Best iPhone Case Brands: Our #1 Picks For Right Now

Best iPhone Case Brands

Our #1 picks for cases for iPhone – from the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 11 and older models like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Our #1 Pick For Style & Looks
Best For Sheer Choice
Best For Protection & Value For Money

Casetify Review – A Detailed Look At Our #1 Pick…

CASETIFY is perhaps one of the most exciting iPhone case brands operating today. Phone cases by their very nature are boring. But CASETIFY strives to make things more exciting – without scrimping on protection.

This is why we like CASETIFY so much; it melds together beautiful designs, with a focus on eye-catching, unique artwork, and prints with sturdy protection. And that’s what everybody wants from an iPhone case, right?

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CASETIFY has literally thousands of potential designs available, from custom artwork that the company has commissioned to more generic styles and designs. Want a custom iPhone case? CASETIFY can do that too – just use its custom iPhone case builder.

CASETIFY started life with one simple idea: to let people put one of their Instagram posts on the back of their iPhone case. That was the initial idea behind the company, but things have changed a lot since its early days. You still have custom design options, they’re just no longer limited to Instagram.

One area where the company really stands apart from other iPhone case brands is in how it has developed partnerships with big brands – brands like DC Comics, Hello Kitty, Heinz, Pai Pai, and Goodful.

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Through these partnerships, CASETIFY has snagged itself exclusive designs from some of the biggest brands on the planet. I mean, it sells Hello Kitty iPhone cases. And they are 100% authentic Hello Kitty iPhone cases sanctioned and designed by Hello Kitty.

No one else is doing anything like this in the phone space. And that, combined with the company’s ultra-high-quality cases and protection technology, make CASETIFY our #1 iPhone case brand right now. We’ve tested TONS of cases over the years, but no one brand has managed to do what CASETIFY has done: bring together design, fun, artwork, and protection all under one roof. 

So, if you want the best iPhone case money can buy right now, make sure you check out its full 2020 range of products.

Why Quality Counts With Cases

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A Basic Castify Case – Solid, Reliable, Unique-Looking. Big Fan of This Brand!

Simple, really: if you use a cheap case that lacks the necessary protections, when you drop your iPhone, as we all invariably do, the case won’t do much to protect it – you’ll have a bust iPhone. For this reason, you should ALWAYS use good-quality iPhone cases. 

Cheap iPhone cases, the kind you can find pretty much everywhere, are designed, predominantly, to stop your iPhone from getting scratched. And that’s about it. Any drops or fumbles will result in shattered back panels and displays, bumps, scuffs, and dents.

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And when a lot of iPhones cost in and around $1000 these days, paying a little extra for a case that delivers proper protection, both for drops and scratches, is a wise investment. Look after your iPhone and you can sell it for very good money, even after a couple of years.

Increase Resale Value of Your iPhone

Apple’s iPhones cost A LOT of money. Starting with the iPhone X, the average price of an iPhone flagship model increased dramatically overnight. This is bad for anyone looking to buy a new one, but good news for those that have and want to sell the phone.

You will experience depreciation, obviously, but 12-month-old iPhone X models are selling for in and around the $600 mark. If it’s a higher storage model, you could get more. And that’s only $300 depreciation in 12 months. If only your car held onto its value like an iPhone!

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DC Wonder Woman Collection by Casetify – View All Cases

For this reason, it really does pay to ensure your iPhone is properly protected. If you want to get the MAX resale value for your iPhone, it needs to look as good as new – that means no scuffs, no scratches, and it works perfectly. If you’ve got a 12-month-old, mint-condition iPhone, you could sell it right at the top of the market; and this means you’d only have to pay, say, $300 for a brand new model like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for instance.

The older the iPhone, the less you’ll get for it on the resale market. But you’ll still get good resale value on iPhones right down to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It won’t be iPhone X money. But it’ll still be a few hundred bucks, providing the phone is in mint condition.

Case in point: retailers expect to sell an iPhone at around 60-70% of its retail price six months after its release. The iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 all got around 65%, according to market data.

A Good iPhone Case Will Make You Money

Honestly, a few years ago, I’d never even really thought about any of this kind of stuff. I basically got a phone and then used it until it broke or I lost it. But when phones started costing $1000 a pop, I changed my ways – I started getting more interested in resale values and keeping my handsets in mint condition.

Nowadays, whenever I buy a new phone – be it an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S handset – I ALWAYS get a decent case from one of the case makers listed above.

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Virtual Super Land Range by Casetify – View All Cases

I then do my damnedest to keep the phone safe and away from anything that will mess with it; that includes water and dust and everything else in between.

Earlier this year, I sold my iPhone X and got $650 for it. I then used that money to put towards a top-of-the-range iPhone XS. In the end, I spent about $450 on the new phone, saving myself almost $600 in the process. I say, SAVE, but really I just used the value of my old phone to finance the new one. And you can ONLY do this if your phone is in mint condition.

OK, So What’s The Best iPhone Case Then?

Personally, I HATE “best iPhone case” posts. Why? Because taste is subjective and what I like you may dislike intensely. Therefore, it is far more productive to simply highlight the companies that make the best quality cases and then let you pick out the one you like. I tend to go for hardly-there cases that don’t hide the design of the phone too much.

But I know for a fact that plenty of my buddies love full-on cases that completely hide the back of the phone entirely. As I said: tastes are subjective. All you need to be concerned about is going with a quality manufacturer (our #1 pick is listed below). Once you’ve figured this out, you can then pick out a case you like.

Our #1 Pick For Style & Looks

Another option? Want something completely unique for your iPhone? Well, you can design your own iPhone case HERE; you have full control over the color, the text on the case, and pretty much everything else in between. It’s not really my kind of thing, but it is super-cool if you’re the kind of person that likes bespoke stuff – even on your iPhone!

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