with a little more pizzazz, check out these bad boys

FIVE Ways Apple Can Improve Apple TV RIGHT NOW

Features 13:52, 29 Jan 2015

Apple TV's great but with these five changes it'd be even better

SKY and O2 Join Forces For "TRIPLE THREAT" UK Network

News 13:38, 29 Jan 2015

Sky wants in on the mobile network space and is in talks with Telefonica to make that happen

Apple's iOS 8 HomeKit Explained: Making Your House Smarter

News 13:29, 29 Jan 2015

The iPhone 6 and iOS 8 aren't the only big things coming in September. Apple's HomeKit is too, and here we'll explain why it's a big deal

Best Pirate Bay Alternatives

Reviews 13:23, 29 Jan 2015

Miss Pirate Bay? Us too. Thankfully, there are other options available

The HTC One M9 Looks And Sounds Utterly STUNNING

News 13:01, 29 Jan 2015

The update to the HTC One M8 will launch on March 1 2015. It's called the HTC One M9 AND these are its full specs