The Apple Watch X has leaked, detailing its design and larger, 2in display as well as two, new key biometric abilities


Apple Watch X Coming With Blood Pressure Monitoring & More…

  • Renders show a new Apple Watch model with a 2-inch display, larger than current models.
  • Dimensions are 46 x 39.7 x 11.6mm, bigger than Series 9 but smaller than Ultra.
  • Design similar to Series 9 with Digital Crown and Side button.
  • Could be “Apple Watch X” or Series 10, marking the 10th anniversary.
  • Rumors of a thinner case and possibly magnetic band attachment.
  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests larger screen sizes (45mm to 49mm) and thinner design.
  • Potential new features: blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection.

As Apple prepares to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic smartwatch, rumors suggest a redesign and a significant change to its branding is on the cards.

Just as Apple did with the iPhone X, reports claim the next-generation Apple Watch might be called the Apple Watch X, not the Apple Watch Series 10.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will make “significant” changes to the design, the display, and its biometric abilities.

According to the leaked information, the Apple Watch X could be the first smartwatch to measure blood pressure, something that has been rumoured for years now.

On top of that, the Apple Watch X will also provide actionable data for tracking and monitoring sleep apnea.

Larger Display, Thinner Overall Chassis But Same Button Layout

The most striking change is the rumored 2-inch display, surpassing both the Series 9 (1.7-inch) and Ultra (1.93-inch) models.

This larger screen could offer improved readability and more space for complications.

Apple Watch X Leaks With Larger Display, New Biometric AbilitiesPin

Despite the size increase, the overall dimensions suggest a device that’s larger than the Series 9 but more compact than the rugged Ultra, potentially offering a sweet spot for users wanting a bigger display without the bulk of the Ultra.

Interestingly, despite the larger display, rumors point to a thinner case. This contrasts with the current trend where larger screens typically mean bulkier devices. If true, it would be a impressive feat of engineering, potentially making the new model more comfortable for all-day wear.

The Big One: Apple Watch X May Measure Blood Pressure

Apple has always courted the health industry with Apple Watch. It’s goal? Make Apple Watch a trusted, reliable source for health metrics which can be used by health care professionals.

Over the years, Apple has added in myriad features to achieve this goal, from fib monitoring to stress assessments, but the golden goose has always been blood pressure.

If Apple’s next Apple Watch – whether it’s called the Series 10 or the Apple Watch X – can accurately measure blood pressure, the implications would be enormous.

Billions of people have monitor their blood pressure daily. Having a smartwatch that could do, round the clock, and most importantly, in an accurate, trust-worthy manner, would earn Apple A LOT of new paying customers.

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