How To Delete Your Reddit Account PROPERLY

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 08/02/21 •  4 min read

In this guide, we’ll show you how to completely delete your Reddit account including your posts and comments…

If you’ve grown weary of Reddit and want to throw in the towel, removing yourself from the platform isn’t exactly simple – but it can be done. Deleting your Reddit account isn’t as hard as deleting a Facebook account, but there is definitely a right and wrong way to do it.

For instance, if you delete your account – Reddit calls it “deactivating” – this is permanent, meaning you cannot go back and reactive your account. And once your Reddit account is deactivated, you can no longer remove or edit your comments.

For this reason, if you want to remove some of your comments, you will first need to go through your comments and delete the ones you want to remove before you deactivate your account. If you deactivate your account first, you will not be able to edit or delete any of your posts or comments.

How To Delete Your Reddit Account

Deleting – or, as Reddit calls it, “Deactivating” – your account is relatively simple. Just go to your profile settings by clicking the profile icon > user settings > click deactivate account.

Reddit will then ask you why you are deactivating your account and it will then inform you that “deactivated accounts are not recoverable”. If you agree to the statement, click Deactivate to continue.

And that’s it, your Reddit account is now deleted. But as I said in the intro, if you want to delete some of your comments and/or posts, you’ll want to do this before you deactivate your account. And this is how you delete comments and posts on Reddit.

How To Delete Comments and Posts on Reddit

If you want to completely erase any trace of yourself on Reddit, you’ll want to delete all of your comments and posts before you deactivate your Reddit account.

This process is easy enough, though it will take some time depending on how active you were on the platform. To view a list of all of your posts and comments, click your user profile in the top right corner > Profile > then go through POSTS and COMMENTS and start identifying which ones you want to remove.

To remove a comment or post on Reddit, go to either POSTS or COMMENTS inside your profile’s settings. Next to each comment or post, you’ll see three dots (…) at the end of each post and/or comments.

If you click the (…), it will bring up options for Edit Post, Save, Pin Post, Hide, Delete, Mark as OC. To delete the post and/or comment, simply click the Delete option. This will remove the post and/or comment permanently.

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If you want to ensure that all of your comments and posts are removed, you’ll have to go through them one by one and delete them accordingly. Depending on how many posts you have, this will either take a few minutes or a couple of hours.

Once you’ve done this and you’re happy, you can then go back to step one and deactivate your account.

Should You Delete Your Reddit Comments?

If you have posted lots of stuff on Reddit, some of it might be personal or reveal stuff about you that you no longer want online. If that is the case, it is definitely worth removing these comments before you delete your Reddit account.

You also have to remember that once you deactivate your Reddit account, you will not be able to go back through your comments and delete or edit them. They will remain on Reddit, as they were before, just without your profile attributed to them.

This is why it is important to decide whether or not you want to delete any of your posts or comments BEFORE you deactivate your account.

This applies to all types of posts too – from links to images. If you don’t want your posts or comments on Reddit anymore you have to delete them manually before you delete your account.

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