Apple’s iOS6 Maps: The biggest fails so far

News Richard Goodwin 15:59, 20 Sep 2012

Apple’s new Maps application hasn’t been well received by many. Richard Goodwin takes a look at some of the application’s biggest fails so far

Apple’s newly outed iOS6 mobile platform introduces plenty of new features – 200, if you take Apple’s word as gospel – but perhaps the biggest change inside the company’s mobile platform is the introduction of Apple’s very own bespoke Maps application – you know, the one it ditched Google Maps for. 

The new mapping application does have some pretty cool features like turn-by-turn navigation and 3D Flyover mode, which provides detailed images of your location from above. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, like getting the names of cities right, for instance, Apple’s new Maps application is a long way behind Google’s tried and tested service.

So how bad is Apple’s new Maps application? Pretty bad as it turns out. Check out KYM’s selection of Maps’ biggest fails to date:

Tech-Crunch reports that Doncaster is now known as ‘Duncaster’ and Berlin, one of Germany’s most famous cities, is now listed as ‘Schöneiche bei Berlin.’ And it gets better – Ireland now has a new airport in the form of ‘Airfield Park,’ which is, in actual fact, a park and not a place for aeroplanes to land and take off.

Chunks of road inside many major cities in Israel are said to be missing and that to navigate to London in the UK, users have to type ‘London, UK’ or else they’ll be directed to Canada.

So what does the Twitterverse have to say about iOS6’s Maps application? Unfortunately for Apple it’s more of the same:

‘Maps in iOS6 tells you where a lap dancing club is in Farringdon, but not the local tube station. Well done, Apple *golf clap*,’ tweeted @qwghlm.
‘Dear lord, the Maps 'upgrade' in iOS6 is such a disaster. If you care about getting around, don't upgrade,’ added @jackerhack.

Other notable fails include:

  • London’s Paddington Station completely disappearing
  • Luton, as pointed out by BBC journalist Rory Cellan-Jones, has been relocated to the seaside
  • The West Midlands town of Hagley has been incorrectly labelled ‘Dudley’
  • The 3D view of Colchester is completely obscured by clouds, as pointed out by Twitter user @VOOK64.

You get the picture. We’re only 24 hours into the rollout of Apple’s iOS6, meaning this is really just the tip of the iceberg. Expect to see a flurry of tumblr blogs, parody videos, and angry tweets about Apple’s new mapping service over the next few days as more and more users update their iPhones.

Apple has yet to comment on the issues affecting its mapping services. But we think it's fairly safe to assume that a free rubber bumper won't solve this one.

Update: a Tumblr blog dedicated to Maps' failings is now online

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