Best Data & Talk SIM Cards For Audi Connect (Our #1 Picks)

Got an Audi? Need a data-only SIM card? No problem, right now these data-only SIM cards are our #1 picks for all your car’s LTE needs…

The #1 Top LTE (4G) SIM-Cards For Audi Cars (All Models)

We Only Recommend AT&T Because It Is The Only Carrier We Know of That Supports All Audi Connect Models

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You Need A SIM Card To Access Audi Connect

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If all you want to do is access Audi Connect, and not make calls or send texts, all you need is a data-only SIM card.

But if you want to experience all of Audi Connect, including support for phone calls and texts, you will need a SIM that comes with both data and calls.

Your Audi Connect won’t use too much data, though it is always best to go with an LTE (4G) SIM over a 3G one – 4G is faster.

And right now, your best bet is AT&T – it is one of the only carriers in the US that supports Audi Connect’s specific radios. The carrier also has a bunch of great options too – from super cheap to premium-levels of data.

You will also want to make sure you’ve got plenty of data to use – it’s always better to have more than you need than not enough.

That’s why the SIM cards we recommend in the table above come with different options.

If you’re not using ALL of Audi Connect’s internet-connected features, 8GB or 12GB of data should last you a good 6-12 months.

This will give you access to all of Audi Connect’s features, as well as things Google Maps, Twitter, In-Car WiFi, Weather Updates, Parking Information, Fuel Prices, Traffic Updates, and Audi Music Stream.

Where Do I Insert SIM Card In My Audi?

If you have a newer Audi, so post-2016, many models have LTE built directly into the car, so you don’t need a SIM – just activate Audi Connect and you’ll get all the features working. If you’re running an older model, 2015 or lower, then you will need a SIM to access Audi Connect.

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So where is the SIM slot on your Audi? It’s either between the SD cards or, in some models, inside the glove box. These are the two most common locations for the SIM slot in Audi cars. Another place? Inside a pull-down section located where the CD player is. If your car doesn’t have a SIM slot and it is pretty old, you might not have support for Audi Connect.

Audi Connect Requirements:

  1. Audi Connect in your vehicle
  2. MMI navigation plus
  3. A Bluetooth capable smartphone with remote SIM Access Profile or a SIM card with telephone and data option

How Data Works Inside Your Audi

Once you have the SIM installed inside your Audi’s MMI Navigation Plus interface, you can start accessing some of Audi Connect’s features. Audio Connect, once your SIM is active, is powered by two aerials, located on the outside of your car, that deliver solid, reliable connection. Even on the move, passengers in your car can access high-speed LTE networks, simply by connecting to the car’s WiFi network. Ideal for long drives with kids!

How Much Data Does Audi Connect Use?

How much data does Audi Connect use? As always, this is a tricky one to answer because it depends entirely on what services you’re using. For instance, if you have kids that use the car’s WiFi for hours and hours every week, you’ll soon burn through your data. If you don’t, and you only use it sparingly, it’ll last way longer.

For this reason, it is advisable to ALWAYS go with a fixed data plan – you don’t want to be charged overage fees. These suck. And they can be quite expensive if you’re too careful. Therefore, the best policy is to pick a SIM you think suits your needs – 8-12GB will be fine for most, basic users. For those that will be using the car’s WiFi a lot, you’ll need 20GB and up.

Make sense? Good. Now, with all this in mind, take a look that the best SIM card options for your Audi again (click here to see our table of top picks again). Pick the one you like and you could be up and running with Audi Connect by this time tomorrow!

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