New iPad Pros and iPad Airs are almost here! 

TL;DR: May Apple iPad Event

  • What is it? The event where Apple will announce new 2024 iPads. 📣
  • Will there be a new iPad Pro? Yes, we expect to see new iPad Pros. 🍏
  • Will there be a new iPad Air? Yes, new iPad Airs are expected, too. 🍎
  • When is it? Apple will hold the event on May 7, 2024 at 7 a.m. PT. 📆

If you’ve been craving new iPads, get your wallets ready. Apple has announced it is holding an event dubbed “Let Loose” on May 7, 2024. Apple has added a placeholder to its events page for the event, which shows a hand twirling an Apple Pencil around. The Apple Pencil can currently only be used with iPads, which suggests the event is Apple’s long-awaited next iPad launch.

The event comes nearly two months after Apple was originally rumored to be releasing new iPads. The reason for the delay has been attributed to display production issues, but Apple has never confirmed that (or that the iPads were supposed to launch earlier than May).

So what can we expect at the May iPad launch event? Unfortunately if you’re a fan of the iPad mini or the low-cost iPad, you’ll be disappointed. Neither are expecting to see a refresh at the May event. Instead, the May event is likely to see the launch of a new iPad Pro lineup and a new iPad Air lineup.

As we previously reported, the iPad Pro is expected to gain a major new feature: an OLED display. This will be a huge technological lead overt the current iPad Pro Display as it will allow for better colors and better battery life.

But in addition to the OLED display option Apple is expected to offer a matte display option on the iPad for the first time. This would cut down on the glare users see on their iPad Pro Display, which could be especially helpful for graphic artists who use the iPad as a digital canvas. However, expect the matte display to come at a premium price over the standard OLED display the iPad Pros will ship with.

The iPad Pro series is also expected to gain a landscape camera, the M3 chipset, and possibly a slightly redesigned look, with thinner bezels and a thinner body.

When it comes to the iPad Air, the biggest draw to the 2024 models may be that for the first time ever the iPad Air will come in two different display sizes. The first is expected to retain its 11-inch display, but Apple is also expected to release a new 12.9-inch iPad Air. This would fit nicely between the current Air lineup and the iPad Pro lineup. It would allow those who want a bigger iPad display to get one without having to pay a premium for iPad Pro features they may not use.

In addition, the iPad Air is expected to gain the M2 chipset and a landscape camera.

Apple is also expected to refresh two major iPad accessories. 

Apple is expected to introduce a new Apple Pencil. Rumors say this Apple Pencil may have a new “squeeze” feature, yet it is not sure what this feature will do exactly. Apple is also expected to introduce a new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro which helps turn the device into more of a laptop. The new keyboard is expected to be made from more premium materials and feature a larger trackpad.

Apple’s “Let Loose” iPad event takes place on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. You’ll be able to watch it on Apple’s events website or on your Apple TV.

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