iOS 8 Beta 4 Review: New Features, Design Tweaks & Emoji

Reviews 22:27, 22 Jul 2014

iOS 7 beta 4 is here, we've been hands-on with it. Here's what's new inside Apple's latest build of iOS 8

Say, Hello, To Windows 9's Start Button!

News 17:52, 22 Jul 2014

Windows 8 was something of an Vista-moment for Microsoft. With Windows 9, Microsoft is aiming to create its next "Windows 7" platform

Hacker Shows Backdoors & Surveillance Mechanisms Within iOS

News 17:30, 22 Jul 2014

Apple’s iOS has a reputation of high security but one expert says it’s not all its cracked up to be

Nexus 5

Nexus 6 Likely To Launch In October/November Time

News 17:24, 22 Jul 2014

The Nexus 6 is happening, and history tells us it will likely launch in Q4 alongside Android L. Here's everything we currently know

Apple’s “iTime” Patent Offers Glimpse At iWatch Features

News 16:55, 22 Jul 2014

A new patent called “iTime” may present some answers to what users can expect from Apple’s oft-rumoured iWatch

Amazon Announces Kindle Unlimited, Spotify For eBooks

News 16:44, 22 Jul 2014

Amazon has announced its plans to offer an eBook subscription style service

UK Punters Pay WAY TOO Much For Tech

News 15:36, 22 Jul 2014

PS4, Xbox One and Nexus 7 – British punters pay well over the odds for technology, claims new report from consumer watchdog, Which?

Nvidia Shield Tablet UK Release Date & Price Confirmed

News 15:18, 22 Jul 2014

Nvidia unveils Shield Tablet with Tegra K1 processor - arrives August

iPad Mini 3 To Adopt The Air Moniker And 30% Thinner

News 14:47, 22 Jul 2014

Apple's next iPad Mini will be called the Mini Air and is set to be 30% thinner than the last version

iPhone 6 Q4 Release Date To Be Backed By 80+ Million Units

News 14:42, 22 Jul 2014

Apple’s iPhone 6 release is going to be HUGE – Foxconn plans to make 70-80+ million iPhone 6 handsets in 2014

How To Use Nokia PureView Camera

User guides 14:05, 22 Jul 2014

How to use Nokia's PureView Camera technology aboard the Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Nokia Lumia 930

Android L Features, Design & Updates Detailed In Full

News 12:53, 22 Jul 2014

The next big update to Android is here, and it's called Android L

iOS 8 Beta 4 Is HERE!

Features 12:52, 22 Jul 2014

iOS 8 is out the gate and it's looking pretty special with a whole heap of new features

The iPhone 6 Will Come In Two Sizes, HD Displays As Standard

News 12:48, 22 Jul 2014

An archive of what we've heard about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6, including specs, release date rumours, and features

How To Use Apple Earphones

User guides 12:31, 22 Jul 2014

The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and the upcoming iPhone 6 all ship with Apple EarPods. Here's how you unlock their true potential

iPad Air 2 Will Launch In Q3, Sans IGZO Display

News 12:26, 22 Jul 2014

Apple will refresh its iPad Air in 2014. Just don't go expecting an iPad Pro anytime soon...

LG G3 S Coming To UK, LG G3 LTE-A Is Not

News 12:14, 22 Jul 2014

LG has announced the G3 S will be coming to the UK but sadly the LTE-A version will not

How To Disable In-App Purchases On iPhone

User guides 11:57, 22 Jul 2014

How to limit, block, ban or monitor in-app purchases on Apple's iPhone an iPad

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The First Metal "Galaxy" Phone?

News 11:41, 22 Jul 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 could be the first truly "premium" built Galaxy

HTC Smartwatch Appears In Company Video

News 11:41, 22 Jul 2014

Android Wear will be running on the HTC smartwatch that appears in this company video

What Is Net Neutrality?

News 11:08, 22 Jul 2014

Netflix, Google and Facebook have strong opinions on net neutrality. But what is net neutrality and how could it affect you?

iPhone 6 May Use Apple Logo As A Notification Light

News 11:03, 22 Jul 2014

Rumours point toward Apple using the logo as a notification light on the next iPhone

Sony Xperia Z2 Review: Is This The Droid You’re Looking For?

Reviews 17:33, 21 Jul 2014

Sony is back for more only six months after releasing the Z1, but has enough really changed?

HTC Poised For Busy Q4 2014

News 17:28, 21 Jul 2014

HTC plans to bring the Butterfly 2 and HTC Eye, as well as Windows Phone, to market in Q4

Google To Stop Calling In-App Purchase Games “Free”

News 15:43, 21 Jul 2014

Google will soon stop calling games with in-app purchases free inside the European Union

LG G3 “Prime” Release Date 25 July

News 15:04, 21 Jul 2014

The LG G3 is here but it looks like LG has something BIGGER up its sleeve. Ladies and gents, meet the LG G3 Prime with Snapdragon 805