Best Nexus 5X Cases: All Budgets & Styles


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Nexus 5X Cases: All Budgets & Styles

The Nexus 5X is the successor to the popular Nexus 5, and is a pretty lovely slab of plastic if we do say so ourselves. Despite the lack of a metal case design, there will be many people who want to keep LG’s new plastic phone in premium condition, and with that in mind we’ve pulled together a selection of the best cases available – and all of them are easy on your wallet, too.

For the creative types: Rearth Ringke Fusion case – £8.99 (Was £30)

Best Place To Buy: Amazon – £8.99

TPU cases are pretty commonplace these days but the Rearth Ringke Fusion offers something a little different. Not only does it come in a two-tone design, it offers a transparent plastic back which means you can insert your own picture.


The case comes with a template which allows you to cut out the correct shape, meaning you can get creative with your case. There’s even a plug which covers up the 3.5mm headphone socket when it’s not in use. The case doesn’t add much in the way of bulk to the device, but is thick enough to “even out” the camera lens bump.

For serious Android fans: Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case – £10.00

Best Place To Buy: Amazon – £10.00

If you want the entire world to know which mobile operating system you’ve sided with, then this is the case for you. Not only does it offer all-round protection for your beloved handset, it also comes emblazoned with that familiar Android logo on the back.


It’s available in several different colours, and is a snug but thin case that won’t cause your pocket to bulge. The design might be a bit too “in your face” for most people, though.

For those who can’t stand TPU: Spigen Thin Fit case – £9.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon – £9.99

Most cases are made from TPU these days, and with good reason – the material is rigid enough to provide security but can be deformed to withstand the impact from drops and falls. However, it’s not to everyone’s liking and as a result we still have a few hard plastic case options on the market, including Spigen’s excellent Thin Fit case for the Nexus 5X.


The case wraps around the sides of the phone – leaving the top and bottom edges almost entirely open – but covers all of the vital parts. The result is a case which – if dropped – is sure to take some damage, but ensures that the phone still feels solid in the hand.

For show offs: Spigen Ultra Hybrid case – £5.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon – £5.99

It’s ironic that we pay through the nose for the latest phones only to cover them up in cases, but if you want to show off your handset and keep it secure, there are options available. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid combines hard plastic with TPU to create a case which can take serious punishment, yet still shows off the beauty of the Nexus 5X.


It’s a bulkier case than some of the other TPU-based offerings out there, and the flat sides can make it hard to find the power and volume buttons, but it looks great when applied.

For the “barely there” crowd: Olixar FlexiShield Ultra-Thin case – £8.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon – £8.99

If you crave protection but don’t want your phone to look any different, then Olixar’s FlexiShield Ultra-Thin option could be the answer to your prayers. It’s incredibly thin but covers the phone in all the right places, and once fitted it’s actually hard to tell there’s a case on the phone – at least until you get up close.


The price is another bonus, but you should be aware that this case won’t offer the same level of impact protection as many of the others in this list.

For the budget shopper: Olixar FlexiShield Gel case – £8.99

Best Place To Buy: Amazon – £8.99

Another offering from Olixar, the FlexiShield Gel is slightly bigger than the Ultra-Thin model but offers a more robust level of protection. It comes in a range of colours as well, allowing you a degree of personalisation.


Remarkably, it’s the same price as the Ultra-Thin, with the tradeoff being that there’s no hiding the fact that you’ve got a case on your phone.

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