Windows Phone 8.1 Review: Action Center, Cortana, New Apps

Reviews 17:48, 23 Apr 2014

Is Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 update enough to propel the company out of third place in 2014/15?

Hitman Go: KYM Game Of The Week

Features 17:27, 23 Apr 2014

Hitman is now available for iPhone and iPad

iPhone 6 or iPhone Air? Everything You Need To Know

News 16:51, 23 Apr 2014

An archive of what we've heard about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6, including specs, release date rumours, and features

OnePlus One Is HERE: Can There Only Be One...One?

News 14:14, 23 Apr 2014

OnePlus has launched its first Android smartphone and it offers high-end specs on the cheap

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: New CPU, QHD Display, Q2 Launch?

News 12:46, 23 Apr 2014

Samsung goes “back to basics” with the Samsung Galaxy S5, looks to connectivity, imaging, biometrics and sensors for the win

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Confirmed With Q3 Launch

News 12:34, 23 Apr 2014

Samsung has revealed it's working on 4K display technology for smartphones but will it make the Galaxy Note 4 in time?

Apple iOS 7.1.1 Update Now Live: TouchID & Keyboard Improved

News 12:00, 23 Apr 2014

Apple has released the next iOS update which brings with it some bug fixes and improvements

Dodgy App Stores Preying On Jailbroken iPhones

Blogs 11:42, 23 Apr 2014

When it comes to apps and content you’re better sticking with known entities like Google Play and the App Store, warns security firm

Apple iWatch: All You Need To Know

News 11:39, 23 Apr 2014

Apple is rumoured to be using flexible OLED displays for its iWatch prototypes

LG G3 To Feature 2K Display, Snapdragon 801, Flat UX

News 10:47, 23 Apr 2014

LG looks to upstage Samsung with Q3/Q4 LG G3 flagship

Ultra-Budget Nexus Phone To Cost Under £60

News 17:15, 22 Apr 2014

Google and MediaTek are joining forces to create a budget Nexus phone which will come in cheap

An iPhone Lover’s Week With Windows Phone 8.1

Blogs 16:38, 22 Apr 2014

Microsoft has made some key changes in Windows Phone 8.1 - is it enough to coax away a dyed-in-the-wool Apple fan?

iOS 8 Screenshots Leak Online: Same Design, New Apps

Features 16:23, 22 Apr 2014

iOS 8 will likely look a lot like iOS 7. But don't be fooled: there's gonna be a lot of action in the backend. It's a "mullet strategy"

iPhone 4S Price Slashed; Now Free From £21 A Month

News 14:24, 22 Apr 2014

Want a cheap iPhone? Forget the iPhone 5C when you can get the 4S for this cheap

Cortana vs. Siri: Microsoft Takes PDA Fight To Apple

Vs 13:14, 22 Apr 2014

Microsoft's newly announced Cortana assistant, while still in beta, is utterly superb, says Mike Grothaus

Google Glass: A Look At 2014's Most Innovative Gadget

News 11:57, 22 Apr 2014

Hey Glass Holes, hey, hey, Glass Holes... it's everything you need to know about Google Glass

LG G Watch Release Date Rumours, Price, Specs & Features

News 11:41, 22 Apr 2014

LG's G Watch will be water resistant, "always on" with "OK Google" voice control

Android 4.4.3 Nexus 5 Launch Was False, When Will It Arrive?

News 11:37, 22 Apr 2014

Sprint's reported launch of Android 4.4 KitKat is apparently a false start

How To Download Windows Phone 8.1 & Cortana In The UK

Tips & tricks 11:31, 22 Apr 2014

We show you how to download and install Windows Phone 8.1 ahead of its official UK release date

Nexus 8: 8.9in Super Powerful Android Slate In The Works

News 10:49, 22 Apr 2014

It would appear the Nexus 10 2 is not happening. No matter, Google is apparently working on a new 8.9in slate – and it sounds awesome

Photos From Inside Apple's Cupertino HQ

Features 10:45, 22 Apr 2014

We take you on a visual tour of Apple's secretive Cupertino HQ

Where’s My KitKat? When Will UK Punters Get Android 4.4?

Features 10:24, 22 Apr 2014

We’ve been hearing rumours of the major carriers pushing Android 4.4 in 2014, here’s what we know so far

All The Best Gadgets & Gizmos For Your Smartphone & Tablet

Features 17:19, 17 Apr 2014

Headphones, gadgets and gizmos... all the best tech you can attach, link and sync to your mobile or tablet

Samsung's Reaction To The Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Hack

Blogs 17:07, 17 Apr 2014

Tom Brewster examines Samsung and PayPal's lacklustre reaction to the Galaxy S5's fingerprint hack

iPhone 6 (Rumours) vs iPhone 5s: Apple's Next Big Thing

Vs 16:07, 17 Apr 2014

How might Apple's iPhone 6 change from the iPhone 5S? We take a look at what the rumour mill suggests

iPhone 6 (Rumours) vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Vs 16:04, 17 Apr 2014

What's in store for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone fans with the next generation? We take a look at all the rumours so far