Xbox SmartGlass app lands on iOS

News Paul Briden 09:04, 7 Nov 2012

Microsoft has pushed the Xbox SmartGlass app to iOS, meaning you can control your console via an iPhone or iPad

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 both hit the ground running with Xbox SmartGlass while Android’s Google Play has had the app available for download for around a fortnight, but now it’s landed on iOS too.

It’s a significant rollout as iOS devices are as ubiquitous for many consumers as Xbox consoles. For users who already own the Xbox Live app it’ll simply require updating. Doing so will turn it into Xbox SmarGlass and allow you to control your console from your iPad or iPhone.

You can navigate menus, browse the web and load content on the big screen by tapping, swiping and pinching on your iPhone or iPad's smaller display.

Admittedly you could perform some of SmartGlass’ tricks on the most recent builds of Xbox Live but the official Xbox SmartGlass app expands these capabilities and presents them in a purpose-built interface with a contextual control bar.

In the future, Microsoft has plans to introduce more features from the Windows version, including the ability to directly interact with games, films and other media on your Xbox from the phone or tablet interface.

The app hasn’t yet been optimised for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display but we’re sure a future update will sort that little issue out.

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